Best S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla Figures

A new list that I’ve been dying to do. I’m a huge S.H. MonsterArts collector. This is a toyline by Bandai, Tamashii, and Yuji Sakai (The nan who sculpt a bunch of these figures). Some have drawbacks, most are really good. As huge collector, I’m gonna give a list of all the great ones on here. And listen, don’t add characters from NECA, Revoltech, or any others that have never been in a MonsterArts figure. And don’t add characters that’s not part of the Godzilla franchise, like King Kong, Gamera or Alien vs. Predator. So here we go
The Top Ten
1 Kiryu Final Battle Version

I can’t choose which version of Kiryu I would say. But this version is just amazing. I love the final battle damage version since it comes with more accessories and a beam affect which turns out to be the absolute zero. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FIGURE! - asantalo

2 Godzilla 2019

The recent new Godzilla sculpt that broke the curse of the quality control issue and becomes the best figure of the year. I’m already loving this figure and it’s just so amazing. - asantalo

3 Biollante

Hands down, this figure is amazing. Can’t deny how great this figure turned out. Everyone starts to love it. Sadly disappointed that today’s standard to buy her is already around 1,500 dollars. If you want to get it, well...good luck... - asantalo

4 Godzilla 1995 Rebirth

Best Heisei Godzilla figure of this line. - asantalo

5 Mothra 1992

So GOOD! Recommend it. - asantalo

6 Gigan 2004

Hey! Hahahey! That’s a badass! - asantalo

7 Godzilla 2019 Poster Color Version
8 SpaceGodzilla First Edition

This was the first figure of the line I owned. Pretty shocking I must say. - asantalo

9 Godzilla 1994
10 Burning Godzilla First Edition
The Contenders
11 Mothra 2019
12 Burning Godzilla 2019
13 King Ghidorah 1991 Special Colors
14 Destoroyah First Edition
15 Super Mechagodzilla
16 Mechagodzilla 1993 First Edition
17 Fire Rodan
18 King Ghidorah 2019
19 Godzilla 2002
20 Godzilla 2000 First Edition
21 Little Godzilla First Edition
22 Godzilla 2001
23 Godzilla Earth
24 King Ghidorah 1991 First Edition
25 Destoroyah Special Colors
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