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61 360 - Closer

It is aout suicide and it is a sad song. Should be on the list for people to vote for. It is an Australian hip-hop song and is not mainstream, so more people should listen to it.

62 Kenji - Fort Minor
63 Dedicated - Linkin Park
64 How to Love - Lil Wayne
65 Under Privileged - Dru Blu
66 Jumbled Thoughts - Holmes Da Realist
67 Life Goes On - 2pac
68 Coldest Winter - Kanye West
69 No More - Will Smith
70 The 6th Sense - Common
71 Better on the Other Side - The Game & DJ Infamous Haze
72 I Miss You - DMX
73 High Voltage - Linkin Park
74 Always Be a Friend - Kristoff Krane

Kristoff Krane does a tribute song to his best friend and teacher Eyedea

75 Bottle Dreams - Eyedea
76 N Dey Say - Nelly
77 All Along - Kid Cudi

I guess I'm meant to be alone...

78 Twisted - Eminem

Them lyrics though,this song is the deepest

Eminem sings in this track!
And it's so beautiful
It talks about a dysfunctional relationship that everyone can relate to
This song is just too touching and beautiful to keep your ears away
Trust me,I listened to Stan a hundred times and also watched the video many times and I still love this track even more
Skylar Grey is literally the best female vocalist and Yelawolf has a dope verse
This is a beautiful masterpiece guys
Vote it up!

79 Ill Mind of Hopsin 6 - Hopsin

Hopsin is unlike any rapper I've seen

80 The Book of Soul - Ab-Soul

If you understand the meaning of this you'd put it up there

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