Top 10 Rebellious Metal Songs

Rebellious - showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention.
1) If a group of people are rebellious, they oppose the ideas of the people in authority and plan to change the system, often using force
2) If someone is rebellious, they are difficult to control and do not behave in the way that is expected.

Some songs on this list have direct rebellious messages while some others are about feeling rebellious. I gave preference to the first type of songs because their lyrics are more rebellious, although some songs from the second type are musically better.

The Top Ten

1 Balls to the Wall - Accept V 1 Comment
2 Rebellion in Dreamland - Gamma Ray

By moonlight there's way... for rebellion
Here, the world has gone astray... revolution
Now, the time has come to pray... hallelujah
Deep, inside our minds we wait... for rebellion
Here in dreamland we will not obey the masters - Metal_Treasure

3 Dethrone Tyranny - Gamma Ray

Time has come, the world lies dying
Our faith has gone, our souls are crying
Resurrecting paradise, cry for freedom
Killing pain, a million lies,
Dethrone tyranny - Metal_Treasure

4 Begging for Forgiveness - Helker V 1 Comment
5 Chemical Youth - Queensryche
6 Peace Sells - Megadeth V 1 Comment
7 Induction - Gamma Ray V 1 Comment
8 We the People - Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty is a solo project of Jon Schaffer, guitarist and primary songwriter for Iced Earth. He's the biggest rebel among metal musicians. Jon Schaffer is a backing vocalist in Iced Earth but he is the lead singer for Sons of Liberty. His vocals remind me of Matt Barlow (Iced Earth lead singer) and even though Matt is better, Jon is surprisingly good (moreover, Jon sang these songs in his late 40s).

Sons of Liberty features guest appearances by various members and associates of Iced Earth including Jim Morris, Troy Seele and Ruben Drake. - Metal_Treasure

V 1 Comment
9 I Want Out - Helloween V 1 Comment
10 Our Dying Republic - Sons of Liberty V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise - Judas Priest
12 I'm a Rebel - Accept V 1 Comment
13 Bright Eyes - Blind Guardian V 1 Comment
14 The Cleansing Wind - Sons of Liberty V 1 Comment
15 Revolution is My Name - Pantera
16 Full Spectrum Dominance - Sons of Liberty V 1 Comment
17 I'm a Rebel - Sodom

This is an Accept cover that Sodom did in 1999. - Metal_Treasure

18 Battery - Metallica

This song is a very specific protest - it's about the glam metal scene that was popular in the Los Angeles area in the 80s. Metallica even moved from LA to San Francisco because "the metal scene in LA sucked". The song is named after a street in downtown San Francsico where was located the club played by Metallica in the 80s (444 Battery Street).
The lyric "Cannot kill the family, Battery is found in me" is a statement that while society at large doesn't understand the Bay Area thrash scene, those within it (i.e. "the family") will fiercely defend it as a show of solidarity against the glam scene in LA. - Metal_Treasure

19 Molon Labe - Sons of Liberty V 1 Comment
20 We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister V 1 Comment
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1. Balls to the Wall - Accept
2. Chemical Youth - Queensryche
3. Rebellion in Dreamland - Gamma Ray



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