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Definitely the saddest animated Disney film there is. Details losing a child, losing a wife, losing a life, making an epic journey for the one you loved that you never got to do while they were alive -- so emotional. A Beautiful movie. - E115EnRaged935

I have never seen so much emotion conveyed in two minutes as I did in this movie. It's amazing that Pixar has the ability to do so in their movies. This is what makes this movie so good. Not only is it sad, but it's realistically sad. People can actually relate to this.

This made me and my family cry. He lost a child, a wife, A... Oh god, I can't go on, I'm going to cry.

Yeah, true

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2 The Lion King

This is a very sad (yet very beautiful and amazing) movie. It first starts with many wonderful animals coming to see the birth of prince Simba. Rafiki, a creepy but a hilarious and loving baboon, raises the cub in the air so the animals can see. Then it shows Scar, the king Mufasa's brother, catching a mouse. Scar was a cruel and selfish lion with a hideous scar running down his eye. Before he eats the mouse, strict Zazu the hornbill comes and tells Scar that king Mufasa is on his way and that Scar must have a good reason why he missed the coming of Simba. Angered by losing his lunch, Scar traps Zazu in his mouth. An angry Mufasa comes and commands Scar to spit him out. Later, Simba grows up into a very loving young cub and has a best buddy named Nala. One day, they venture off into an elephant graveyard. They meet three very hungry hyenas. Before they get eaten, Mufasa saves the cubs, but then scolds Simba. At night, Mufasa's anger leaves, and shows Simba the stars. Then it is shown ...more

Its not that it was sad, it was the Simba feeling lost without his father. He thought his death was his fault- so he left everything behind not looking back. There's so much meaning in this movie, one of the best Disney films.

The best disney dad, parents and is also one of many of the best disney characters ever is juddered before our very eyes because of his heartless, Hitler like brother who kills him and before I continue I must say that though it's kind of small I find that the fact that scar mocks Mufassa by saying "Long Love The King" is very sad. Odiously it's sooo devastating when Simba cuddles beside his dead father. There are other part of the film that in a way come across as sad but they could also be mixed emotions of drama, sadness and redemption for example Mufassa I mean you don't know weather to be sad because Mufassa can not physically be with Simba or to be happy that He lives in Simba and that he will claim the throne. Anyway I still think that this movie is without a doubt the saddest Disney movie ever made

This is my favorite movie of all time because I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid but it is still super sad when mufasa dies I mean come on that is pretty sad when he dies and simba tries to lay with him on the ground

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3 The Fox and the Hound

This one was a real sucker punch right in the feels, because they know that they can't be friends, you know it too, and even though they still regard each other as friends, they can never have any friendly interactions ever again. If you are looking for a great story that will leave you with a sense of realism, and you have not seen this film, then I could not possibly recommend it more.

The Fox and the Hound is a Disney classic and its pretty underrated. I feel like this movie is one of the saddest of the Disney movies because I feel like friendship is very important. And how Tod and Copper lost their friendship. My eyes were filled with tears during the whole course of the movie. I was crying like a baby when Widow Tweed had to leave Tod and worst of all the song was not making it better. If your looking for a downer this is your movie.

It is the Disney film with the most realistic plot and no happy ending. It's the story of two best friends not realizing that they will never be able to grow old together. This is my favorite Disney film, and I've seem lots of them.

I've seen this movie about 4-5 times and every single time I have cried so much I can't even explain. Wow.

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4 Bambi

Why wouldn't it be sad? A deer lost his mother by hunters. - connor720

This film reminds me of my childhood and the tears I shed at that time - Aafeen

I always cry when I see this classic of a movie!

I am 33 and have never been able to watch this whole movie! I cry and cry and cry when Bambi’s mom dies.

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5 Old Yeller

Hi everyone! This movie made my cry so bad it was horrific I hate when my dad and my sis sees my cry I run in the bathroom and I was in the bathroom for 1 HOUR crying and waited until the movie was over I'm SO surprised that was not the first most saddest Disney movie!

Years ago at my school, my teacher showed us this movie, but when the shooting part came, the teacher turned it off, and started crying because it reminds her of her dog when he died. So sad. :( - cartoonfan64

Possibly one of the saddest dog movies of all time, right in there with/next to Marley & Me. - E115EnRaged935

This has to be the saddest Disney movie ever! I mean come on have you seen it!

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6 Toy Story 3

I teared up during the ending when all the toys held hands and excepted their death. Also when andy gives away woody

Hands Down One of the Best Movies I've ever seen!

& certainly For a Kid who grew up through Toy story This movie was extremely Sad! - Curti2594

Bawled my eyes out when the toys held hands at the end accepting their death and when Andy finally plays with them. Then when Andy leaves and waves goodbye and woody waves back :'( could not stop crying :'(

The ending gets me every time.

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7 Dumbo

How is Dumbo not even on the list!? A baby elephant shunned for having oversized ears, his mother locked up for protecting him, and people treating him average circus freak. I cry every time I see the mother rocking little Dumbo from her cage. And it plays that song, "Baby my," I think it's called. Gets me every time.

Agreed. I don't know if many people have seen Dumbo. But when the mother elephant is locked up rocking her baby elephant with her trunk because she can't reach him, oh my god, sadder than Lion King and Pocahontas.

Seriously, Dumbo is the saddest movie ever. When the mother is locked up and rocks Dumbo, your eyes explode. I can't believe people think Toy Story 3 is sadder than Dumbo.

Dumbo is the absolute saddest because of one key element: Dumbo's mother was never freed. Mrs. Jumbo was locked away after trying to defend her baby, and at the end of the film she's still in "jail".

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8 Bridge to Terabithia

I cried for an hour after first watching this movie and I have cried every time since. I kept hoping that Leslie would be alive. I mean come on! Leslie was his only friend and his family never treated him great either, so we might as well take away the only joy he has? No!

I made the mistake of watching this when I was, like, seven. I was staring at the blank screen for nearly five minutes afterwards, my mouth open. Then I read the book several years later and was depressed all over again.

I cried when jess found out leslie's death I felt bad for him, he is already starting to feel a relationship. And I hope if the made a 2nd one they should bring back leslie as queen of Terabithia and Jess as king of Terabithia and May belle as princess of Terabithia

I was emotionally scarred for a week. It should be number 1. Why did she have to die? She was so good. Stop killing off great characters Disney! 😭

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9 Big Hero 6

I was moved by all the characters and this has become one of my favorite Disney movies recently. It's an emotional roller coaster! The deaths of so many people in Hiro's life, everything! I just don't know why this isn't higher on the list! I'm a teen and I was in tears more than once! Great, great movie! Hilarious but sad!

This film is much sadder than Frozen. You don't have to put it in the top ten but put it above Frozen! I love Frozen, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't that sad! This movie is about a boy who is trying to overcome a loved one's death, which brings me to tears! - AnnaOfArendelle332

My emotion on seeing Baymax die is always crying, sadness. It feels so realistic. That's a statement frozen can't make. Frozen this, frozen that. People think it's perfect when they haven't seen the best cgi disney film of the 2010s! If Anna really died and Elsa lived, it would make it feel sad that she did. Elsa deserved to die. She put so many people in danger. She could've killed people. If she told Anna, none of this could've happened! It's also a cliche story: opening song, Disney Princesses, something bad happens, another song, ANOTHER SONG ONLY 60 SECONDS AFTER THE AFOREMENTIONED SONG, character cameo, Royal Princey Boy, ANOTHER SONG, something bad happens again, ANOTHER SONG, one of them goes out to find her, FILLER, 3rd protagonist, ANOTHER SONG AGAIN, 4th hero, Elsa almost kills Anna, They meet the trolls, YET ANOTHER SONG, Elsa is found and jailed, That stupid "Almost Kiss" cliche, the Prince turns to the villian, one of the girls dies and ends up living because of ...more - Gamecubesarecool193

It is so sad when tadashi rushes in to help with fire it just reminds me of how lucky I am to have siblings, but a great movie

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10 Brother Bear

Brother bear is probably the saddest Disney movie I have ever seen. It does not fail to make me tear up. When he is sitting down singing "No way out" to Koda I tear up. I can't help but cry. I don't cry in very many movies, but this one I do not fail to at least get tears in my eyes from that song. Phil Collins did an amazing job singing for that song. I think him singing with that much emotion for that moment and Kenai having to explain to a baby bear that he killed his mother is what makes it so sad.

Brother bear is full of heart wrenching moments that you will never forget. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this movie and it will still not fail to make cry. I don't even need to watch the moment when Kenai breaks the horrific news of koda's mother death and that she's not coming back to cry. Just talking about it makes me emotional. Ultimate saddest Disney moment ever.

This is among my top 5 saddest movies of all time. I know that when I'm going to watch this movie, I need a box of tissues. I'm crying right now.
The movie itself is just so beautiful, but the underlying message about brotherhood and the loss of loved ones just makes this movie amazing. A must must MUST watch!

This is so heartbreaking because my brother always means anyone in this family and I felt so bad for being good brother to him I what him be happy with me but god keeping him safely and stay healthy 😭😭😭"""

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11 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It frankly astounds me that this isn't on the list, over such items as Beauty and the Beast - but then again, I suppose it isn't one of Disney's most instantly recalled films for most people. This film has it all - it shows the callous murder of Quasimodo's mother, his near-drowning as a baby, his cruel parental figure in Judge Frollo... god, it's horrendously sad. Frollo raises him believing that due to his hunchbacked, incongrous appearance, he is worthless. He is imprisoned for pretty much all of his youth in Notredame, and dreams of being accepted by the exciting, enticing outside world. When he finally manages to sneak outside to a carnival, he is publicly humiliated by all - under the orders of his own "father"-figure, Frollo. He is painfully tied up like an animal, ridiculed, and spun around on a wheel while pelted with vegetables people throw at him. It's a crushing scene. Later, his heart is broken when the kindly Esmeralda - who is seemingly the only person in the ...more

He gets food thrown at him, gets called an ugly freak constantly, and gets friend zoned by his true love... It's heartbreaking

This movie had me crying since the start! It is sad to have absolutely no one there in the world for you. And people judge Quasimodo on his looks only! Its not like he chose to be that way, he is just another one of God's masterpieces. In the end he still doesn't find love, but at least he is free in the end.

Just the “go back to hell where you belong” Part gets me every time

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12 Inside Out

This should be number one. It's so sad when you see it.

I've literally seen every Disney animated feature length movie. This movie is by far the saddest movie of them all. The last 15 minutes save it a little bit, but overall I almost turned it off multiple times and that never happens. Ironic that one of the few Disney movies that have both parents make it through the whole movie is the saddest movie of them all.

Oh gosh the pixar emotions strike again but now there on the big screen being emotions! :/

I just watched this movie recently and I was in tears from when Bingbong died all the way up to when Riley returned home and was embraced by her parents... The feels just really hit me hard

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13 Finding Nemo

Put yourself in Marlin's fins (pun intended): You live in a nice neighborhood at the very edge of the Great Barrier Reef, because you love the ocean. You have like 400 children with your wife (I think), Coral. One day, what you once loved has taken all that away including Coral and your children...almost. One has survived who has been greatly deformed and is your only chance at happiness. You swear to his life, but when your guard is let down he is taken away: your happiness. Now you fight what you once loved and now hate, because it has ruined your life. How about that? Long story short: AMAZING AND VERY EMOTIONAL. Note: A barracuda ate Coral and Marlin's other children but Nemo states that he hates the ocean, but he claimed himself that he loved the view of the ocean before the barracuda. What a HECK of a review. Five Stars.

All of his brothers and sisters die except for him, and he is deformed. Not to mention his dad is a single parent

It's about a relatively small fish finding his only son in a vast world of ocean. How can you not be genuinely attached to it?

I used to be scared of the part where the barracuda fish kills all the eggs and Marlin's wife. - Lunala

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14 Beauty and the Beast

Not sad at all

Pretty sad for the beast...

Oh no the bad guy died

I cry like a river watching this when the beast turns into a human, I cried. so. much. truly beautiful😭😭😭😭😭 -pinknj9

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15 Monster's Inc

I cried when Sully saw boo again at the end :'(. This is my favorite disney movie, but that particular part definitely made me cry.

So sad when sully started to cry over boo because he had to leave her to a safer place

Barely sad at all

Started bawling...

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16 Pinocchio

I felt bad for Pinocchio as well.

This wins for the most villains

17 Wall-E

For an emotional pixar movie such as Wall-E-- It's disappointing to see that this wouldn't get into at least near the "top five" rank on the list. Adoring the cute and memorable moments of Wall-E, it's adventuring to see him journey on through a large space shuttle-- far from earth just to finally form a bond between him and EVE. Not only the film was emotional, and contains up to great unforgettable exploit, but the humor really brings people into getting closer to as many characters as possible. But the actual reason why this movie would be able to bring tears into the beings of today, and six years ago-- was that Wall-E has literally sacrificed his old-- and trashed world-- and enter a new dramatic exploration, and finally end with humanity returning to the planet, unite with a loving companion, and restore its' one purpose of containing official life.

"If they went with the alternate ending this would be way up there, where Wall-E doesn't comeback and just stays as an emotionless bot ;, (

16 year old guy, first film that generally made me cry

It's sad how wall.e can't live without her

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18 Tangled

This movie was very emotional all throughout, I cried so hard watching this movie.

I still cryfrom the middle to the end of them movie :')

Eh, Ash dying in pokemon the movie I choose you is sadder in my opinion

Damn people how is frozen sadder than this r u guys born with no emotion

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19 The Good Dinosaur

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! It's so sad when he is the only one who hasn't made his mark, loses his dad who died protecting him, loses his family, ALMOST loses Spot, and sees his dad in his mind. I literally CRIED on most bits!

I saw this movie the day it came out. I saw it with my mom and cousin. I cried whenever I saw the boy and the dinosaur together. My cousin was so irritated that see actually left! Ha!

I just got done watching... (SPOILER) It's so sad to see poppa die... And when spot leaves... Very Emotional.

number 1

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20 The Sword in the Stone

This film has one of the saddest parts in Disney history. I felt so bad for the poor girl squirrel when Wart got transformed back into his human-like self. She loved Wart and even saved him when he was about to be eaten by the wolf. This should be at least in the top 10 because the girl squirrel was broken to pieces. It would have been a much happier scene if Merlin had have changed the girl squirrel to a human so she could be with Wart for many years to come and become his queen.

I agree that scene hit me right in the feels + you can see the exact moment when her heart breaks. So sad

Who cares about the girl squirrel? No matter what role, in movies, I always wanna punch a squirrel in the face. I would like it more if the wolf saw the girl squirrel and chased her and ate her, but never attacked the protagonists for the rest of the movie.

I felt bad...for that good looking Sword! lawl

21 Lady and the Tramp

It breaks my heart to see the dogs at the pound all tearing up and howling that depressing song.

If tramp didn't care about lady he wouldn't have searched everywhere for her and wouldn't let the rat hurt the baby

Truly does break my heart pounds are just stupid - Artattack

It's a hobo movie don't watch it WATCH FROZEN

That's what everybody says and then they discover they've been ripped off. - LaST_LiGHT

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22 Alice In Wonderland

Umm. Not sad just fantastic

23 Oliver & Company

This is the #1 saddest movie for me. First time I've seen it, I'm 30 years old, and I can't stop crying. All he wanted was a loving family, and nobody picked him out of the box. :(

And here's another one no one added. Come on, didn't you feel so bad at the beginning when Oliver almost drowned in that box? And then he got chased by rabbid dogs. And then I felt bad for Jenny later on when she did everything to get Oliver back.

Since I'm a cat person, this one hit me in the feels

Ok, why is this not #1? Oliver didn't get adopted, almost drowned, and got chased by dogs... - NoOreoForU

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24 Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

This movie made me more emotional than a majority of the ones on this list. After the firs movie, you've built this connection to the characters, and all of a sudden they get torn apart once again. I still cry over it.

Lilo and stitch 2 is one of these movies that not much people have seen but is a sequel that is still brilliant. That being said, the film contains a very specific part which is guaranteed to make any person with a heart cry. From the first movie, a love is created for lilo and stitch where the thought of anything happen to them makes you sad.
"You will always be my Ohana, stitch"- It will break you heart.

I still cry when stitch is in the machine and his hand droops down. I'm 19 by the way

When She thinks stitch is dead

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25 Lilo & Stitch

This movie makes me bawl every time. It's not just sad because of the situation that Lilo and Nani are in. Stitch was created to be a monster and destroy everything. He has no family. And at first, he didn't know or understand what family was and then he finally gets the closest thing to a family he's ever had but, he's only getting in the way of them getting to be together. He's lonely and has so much self hatred. And he thinks if he gets himself lost and calls out his real family will come. And then Lilo and Nani are sad because they are going to lose each other

I just... I don't know... I guess the overall theme of loneliness? Or having to need someone to rely on and talk to? Human's need for companionship?

I cry like a 3 year old every time.

Nani is 19, Lilo is 6. They both lost their parents not long ago and are trying to accommodate in a new dynamic that is different from sisters. Nani can't study, she has to work to support Lilo. Lilo doesn't understand what's going on and why she does things like punch her classmates. I cry like a kid every time.

It is so sad how she has no parents and possibly will be taken from her sister.

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26 Bolt

When Bolt realizes Penny can't escape the burning building and curls up next to her to die with her is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen in a cartoon. It makes me cry every time, because there have been real dogs that loved their owners too much to leave them, even if it meant dying

He would rather die with her opposed to away from her, but then they were saved from the burning building!

I never understood this movie as a kid, but now I do. I didn't really cry; I can't see sadness in movies most of the time, but I will agree, it is a beautiful movie - SeeU


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27 Frozen

I'm a 20-year-old male and I'll proudly admit that this is the first movie that ever made me shed tears. I just felt so bad for Elsa. Throughout my first year of college, I had no friends and basically stayed shut up in my dorm room for most the day. I know what isolation feels like. It's so much worse than I ever would have imagined. I think that's why Elsa's story made me so sad. I felt her pain as I watched. And then the whole deal with the ice powers she can't control. And then when she finally decides to let them go, this poor girl finds out that she buried the city in snow. I just can't imagine.

The only reason people hate on Frozen is because it's successful, people love to hate on successful films - venomouskillingmachine

I LOVE this movie so so much! Elsa is a character that I truly admire, I feel myself who is someone who has suffered with depression and anxiety, I can totally relate to her feelings of being shut out, isolation and fear. It gives me a sense of strength when I watch it. And it is also the first Disney movie to empower girls and show them that they don't need a man to save them! As a 20 year old who has these feelings I find it an amazing movie that everyone will enjoy, that is sad in the beginning but has a hopeful ending.

I dislike the parents who should have known better then to lock their child Elsa like that. Thanks to them Elsa was locked up which is devastating even for a 19 year old Male like me. They are complete opposite of Rapunzel's parents who wanted to find her and let her grow normally without making her feel bad because of her difference from others. Parents like Elsa's should not be allowed to have children. Who agrees?

I’m 28 years old and I can relate to Elsa so much. I grew up struggling with autism and Asperger’s syndrome. All throughout my days in school I had hardly any friends and didn’t really have anyone to hang out with at recess when I was in elementary school. Long after I graduated there’s nobody I went to school with who I still talk to and I didn’t hang out with anyone outside of school during high school. Like Elsa I’ve never had a love interest

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28 Cinderella

This movie should be number ONE because it is so sad... It starts out that Ella is a happy girl and is very rich. But soon her mother is on her deathbed and tells Ella to, 'have courage and be kind. ' In the next scene Ella is, like, seventeen and her father is going to remarry. It is obvious at once that her stepfamily is not friendly, and the cat is not either. Her father goes away on one of his many trips. Anastasia and Drizella (her stepsisters) ask for clothes and stuff like that, but Ella asks for the first branch he brushes against on his journey. A few days later a man tells her that her father is dead and gives her the branch. She is heartbroken. The stepmother gradually reduces her to a servant, because they have no money and she dismissed all of the others. Ella is sad but never loses heart. She has to eat after them and sleep in the attic. When it was too cold in the attic she slept by the dying coals in the fire. In the morning she had cinders on her face and so they ...more

This one should totally be in the top 20 at least! There were some funny parts but most of it was sad, how Ella was orphaned and everyone was so mean to her. And also when the prince's dad died. That wasn't in the original, I guess Disney wanted to make it even SADDER.

Come ON does no one agree with me? I have written ALL of these comments, by the way, so I could use some more people who agree! How could you not!?

I hate the stepsisters and the stepmother. They make her do everything just because her dad's dead! - LaST_LiGHT

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29 Brave

If you think about it, this movie is very devastating, Merida tries to control her own life instead of her mother controlling her life, so she ran away and had a witch put a spell on her mother to change her, but the witch turned Queen Elinor (Merida's mother) into a bear, making Elinor unwelcome at her own kingdom, for King Fergus, Merida's father, killed any bear he saw. It was sad how King Fergus (without knowing it was his wife) chases Elinor when she was a bear and nearly kills her, but after years of hating her mother, Merida steps in and starts fighting her father to save Elinor, this is true mother-daughter love. It is also sad when Merida couldn't break the curse from the witch and her mother was almost gone forever. And how the Prince that became Mor'du was so angry that he wasn't the only ruler of HIS clan that anger got the best of him, he turned into a bear because the witch gave him a spell. He ended up destroying the clan and killing his only brothers, he became lonely, ...more - docreywashere

It's a sad movie. It's devastating when Merida thinks her mom is gone and is just a bear. I find it mystifying that after Mor'du died his spirit turned back to a prince and then a whisp.

30 Pocahontas

The greatest.. Saddest.. Most beautiful Disney movie and love story ever made! So romantic and heartbreaking.. It's a tale of war between two cultures.. A love affair that was doomed from the beginning.. The sacrifices they made/were prepared to make for one another (Pocahontas ran to John Smith's rescue when he as about to be killed and he took a bullet for her father) and their sad goodbye to one another at the end... Pocahontas should definitely be number one!

Such a beautiful movie but with such a sad ending. I wasn't familiar with the story of Pocahontas so the ending was unexpected, and she was the only princess not to get a happy ending. Also, the music played at the ending is so powerful, so beautiful. I was crying for 2-5 minutes after this. Best Disney movie ever

Come on! The ending is so heartbreaking, it at least deserves the top 20.

Always loved this movie!

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31 Coco

I've seen it 6 times and every time I have cried

I was so sad while and after watching this movie because I remember my relatives who passed away

Holy crap I cried so much on coco it’s so moving at the end you have no idea

I couldn’t stop crying and every time it played remeber me it would start me off again a beautiful film

32 Toy Story 2

"When Somebody Loved Me" makes me cry every single time, without fail.

The Jessie's history with the "When somebody loved me" song playing are so deep... - Anton110

Lol I handled WHEN SHE LOVED ME I think jessie has bad coping skills it was 1960!

Woody lost his arms twice and Jessie hated him

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33 The Princess and the Frog

It's very sad how Tiana has very little time for anything but work. Also when the firefly does I forget his name. Haven't seen this in like two months.

You mean Ray the Firefly.

We miss you Ray.


34 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

I cried when sassy falls into the waterfall. I thought she was dead.

There's only one sequel.

Sad but some what happy

Oh shadow... I thought he died, by the way I was only 7 when I watched it,it was so depressing when he got injured. - SilverstarofIceclan

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35 Wreck-It Ralph

I'm usually pretty good at not crying while watching movies, but I came very, very, VERY close to losing it with this one.

Who would break a kart?! If she made it, she would not be a glitch that bad and it's just random

The whole Sonic the Hedgehog scene made me cry like a baby. This should be top 1.

When he looks and he sees the girl again

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36 Zootopia

Judy's speech at the end, the scene where Nick gets bullied, and the song "try everything".

The flashback where the fox's friends put a muzzle on him and kicked him out of their scouts club made me BAWL.

The only bit I found sad was the bit where Nick was beaten up by the scouts

This movie is about racism if you think about it

Yeah, but it teaches kids that they shouldn't disrespect somebody just because how they look or what skin color they are. Or in short, it teaches kids that they shouldn't be racists. - LaST_LiGHT

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37 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The scene where the Seven Dwarfs grieving over Snow White's death (including Grumpy trying not to show his emotions but finally broke down and started sobbing uncontrollably) was the saddest.

Bambi's mom's death? Emotionless. Mufasa's death? Overrated. Snow whites death? Bawling my eyes out, especially when the dwarves have their funeral.

This movie had a part that was kinda creepy I mean who would kiss a dead body and expect it to awaken? A lovesick zombie, maybe.

This was the first time in the top saddest Disney moments I cried then I cried to Tarzan then to Bambi not to lion king it's not sad for me at least his mother's alive so my order goes by saddest Disney moments
1 Bambi's mother death (Bambi)
2 Tarzan leaves home( Tarzan)
3 Snow White funeral(Snow White and seven dwarfs)
4 bing bong fades (inside out)
5 servants turn into real frozen items( beauty and the beast 2017)
6 Aurora pricks spindle( sleeping beauty)
7 Ariel doesn't Marty eric( the little mermaid)
8 who am I (moana)
9 Eugene dies(tangled)
10 beast dies ( beauty and the beast)
11 tadashi dies( hero 6 )
12 baymax dies(hero 6)
13 ariels grotto(little mermaid)
14 mufasas death( lion king)
15 john's captured (Pocahontas)
16 reflection (mulan)
17 no one wants me( meet the robinsons)
18 bye father ( beauty beast
19 triton takes ariels place ( little mermaid p)
20 never leave the tower(tangled)

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38 High School Musical 3

The first time when I watched this movie... I cried for like an hour... When two lovers had to separate I felt sorry for troy... And when gabriella was singin "walk away"

The end pretty much saved it because Troy can drive to Gabriella's college

I hate High School Musical! - docreywashere

The thing that's sad is that this movie existed - poopmckenzie

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39 Finding Dory

The only sad part is that she lost her parents when she was young due to her short term memory loss.

This is the first movie that made me cry

I went to see this and it sad that she had lost her parents

40 The Little Mermaid

Eh, She gets back to eric and saves her dad. Then its not sad anymore

How it this movie sad? All Ariel did is get back to Eric and that's it. Not sad at all.

41 Brother Bear 2

The movie is pretty cool and tamed but the soundtrack is sooo underrated, the track feels just like home by Melissa etheridge made me cry, the lyrics resonated with me and reminded me of my old childhood home and life. The soundtrack does it for me.

I've never watched this before

When kota tells his mom to change kenai back so he can be happy.

42 Tarzan

I love this movie it made me cry two times it's beautiful

This should be on the top 10 list! Its just heartbreaking!

It so sad when the head gorilla dies and he is tricked it is just so sad.

How is this not top 10? This movie was my childhood, damn it.

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43 Fantasia

I never watched this before

It was so bad it was sad. - RalphBob

This movie is amazing

Not sad

44 Treasure Planet

For every abandoned child. Jim's found father figure will always seem heart breathtakingly beautiful. "I'm still here" is the anthem of every lost kid, searching for someone to recognize them in a way only a father's pride could.

Such a sad film. Jim's adventure from being a young teen and going into adulthood is a great story, dealing with serious issues like mortality, friendship, mentor ship and more! Must watch!

Saddest and most underrated Disney movie of all time

Of every Disney movie ever made, this is my favorite. Never gets old and always hits the spot in my heart

45 Cinderella (2015)

Not only do Ella's parents die but also in this version the king dies but not before allowing his son Kit to marry for love.

The recent adaptation is arguably even sadder simply because we see the bond young Ella had with her mother.

Beautiful but sad

46 101 Dalmatians

This is a warning to cruella the bible says thou shalt not steal somebody should shoot cruella and hang her on a cross just like they did jesus.

Puppies are taken away from pongo and perdy and travel miles to find them and then the rest of th puppies say what about us

47 Mulan

This is a pretty sad story; Mulan feels that she has put down her family honor, so she puts down herself. Then her father gets chosen to battle against the Huns with the rest of the Chinese army. She realizes that her family would be damaged forever if her elderly father was killed in war, but thought that if she died, no one in her family would miss her because she put down their family name. She took her father's armor and disguised herself as a man. She never would have known that her actions ripped her family's hearts out. - docreywashere

The devil is a liar

It's so not sad - Puppycutsies

I wanted Mulan to die onse she got unconcious.

48 The Rescuers

Why didn't anyone else add this one?! You just have to feel bad for poor Penny especially when Medusa asks "What makes you think anyone would want a homely little girl like you?! " and then the song Someone's Waiting for You plays. And then poor Penny cries.

How is this not higher?! Even thinking about this movie makes me tear up! First of all the beginning of the movie starts with Penny being passed up on being adopted and it still gets worse when she tucks her teddy bear into bed tearfully telling him everything will be ok, not believing herself. Plus the atmosphere of the swamp and the music ugh

This movie was so sad and I cried so hard, Penny was the cause of it all, I mean, who would make a little girl have such a sad childhood

Loved this movie

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49 Moana

The Epic Part When Moana Was Just Walking With No Care With Amazing Voice It Just Made Me Cry Its Just So Epic!

50 Gordy


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