Most Rewatchable Movies

Movies you can watch over and over again without them ever losing their magic.

The Top Ten

1 Jaws

Absolutely. A movie you can rewatch many times over.

2 Raising Arizona
3 High Fidelity
4 Batman Returns
5 The Big Lebowski
6 Point Break
7 Terminator 2: Judgment Day
8 Dirty Harry
9 Inglourious Basterds
10 Goodfellas

Goodfellas, Hands Down!

The Contenders

11 Fargo
12 The Dirty Dozen

I can't stand Bollywood at all...I don't like it, Bollywood is something out of my comprehension.
But the movie " Do aakhen bara hath " was really great, made in 1957, Then Hollywood adapted it and made The dirty dozen, it's good as well. - Ananya

13 Pulp Fiction
14 Star Wars

The Star Wars films are beasts of entertainment that will always satisfy your thirst for adventure.

15 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
16 The Warriors
17 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
18 Boogie Nights
19 Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Constantly hilarious, Monty Python never disappoints

20 The Dark Knight

Seen it countless times and it's always perfect.

21 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Man do I love this movie and its sequels. Astonishing films that no matter what will always entertain the hell out of me.

22 King Kong (1933)
23 Sin City
24 Taxi Driver

Love the power of the movie..Love the acting...Loved everything - Ananya

25 Shane
26 Toy Story

Seriously, I could sit through this above anything else, and I can memorize its ENTIRE script! - TylertheTitan

27 Superman: The Movie
28 Singin' in the Rain
29 The Thing
30 Watchmen
31 Jurassic Park
32 Alien
33 Evil Dead 2
34 Scarface
35 Blow Out
36 Gremlins
37 The Lion King
38 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
39 The Wild Bunch
40 The French Connection
41 Rocky

Love all the Rocky movies and watched them many times and still do.

42 Bride of Frankenstein
43 The Hitcher (1986)
44 Frankenstein
45 A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
46 Grease
47 Poltergeist
48 The Last Boy Scout
49 The Matrix

Can watch it anytime, anywhere. Amazing movie.

50 Apocalypse Now
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