Top Ten Reasons Why Thrash Metal Isn't the Best Metal Music Sub-Genre

Many of you here are going to think I hate thrash metal but I don't. I just think it's overrated and should
not be considered the best metal sub-genre. I am tired of thrash metal as a genre, and thrash bands and thrash songs being always #1 in metal lists. And yes, I know these are just my opinions. And before calling me a poser or stuff like that, please first argue why you don't agree with the items and my comments in the list.

The Top Ten

1 There Has Not Been a Good Thrash Metal Band Since the Early 90s

Honestly see no point in this list, I mean you can make a list similar to this for every popular sub-genre and the list would be virtually identical - germshep24

Also Thrash is simultaneously the most overpraised and under-praised metal genre. Thrash was so cool when it first came then the fans started to expect it to get even more awesome and the thing is it is impossible for a band to get to that level of awesome and maintain it there, It is like if I made you the perfect grilled cheese sandwich any grilled cheese sandwich you have after that just wont be as good and they will all be a disappointment - germshep24

Just because you stopped listening to thrash metal after Thrash started to have its problems doesn't mean there hasn't been new Thrash bands that came out that are good here is a list of good Thrash bands that have came out after the initial Thrash movement:
Crash, Nevermore, Havok, Sylosis, Warbringer, Mahatma, Lost Society, Skeletonswitch, Evile, Machine Head, Toxic Holocaust, Vektor, and I'll stop there - germshep24

If none of those bands impressed you then the problem isn't with Thrash but with you, you think that thrash is supposed to be this super amazing Godlike genre and this keeps you from enjoy the music. - germshep24

I can't find one.They are all pretty generic and boring to me. No originality at all. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Every sub-genre sounds pretty generic to me, but that is no reason to say that there is no good bands, a band doesn't have to be original to be good, being original would make it an excellent band - germshep24

Vektor bro - cjWriter1997

2 The Overuse of the Snare Drum

I honestly prefer double bass. It sounds more powerful. - Userguy44

It makes the songs very repetitive.It's also annoying as hell.Thrash Metal should be called ''Snare Metal''.This happens because of the strong hardcore punk influence.The overuse of the snare started in Punk not Metal.Metal drummers can write more creative drum beats than hitting the snare all the time. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

3 Thrash Bands Have the Least Consistent Quality

Interesting list I understand your reasons and I also am not really much of a fan of thrash metal but still I feel like genre comparison lists usually cause more trouble than they are worth.

This could be true of any band that has been around long enough, doesn't apply just to the thrash sub-genre - germshep24

I would respectfully disagree, Thrash bands are just more scrutinized their fans expect them to make consist near perfect albums every time and that just is a ridiculous expectation - germshep24

Yeah each thrash band seems to have plenty of bad albums
Metallica: Load, Reload, St. Anger (I secretly like it), Lulu (if it counts)
Megadeth: Cryptic Writings, Risk, The World Needs a Hero, Th1rt3en, Super Collider
Slayer: Diabolus in Musica, Divine Intervention, Repentless
Anthrax: Stomp 442, The Threat is Real, We've Come for You All
Testament: Low, Demonic, The Gathering
Overkill: The Killing Kind, Bloodletting, Killbox 13 and more
Exodus: Impact is Imminent, Force of Habit

Generally, almost all metal bands that have been around for a longer time have more bad albums, but it seems that by thrash metal, every band is aging badly and consistently lowering quality - Alkadikce

The Gathering slaps, the other two Testament albums you mentioned I can somewhat understand but they're still enjoyable - cjWriter1997

They have the biggest gap between their best and worst album.Master of Puppets is at #2 best Metal albums list(it used to be at #1 but now Rust in Peace is at #1 though they both have the same 8% of votes),while Lulu is at #1 Worst Metal Albums list.This happens because thrash metal is very punk based,and punk music is the best played when you are young,cause of the energy the music requires and when you're older you lost that energy.Same happens with thrash,at least with Traditional Thrash. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

4 Most of the Bands in the Genre are Primarily Influenced by the Big Four

I honestly don't agree, if by influenced you mean sound like the big four then sure I guess they are the expectation but by influence you mean the artists that primarily developed them to the band they are today then I would disagree.
I mean every power Metal band sounds like the equivalent of the Power Metal big four and the same with Symphonic metal - germshep24

Resulting of bands sounding all the same. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

5 Thrash Has Become the Most Generic Genre

The correct item name should be:Thrash Has Become the Most Generic Metal Sub-Genre - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Happens because of #4. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

6 Thrash Metal is Considered the Best Metal Sub-Genre Mainly Thanks to the Big Four

So your saying just because Metallica has become the most popular metal band that thrash metal is considered the best metal sub-genre your logic doesn't make since - germshep24

So you saying that most people that like Thrash doesn't really like Thrash, since Metallica is mainly popular for their more hard rock songs then - germshep24

They just focus on those 4 bands and that is.Forgetting you can't judge a genre only to 4 bands.Also, I have seen comments here and in other sites like: ''Thrash is the best,Metallica enough Said''.How can you call a genre the best only because of one artist? I find it absurd.Also the funny thing is that some people that make this kind of comment may think songs such as ''Enter Sandman'',''Sad But True'', or ''For Whom the Bell Tolls'' are thrash,when they aren't. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

7 Lots of Bands Have a Strong Hardcore Punk Influence

This is why item #2 happens.I like hardcore punk but in metal bands I want to hear metal not hardcore.Half of the songs on Reign in Blood are almost 100% hardcore punk,yet it's considered often the best Extreme ''Metal'' album of all time. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

8 Lots of Bands Lack Diversity

This one is because of the fans of Thrash metal they want their favorite band to sound the same each time and when their favorite band tries to change up their sound they crap all over them - germshep24

Lots of bands also do have diversity in their music. The best example is Sepultura. Moreover, Metallica tried to diversify their sound, but people got angry about it.

Think of Slayer. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

9 It's Not as Diverse as They Make It to Be

Only 2 kinds of thrash exist,Traditional Thrash and Technical Thrash.Crossover Thrash is like more punk than metal so I don't count that. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

10 It's OverpraisedĀ OverallĀ 

Sure it is annoying that Metallica and Megadeth is the most talked about metal bands but honestly two bands doesn't make a whole sub-genre overpraised just two bands - germshep24

Most Metalheads just hype it so much I don't understand.Rust in Peace and Master of Puppets are not as great as they make them to be. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

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