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41 Sweet Children (Bhubaneswar)

Rap rock band Wit young Artist Very innovative. Have deep feeling in their music. May be india upcuming top band

Maybe its the next THE BIG THING because they experiment with music, they cn make you bang yo head with their metal OC's or they cn melt yo Heart with romantic OC's and best part they combine Rap and Rock

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42 Soulmate (Shillong)

! You kidding me.. Did anyone ever listen to the Piece of my heart Cover. They are certainly amongst top 10

Undisputed number 1 blues band in India.

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43 Divine Connection (Kohima)

...! So below? Come on! Kids... This isbthe best band in India by miles! The other top 10 in the list are nonsense seriously!

Mtv rock contest winner... Very talented band. They are brilliant musicianss


top 10

44 The Down Troddence (Kerala) V 4 Comments
45 13ad (Kerala)

A real rock band from India. Their music is so divine. Lyrics are so poetic and prophetic. They released two albums, "Ground Zero" and "Tough on the Streets.

13AD will live. People who have watched them perform and heard them live can just live on with the memory. They are simply irreplaceable!

13 AD has one of the best albums among Indian rock bands.

Godfathers of indian rock

46 Microtone (Hyderabad)
47 Lone Philosophers (Assam)

Awesome band... Great songs... Great solos and mortally impossible drumming

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48 Agam (Bangalore)

At the forefront of Indian fusion music.

Where ragas meet rock... Awesome!

Nice songs. I like it

Most unique compositions...!
Awesome songs

49 Rudraksh (Jaipur)

The greatest progressive rock band

Experimental Hindi Rock band

50 One for the Road (Mumbai)

Best Band ever! Changed their name to Across Seconds now.

51 Lagori (Bangalore) V 1 Comment
52 Zero (Mumbai)

Easily the best band India has produced. I've never seen crowds singing to any Indian band's originals as much as to theirs. With songs like PSP 12, Lucy, Spitleaf, they could easily challenge any international band. Hook is one of the best albums I've ever heard. It's sad they had to part ways. - sumit

What is Zero doing at 39? They easily should be in top 10. Made just 3 albums but all 3 were brilliant and they sound sensational live!

53 Ably (Aizawl)
54 Evil Insignia (Silliguri)

Best in public views it is a bengali alt metal bands but they r going to launch their new ep in Hindi/English do check the page on fb

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55 Boomarang (Aizawl)

Awesome band. The songs are just too good. And their album HOME is out for pre order on flipkart.
Just listen to Stellar and home on youtube. Those are one of their best songs.

56 Papon and The East India Company (Guwahati)

91... Useless website for sure!

Music matter...
The ultimate purpose is to enjoy music
Every one has different taste for music
I like papon and I don't bother about anyone who doesn't

I am crazy for his voice... Papon

Love you papon the

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57 Kaash - The Band

I have listened to some of the songs really like the lyrics of their songs

Mature lyrics n amazing guitars... The way they end der songs (the last verse) is always special... Should be in the TOP 10

Listen to - "Aankhon mein" and "main laut aunga" and "Saawan" and you'll know why I voted for them

58 Slain (Bangalore)

Most underrated, probably de best prog rock/metal India has ever produced.

Best in Progressive rock..Deserve to be in top 10..

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59 Vulcanites (Jabalpur)

Mind blowing band. Saw them performing a few days back nice vocalist. Fabulous performance over all. Searched them over internet got an old link to there radio gig, nice composition. These guys are worth talking about.

They are cool... They need to play acoustic songs more than progressive songs... I find them better at softer genre

Hell raise... Hell freezer, best band from madhyapradesh, although they don't have fine recording over the internet. But I have hear them over radio and seen them live too, they are tremendous. Believe me they are superb. M/

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60 Rudranath (Uttarakhand)
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