Top 10 Web Browsers for Privacy

Google Chrome isn't safe to use if you're concerned about privacy. In fact, it's goal is to collect as much sensitive data about you as possible. Google Chrome tracks your search history, spies on you and your computer, records your voice, collects your passwords, and even has a built-in keylogger. Since Chrome isn't fully open source, nobody can check the software to see how much spyware is in Chrome.

If you don't want Google spying on you, then you should pick an alternative listed below.
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1 Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers out there. Unlike the other main browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari), Firefox is open source, which means anyone can view the source code and check to see if the browser contains spyware. By default, it has some spyware, but it can easily be configured to become almost as private as Tor browser. Don't forget to install uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere for maximum privacy. uBlock serves as an adblocker (which unlike Adblock plus, doesn't allow acceptable ads), and HTTPS encrypts your web so nobody can see your sensitive data.

You can also you Firefox's built-in tracking protection instead of using uBlock.

2 Tor Browser

The Tor browser is the best browser you can use to browse the internet anonymously. It connects through the Tor network, which is more private than a normal connection because nobody can see your IP address. Keep in mind that this doesn't stop ISPs from seeing that you're using Tor, but they won't know what you're doing on it.

In order for Tor to work properly, you will need to change some of your browsing habits. Don't change any settings or install any add-ons (such as Adblock Plus). Don't browse in fullscreen or adjust the window size. Doing any of this will distinguish you from other Tor users and will make it easier for sites to track you. Also, don't login to any social media accounts or use your real name. By logging into your TheTopTens (assuming you already used it on a different browser) account on Tor, you're basically ruining the whole point of complete privacy, since admin can use what he already knows about you (such as your IP) to profile you.

Also, don't ...more

3 Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a browser based off an extremely old version of Firefox. As a result, it isn't as secure or up-to-date as most browsers, but it does offer more privacy. It's good for users who prefer the old, better Firefox.

4 Ungoogled Chromium

Ungoogled Chromium is essentially just Google Chrome, but without the Google spyware. It's probably the best choice for privacy if you're willing to compile it. Otherwise, you should use Iridium instead.

5 GNU IceCat

GNU IceCat is a fork of Firefox, which by default, is more private. It also consists entirely of free and open source software. It comes with HTTPS everywhere and has built-in fingerprinting and javascript protection.

6 Brave Browser

Anyone who actually cares about privacy would know this browser is a joke

Best Browser. Deserves to be higher and more higher.

7 Iridium

Basically the same thing as Ungoogled Chromium, except it's much easier to setup. It does use Google SafeBrowsing, but you can easily disable that (which I wouldn't recommend because then it would bring a huge security risk, especially if you use Windows).

8 Google Chrome

The only place this browser belongs is in everyone's dishonorable mentions.

I use this for privacy everyday not knowing that google is fricking my data

This doesn’t belong on here because Google tracks all your data, and Google Chrome is a google program.

9 Otter Browser

It's fully open source and doesn't have any spyware, but it also doesn't have as many privacy features as some other browsers such as Tor and Firefox.

10 Falkon Browser
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11 Qutebrowser

Qutebrowser is a very minimal browser that doesn't have any spyware, but also doesn't have much privacy protection. It's a keyboard-driven browser with a very minimal GUI. As a result, Qutebrowser is one of the most difficult browsers to use, but it provides a decent browsing experience with no privacy issues.

12 Waterfox

Waterfox is a fork of Firefox that maintains support for legacy extensions that were removed in Firefox Quantum. I wouldn't recommend using this browser since it has some spyware and is less supported and slower to update than Firefox, but it's better than using Chrome.

13 Dooble
14 Basilisk
15 LibreWolf
16 Microsoft Edge
17 Bromite
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