Top 10 Playmobil Sets of All Time

Playmobil is one of my favourite types of toys out there. Playmobil is basically toys made of plastic that consists of pieces you put together. Although they are big pieces, not anything like Lego, the minifigures look generally similar to each other in which their faces and construction are generally the same. Playmobil is one of the toys that made my childhood and probably one of my top favourites. I remember getting Vikings and Barbarian playmobil sets from 2007-2009 and it was just so fun.
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1 4433 Viking Fortress

This was one of the first Playmobil sets I ever got. I still remember when I got this set during my 3rd birthday in September in 2007, my second playmobil set but I've always considered it as my first set nevertheless because while I got 3154 before this, that was a very small "set" and could be easly be part of this set. This set just does so many things right. The fortress looks amazing and while it's a shame the parts aren't that stable, you can always take the fortress apart and a different fortress than the one on the picture. But the design of the fortress is just excellent. The stony stairs that lead up to the cozy floor and the wood and stone holding it up, the upper floor that can be reached with a red ladder, and the cage with a barbarian prisoner. Together all of this just looks amazing!

The minifigures are EXCELLENT as well. All four are very colourful and look amazing. The leader with a black cape and golden accesories is my favourite personally. He just looks so ...more

I remember getting this one on Christmas when I was a kid. Never got the Barbarian Ruin though.

I remember playing with these when I was young.

Pretty awesome set.

2 4435 Barbarian Ruin

Alright now this set is definitely my favourite of the barbarian sets. I think if everyone got to own all of the barbarian sets, most would like this one the most. It's the biggest of the barbarians sets with the main thing in this set being the huge and spectacular castle ruin. One side is made of stones and has ivy on it and the other is wooden and has a huge banner based on the playmobil barbarian emblem, a black bull with yellow glowing eyes on a purple background. I still remember when I got it for my 5th birthday in 2009. It was definitely amazing.

While the ruins are the best part of this set, one thing that really helps this stand out to the rest of the sets are all the small details and daily features found in here. There are two ravens, a table, a nice cup, and even a water bottle for crying out loud. All of these nice details help this set feel more alive. And one of the minifigures, specifically the one with bristles, comes with bandage on his head and ...more

3 6330 Viking Longship

Hands down one of the biggest playmobil viking sets. One of the things the ancient vikings were definitely known for was their longships with fearsome looking heads at the front of the ships. I got this set back in christmas 2009 and it's one of the sets that have the most content for sure.

The ship itself just looks badass. I like the red dragon head and tail at the front and back of the longship and the overall design is great. The red and white banner for the sail looks great, the red flag at the top is cool, etc. This set even comes with eight minifigures! Eight minifigures is definitely a lot, one captain, six who row, and one who uses the row at the back of the ship. All minifigures are excellent. There isn't really one I prefer over the rest but the captain is the most iconic one probably with his black cape, long yellow beard and accurate helmet.

I also love the shields for the figures you get for this set. You get a total of nine different shields, eight round ...more

One of my favorite Playmobil sets. I played so much with this one when I was a kid.

4 3327 Red Dragon

This is the only set on the list that isn't part of either the vikings, barbarians or the special plus' sets. It is however part of the knights theme and the barbarians is technically a subtheme of it so..., I guess it still counts sorta as a barbarian set. I mean the characters do look barbaric in this set.

This set only comes with two things, a red dragon with lots of jewelry, and a barbaric rider on top of it. DEspite not being much, both of these two things looks badass! The dragon itself.., just look at it! Not as badass as the nessie in the sea serpent viking set but still awesome! It looks evil and I love all the jewelry on the set like the necklace with a green crystal in it. The barbarian that rides the dragon looks cool too with his leather helmet and awesome accesories so overall this is certainly one great set that deserves to be here.

5 3137 Knights Ambush

This set is one I got for christmas around 2012-2014 along with the sea serpent set and it's one of the most unique vikings sets. The main thing in the set is like this big hideout for two vikings, a purple-clothed one with arrows and bow, and a green and thick-bearded one with green clothes. Both of these minifigures are great although I prefer the arrows guy maybe. However we also get a skeleton in a grave with lots of gold, and a knight on a horse ready to attack the vikings. The minifigure selection is already just over the top and amazing!

Let's talk about the hideout now which is basically a pretty big piece of stones surrounding a green platform and on the side of the hideout is a grave within rocks that consists of a skeleton with lots of gold! There's also a tree at the far inside of the hideout and there's a gate and a bench inside the hideout too. Also there's a tree too at the entrance on the hideout where two of the four shields can be placed. The shields are ...more

6 5713 Sea Serpet and Viking

This was actually one of the most recent sets I got, although it may or may not have been that recent. Nevertheless I got this set around christmas some time around 2012-2014 I think along with the knights ambush set. Of course the most notable thing about this set is the green nessie / sea serpent. Without it this set would've certainly been a lot lower. Just look at it! It just looks so badass like how could someone resist getting this set? There is actually a set centering around a red serpent as well but I strongly prefer this one. The green is just so colourful. I also love how with the help of a piece that you attach underneath the nessie, it can actually float on water. This allows for so many ways for playability with is awesome.

The rest you get is a small grey cliff, a campfire and a nice minifigure that comes with a yellow cape, orange hair, no beard and a blue/beige round shield. While the serpent is the best part of the set the rest of pretty decent too. Overall a ...more

7 4439 Barbarian Attack Tower

The second biggest of the playmobil barbarian sets is the assault tower. It's actually not much smaller than the ruins. The height is just a little lower although it's half as long, and the width is about the same. This is like the set implies, an assault tower, or attack tower. It's a tower that people may use when they try to get into castles, and thus, this building has wheels and this thing at the bottom probably used for destroying walls or doors at castles. This makes this the most "knights"-like set of the sets. I personally really like this attack tower. It looks menacing and awesome at the same time, and I like how the head of the tower, that looks like the emblem of the barbarians is actually an additional platform that you can fold down so your characters can get additional space to walk on.

This set also happens to have cool minifigures. While together, the ruins had more interesting characters, this one has some cool ones too. My favourite is the red bearded one ...more

8 4438 Barbarian Catapult

It might not amazing but it's still great if I do say so myself. I mean you get a catapult. It's not often you get a catapult in playmobil in general. It works verry well as well I must say and it's up to you how far you want these "balls" to shoot. It's so fun to play with. You also get this small "cliff" with a platform and some grass that your characters can stand on to then jump and launch the catapult by pushing the other side of the catapult.

The buildings are small but very nice. The characters, while only three, are all cool. I especially like the guy with bristles. He comes with a purple spiky hat, just like the crossbow guy from the ruin set. One of his most notable weapons is without a doubt the long stick with a chain, and at the end of a chain is a spoky ball of metal. I don't know the english name so I'll call it "Stridsgissel" (swedish name). This is such a unique and cool weapon it gives the set so many more pros. The other characters are cool as well. There's ...more

9 3154 Norse King and Prince

This was the first playmobil set I actually ever got. I don't remember exactly when but I am suspecting it was somewhere between 2006 and 2007. Due to how small it is and how I got the viking fortress set just a little later, I've always thought this set was actually part of said set. This set is relatively small and consists of a norse king and prince, with a royal chair. Even if it's relatively small, it's excellent for such a small set.

The king character is one of my favourites because of how colourful and badass he looks. The dark pink cape is a certainly rare one and it's definitely one of the best additions in this set. The prince is certainly excellent as well. He's basically a miniature version of the king as he has the same clothes and same pink cape, etc. Let's not forget the awesome looking royal chair. Honestly this set is so small it could very well be merged with the viking fortress set. It's certainly a great set.

10 4643 Brave Prince

There are four playmobil sets in total I own that basically just consist of one minifigure. These four sets are the brave prince, the dragon warrior, blue knight and the knight with dragon. I got the first two during christmas 2007 and my personal favourite is this one certainly, the brave prince (also formelly known as the royal green knight). Overall it just looks badass. The golden sword and shield with green, blue and a bit yellow on everything just looks downright awesome. So this is #10 for me.

The Contenders
11 3151 Viking Longhouse
12 3157 Viking Shelter

Of the viking sets I own, I do think this might be the weakest of them. I still like this a lot. I mean this set surely has a few pretty nice accesories. The white and red shelter looks great although that's the only thing that's really interesting honestly. There's a little tree, a campfire and a bear skin that the minifigures can sleep on.

Personally I think the minifigures are the best part of the set. There's an elderly man with white beard and a black cape that looks pretty cool and then there's a guy with yellow beard and a bow and arrows. I prefer the latter but both minifigures are quite cool so this set is surely here.

13 4616 Blue Knight

From an honest standpoint of mine, I think the blue knight is the second best "special plus" set that I own of the four I do own. I had some troubles deciding between this one and the knight with dragon but overall I put this one ahead of the latter.

I mean yeah it may look a bit generic but at the same time it looks badass. The golden sword looks very awesome and the knight himself looks what I think a knight should look like as well. The white shield with blue on it looks pretty awesome as well. Overall 12th favourite on the list.

14 4240 Pyramid
15 4290 Large Pirate Ship

And that toy was how I discovered my childhood with Playmobil in 2009 and found out about the movie 10 years later. I now perfer Playmobil over Lego due to me hating Lego Movie 2 with a burning passion and loving Playmobil The Movie instead. The Playmobil Movie is Lego Movie 2 done better.

16 4793 Knight With Dragon

This is the most recent set I got so far. In fact is was as late as in christmas 2016. I certainly like it. At first I preffered the other three special plus sets because of nostalgia but now speaking from an unbiased perspective I might prefer this though at least over the dragon warrior. This one comes with more accesories than usual. The knight looks on its own pretty cool with the staff that burns on the top of it but you also get a small little dragon which is cool. Although it doesn't look too cool and the minifigure can't sit on it, it's still cool.

17 4633 Dragon Warrior

From my view this is the weakest set I currently own. Not bad at all by any means but from an objective perspective this is the weakest. I'll say that I think the dragon warrior with his black armour and red spots on it looks badass. The flaw is that he doesn't really come with many accesories. Just a big axe and a generic sword. Not bad but easly the weakest.

18 3530 TV Broadcast Van
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