Top 10 Brain Training Apps

The Top Ten
1 Lumosity

This app is one of the most effective top picks for training all parts of your brain. It features a broad variety of game activities that stimulate problem-solving, reasoning, memory, speed, and overall brain functions, even improving weaknesses in the brain. The premium version of the game enhances the experience of the app.

2 Elevate

Like the first one mentioned above, this is an alternative app that also consists of diverse, stimulating mini-games well-made for you to train memory, speed, and various other skills of the mind. This app also provides essential and effective tips when you've made a certain mistake. If you want an effective mind-training app, this is a prime example to install.

3 NeuroNation

Considered a very useful app for strengthening memory, precision, problem-solving skills, concentration, and speed, along with other exercises worth stimulating at an effective pace. Its mini-games are often challenging to hard, improving various skills that actually benefit the mind while giving you a sense of both enjoyment and accomplishment. Therefore, it is one of the best brain-training apps to consider trying.

4 Skillz

For all ages, this is a recommended app to get, offering a wide range of various types of brain mini-games and creatively thought-out levels. Each of them challenges you to use multiple skills to improve speed, precision, color recognition, concentration, and other skills effectively. Effective in conjunction with other apps and especially for learning children, this app is a must-get.

5 Peak

If you want a positive influence on your mind, this app is essential for improving multiple skills more effectively than other related apps. It provides multiple exercises that improve vital areas of the brain while also offering addictive features and improvement statistics. Personally, it is one of the best brain-training apps and a must-have.

6 Happify

Effective for not only reducing stress and improving mood, but this app also offers a range of games that boost mindfulness and meditation. It is essential for both relieving stress and boosting mindfulness, in addition to brain exercises.

7 Smart - Brain Games & Logic Puzzles

This app, as the title suggests, offers a wide range of puzzle game levels that also involve math. It is effective for problem-solving, logic, flexibility, critical thinking, etc. Some levels of the app are challenging and stimulating. Overall, it is a useful and effective app.

8 App Holdings - Brain Training

Considered a fairly effective app capable of improving multiple aspects of your mind, it provides addictive games that improve the mind simultaneously. It is recommended for those who have relatively short memories.

9 Left vs Right

Consisting of various brain exercises, each of them improving a particular part of the mind and/or multiple parts, this is an essential app for improving memory and overall cognitive function.

10 Memory Games: Brain Training

Another similarly titled game, but provided by a different company, consists of exercises matched to your skills. It's a simple app, but it's also quite effective.

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