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41 Going Through Changes - Eminem
42 Hailie's Song - Eminem V 1 Comment
43 So Sick - Ne-Yo
44 The Last Emperor - One Life

He's maybe the most underrated mc ever!

V 1 Comment
45 Hope - Twista
46 Runaway - Kanye West

Most emotional song ever, I almost cried the first time listening to this. So sweet, gotta love KanYe.

47 The Prayer - Kid Cudi

Super sad song, it gives me the chills every time I listen to it

48 A Million Lives - Jake Miller
49 Yesterday - Atmosphere

This should definitely be in the top 10. It's about him reminiscing and then regretting all the times he could've been hanging out with his dad, and he didn't. The song starts off with the narrator passing by someone on the street who looked like someone he knew and loved. As the song goes on, you learn more and more about this person, especially when he says that he'll endure all the criticisms if he could again, giving you somewhat "parent" vibe to the song, and then he says, "I know it wasn't you, cause you past away, dad."

50 I Miss My Homies - Master P
51 Better Days - The Game
52 If I Had - Eminem

The best Eminem song and it hits home

The truest song of Eminem

53 Marvin's Room - Drake

I cry every time I listen... Always think about my ex and it makes me sad

This one crushes me, The desperation gets me and the chorus is stunning

54 Keisha's Song (Her Pain) - Kendrick Lamar. V 1 Comment
55 Revolutionary - Immortal Technique
56 Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre

This is not sad. Entertaining but not sad.

57 End of Days - Vinnie Paz
58 No Love - Eminem

All time favourite! This song has helped me through the worst. Helped me hold my head up and move on. It hits the heart. Shows feeling weve all felt. :')

Best song ever and ik every single word

59 Right or Wrong - DMX
60 So Hard to Breathe - B.O.B
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