Top 10 Reasons Why Wreck-It Ralph is Better Than the Lego Movie

The Top Ten Reasons Why Wreck-It Ralph is Better Than the Lego Movie

1 Wreck-It Ralph had heart

Used to but the sequel ruined it all.

There's no "heart" in a movie that boils down to "kid plays with dad's Legos, dad doesn't want kid to play with said Legos, dad finally loosens up" and is just a bunch of bad jokes, wasted talent, and an annoying, stupid song.

Which not only did The Lego Movie lack, but so did its fans. Calling people "dumb" and anything you don't agree with "complete nonsense" is rather heartless.

If "The Lego Movie" had a ton of heart put into it, the plot wouldn't have been so lame, the characters would have been better developed and not so one-dimensional, and there wouldn't have been so many lame jokes.

2 When Can I See You Again is better than Everything Is Awesome

No, "Everything Is Awesome" should never have existed. It's very annoying, has a bad message, and PEOPLE NEED TO STOP SINGING IT EVERYWHERE ALREADY!

Lego Movie zealot who just had to insist "both songs are awesome": how dare you even suggest that that stupid and annoying piece of crap you call a "song" is even in the same league as such a wonderful song as "When Can I See You Again"!

I agree everything is awesome is an overrated piece of crap boys keep on singing the lyrics suck and tries to hard to be cool

Yeah everything is awesome is annoying and when I can see you again is great

3 Despite being about video games, Wreck-It Ralph doesn't come off as a big commercial for them

The sequel is literally a 2 hour ad for Emoji Movie x Fortnite.

4 Wreck-It Ralph didn't try too hard to appeal to everyone of all ages

In the sequel, they thought it would be a good idea to reference Fortnite many times, appealing only to Fortnite fans and it made a lot of Fortnite haters including me rage when I first saw Ralph flossing. I never wanted to watch that movie series again.

Unfortunately, a lot of what's on this list *only* applies to the original Wreck-It Ralph.

5 No existing video game character was reduced to an ineffective jerk so Ralph could save the day
6 Wreck-It Ralph's plot wasn't all over the place

Well now it is. Screw Rich Moore.

7 The Lego Movie is too popular

This shouldn't be a reason. - Extractinator04

8 The characters in Wreck-It Ralph actually got to grow and develop

I wish that I did. Being small is overrated and not cute at all. - Mayor Gene

9 Sergeant Calhoun is a much better "tough gal" type than Wyldstyle

Weird. That person who felt the need to insist that the freaky cloying cat creature is anywhere in Vanellope's league of cute and the couple that's little more than a standard hero's ending/reward and reduces the girl to just one for said hero to "get" can hold a candle to one where the girl wasn't reduced to a "prize" so the guy could "shine" and said guy wasn't some idiot who became a designated savior through happenstance missed this one.

There's this article out there called "We’re losing all our Strong Female Characters to Trinity Syndrome". Guess who's mentioned as an example of "the Strong Female Character With Nothing To Do" and who isn't mentioned at all.

10 Vanellope is a much better "cute little girl" type than Unikitty

Was Unikitty even trying to act cute?

Vanellope manages to be cute without overdoing it.

No, they'rte not both cute. Unikitty I just wanted to smash and she's kind of freaky actually.

You're all gonna beat me with candy canes, run me over with Vanellope's cart, and have Ralph wreck me for this, but I actually like Unikitty. I really hate The Lego Movie, and I like Wreck It Ralph, but Unikitty really made me laugh. By the way, even though I like Unikitty, I would agree with you that Vanellope is cuter.

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11 Wreck-It Ralph didn't try to be a laugh-a-minute with lame jokes
12 Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-It Felix are a much cuter couple than Emmet and Wyldstyle

Despite them hardly appearing in the sequel.

Perhaps that has to do with the fact that Calhoun wasn't intended as just a girl for Felix (or Ralph for that matter) to "get"; with Wydlstyle that this was really her only purpose was blatant.

The way Calhoun's previous realtionship was dealt with was done better, too. Not that I would wish her previous fiance's fate on anybody, but at least the fact that she was still healing from his death was far more worthy of sympathy than had she, after her adventures with Felix, turned to the other dude and basically said "may I dump you? ".

No, Emmet/Wyldstyle is too contrived. And Lego people aren't cute.

13 Wreck-It Ralph kept the cameos and pop culture references to a reasonable level while The Lego Movie almost completely ran on those

That is completely false in the sequel. The Lego Movie 2 on the other hand forced references to The Matrix, Back to the Futute, DC superheroes, Wizard of Oz, Fortnite Battle Royale and so much more.

14 The Lego Movie was too predictable
15 The game characters and the "real world" characters lead a far more peaceful co-existence
16 Fix-It Felix had to learn that his hammer can only do so much; not the case with Emmet and the Piece of Resistance
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