Top Ten Reasons Yugioh Is The Best Trading Card Game

We know that Yugioh is the best, but why? Well, here are some reasons so vote so that if someone is thinking about playing but aren't sure about it they will be reassured.

The Top Ten Reasons Yugioh Is The Best Trading Card Game

1 It's easy to learn

The reason I never liked other card games was because they were to difficult to understand. I never got the thing where you put one card down that's like a mission card or whatever and then play someone on top of it and stuff like that. Just too much too remember. - llamabaconllama37

This is a good reson

True. I have seen the others games and really till this day I don't know how to play them despite watching matches

The basics are really simple and from there, you can pull off some amazing combos

2 Something for everyone

I use spellcasters because I love the images and effects


If your a fan of dragons than you can use those. If your a tree lover, use a plant deck. If your a bully or just like pounding stuff into nothing and using brute force, than a dinosaur deck is for you. In short whether you love birds, fish ninjas, samarai, or pretty much anything else, there is something for you. - llamabaconllama37

I use a cyber deck but its not the only one around there are also ones like ninjas and machines other than cyber (like wind-up) and even beasts and dinosaurs with plants and photon along with warrior and sea serpent

3 Simple to understand

Just having a set amount of attack and defense (most of the time) is good enough for me. I mean sure there are a lot of cards that can change that, but its good to just have a good foundation before that and not having to determine stuff like rage and things like that. - llamabaconllama37

4 Cool card art

I have exodia its got EPIC art in the background

Some cards just look plain cool like Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord and Number 96: Dark Mist and depending on what kinds of pictures you like you can collect just those. For instance, if you like chibi you can collect some of the fabled cards. - llamabaconllama37

I really liked the art on some of the cards, unlike Pokemon(For example) the art can be really detailed and straight up cool, also art comes in different styles.

5 Variety

Ritule monsters, XYZ monsters, fusion monsters, synchro monsters, normal monsters, and effect monsters are just the beginning. Then you have archtypes like photon, elemantal heroes, wind-up, etc. There are so many possible decks that can be built you never know what you might come up against. - llamabaconllama37

6 It's great for people with social anxiety


I have social anxiety and every time I play this game, my social anxiety is cured for a week!

7 It's great for socially awkward people

I am very socially awkward but nothing else has gotten' me as hyped as Yugioh, It's kinda easy to find people who also like Yugioh so that helps.

My friend plays, and I'm his only friend

8 You can make some good cash from it

If your someone who has been playing for a long time like me you probably have run into the same problem as I do: having a butt load of extra cards that your never going to use and cannot trade just sitting in a box collecting dust. You can't just throw them away but you can sell them and make a few bucks. Even most commons can be sold for $.20 each. So iff you sell 100 commons for $.20 each you can make a good $50. Then you can use that money to buy more valuable ones and sell those. Then you can... Well, you get the point. - llamabaconllama37

You can make some good money from this, and most other popular trading card games. This is probably the best thing about this game. - BimmyJim

Yo, I don't know who taught you maths, but 0,20$ x100 = 20$, not 50$

9 It's great for kids

That is so right

10 Makes you think

Just not in a bad way. Depending on what you need to accomplish you might have to improvise or change your strategy completely. - llamabaconllama37

Yugioh takes some intelligence as well as experience to play

Its awesome to play if you want to be challenged

The Contenders

11 It should be pretty easy to find someone to play against

Considering that it holds spot numero uno in the best selling cards it should be relatively easy to find someone to play against and to find an official tournament store close to you. - llamabaconllama37

Plenty of people around the globe play it

12 It's an extremely simple game

That is right

i play it

13 You don't have to think much


14 You can meet other people

Allmost every school has a couple of duelists

Mabey it's the girl of your dreams or the kids in the neighborhood you just moved into Yugioh can help you meet others (and mabybe get you out of watching your little brother 'cause you and your friends are having a tournament ((yeah right! ) - llamabaconllama37

15 There's a TV show about it

The original shares nothing with the game, except that they're both nonsensical.

16 It looks kiddy, but adults play with it a lot more

Many adults play in official tournaments

That is true. I play one.

17 You can play online
18 You can make yourself a new card by using hard paper + pen!

You can't do that and play in torniments

You cheater

Yes those items are cheap and easily acessible!

19 Boosts confidence
20 It'l be around for a long, long time

Pokemon will always be able to keep up just behind Yugioh, but in the long run Yugioh will stick around while the others fade away. - llamabaconllama37

In light of current times (2018), I will say that my vision was short-sighted whenever it was that I posted it lol. - llamabaconllama37

21 You can use your favorite old cards still

And make competitive decks with it

22 There are different strategies used to play each deck, and hence that makes no deck any weaker than the other

Your right I have a machine deck based off an invincible card but it can be easily beaten and easily beat others

23 You can chose any kind of element, type or attack strength or you could mix it up
24 It helps you learn more vocabulary
25 There is lots to do in yugioh and you can play whenever, wherever you want

This is true as you can play it on a phone, Xbox, iPod, iPad, iPhone, play station, ds, computer, or any other console and using cards if you dot have it or don't play or want to play video games

26 You can you make decks doesn’t matter what you put in it
27 You can (easily) make a great deck by mixing a bunch of random cards
28 You do math

So you learn addition and multiplacation also subtraction

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