Top Ten Most Inappropriate Disney Merchandise in Ever Made

Disney isn’t always clean. In fact, some of their merch & toys have been very dirty let’s just say.
The Top Ten
1 Lion King Rafiki & Baby Simba Action Figure

It was supposed to recreate the scene in the Lion King where Rafiki tossed Simba in the air, but instead they designed it where it appeared he was doing something very sensitive with Simba. Should childrens' toys promote such an act towards children? TONS of complaints took place since its release. Good thing it got banned.

The way it was designed was just... disgusting, disturbing, and creepy. People can interpret that as Rafiki, an adult baboon, sexually assaulting a newborn cub. It makes my sick even just thinking about it.

2 Winnie the Pooh Traffic Pylon

It appeared Winnie the Pooh had a Traffic pylon sticking out like a you know what, causing complaints among parents on children, so it got banned.

3 Tigger Doll

We know the wonderful things about Tiggers & that Tiggers are a wonderful thing, so Disney made the Tigger Doll. But however, his tail pointed toward his sensitive area, so they banned it.

4 Tigger & Pooh Straw

Tigger & Pooh did their famous position, but either that or the straw sticking out sent parents in complaints.

5 Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan

Like Tarzan, he yelled and beat himself like in the story & film, but instead of beating his chest, he beat his sensitive lower area, making this toy highly inappropriate.

You can make this action figure punch himself in the crotch, so is he masturbating and beating up his genitals at the same time?

6 The Little Mermaid Original Home Video Cover

It was obviously about the Little Mermaid, a classic film, but the cover showed a monument very suspicious toward people. Yet the movie was rated g. This version of the Little Mermaid caused complaints among many fans, so Disney updated it & removed the monument.

7 Wishes & Dreams Song Potty Seat

It was a potty seat used to train children to potty. It had images of Belle, Aurora & Cinderella. The song said "there must be so much more to this provincial place, so why don't you come & sit". It taught kids to do their bathroom activities on princesses' mouths.

8 Wreck It Ralph Underwear

Wreck It Ralph became a hit in modern Disney, but the merch went too far. Disney made underwear promoting Wreck It Ralph & it shows Ralph decided to wreck childrens' areas, causing an upstir.

9 Winnie the Pooh, Tigger & Eeyore Heigh Ride

It was supposed to represent Pooh, Tigger & Eeyore riding on a Sleigh or Heigh, but instead it was viewed with a sexual perspective, so it received complaints since its release.

10 Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Cleaning Set

It re-enacted the old cleaning way the Princesses cleaned stuff, & with Moana, Brave & Mulan, it became more depicted toward girls, so they couldn't make a Mickey Mouse cleaning set, therefore it was a disgrace toward males.

The Contenders
11 Olaf Snow Cone Maker

Disney decided to make an Olaf toy for kids & it was about Olaf's goop coming out of his guts & being eaten by children, making it highly disturbing to kids.

12 Frozen Bikini

Another Frozen toy that's highly inappropriate. The flower in the middle looked like the female v area, making it highly inappropriate. Yet Frozen became one of the biggest franchises of all time, so it was obvious there would be related toys that were highly inappropriate.

13 Donald Duck Ride Set

Disney just crossed the line with this. Donald Duck was facing his sensitive areas toward those of riders, so it looked like a sex ride.

14 Buzz Lightyear Drinking Cup

Disney totally crossed the line with Buzz Lightyear's cup when they decided the straw would stick out of his area to infinity & beyond, so it got plenty of complaints from parents, deeming the toy inappropriate.

15 VineJammin’ Tarzan

Disney made another Tarzan toy & it was highly inappropriate. The vine stuck out of his private area & the name sounded totally sensitive. Good thing they got rid of it.

16 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Mouse Microphone

They wanted to make a microphone modeled after Mickey Mouse, but the long end of it pointed between his ears, giving parents the impression of a Mickey male genital, so complaints took place & it was an example of poorly executed Disney toys.

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