Top 10 Saddest Superhero Movies

Spoiler alert for all the tear breaking superhero movies.

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1 Logan

Cry more than endgame

This was the only movie I cryed

Greatest superhero movie ever in my opinion

I really loved this movie. He gives his life to save the girl who is basically his daughter one last time.

2 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Yondu's death was stupid. He beats the deal out of Peter in the first movie, and then Peter says that Hindu was like the father he never had. What?

I have not watched this movie once when the ending didn't make me teary eyed. And I've watched it about 40 times.

This movie made my little brother cry (and he didn't cry on titanic)

RIP SONY WALKMAN (and Yondu of coarse he Is my favourite character)

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3 Big Hero 6

Just each scene was emotional with the death of Tadashi and Baymax temporarily - 201002579

4 Avengers: Endgame

Seeing the end of a few of the best marvel characters go was so sad

I saw the first Iron Man movie in the theatres when I was six. Seeing him go in Endgame was not easy. Seeing Black Widow go was not easy. And seeing Steve retire was not easy. This movie is the reason why Marvel will never be the same ever again.

Very sad Marvel movie, saddest of them all- including Logan. This movie is truly an awesome ending to the infinity saga, and the journey has connected fans with the characters from all around the globe

Black widow dies when she is one of my favorite and it will make you cry that she died just to stop thanos. One my one tear my tear.

5 The Dark Knight Rises

The ending made me cry and happy at once when I heard by the engineers that the plane has autopilot.

Batman may be dead but Bruce Wayne is still alive - 201002579

The ending to the greatest trilogy of all time!

6 Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Infinity War

... why Loki

Ugh...Loki’s death broke my heart

I almost cried.

Spider-Man is one of the only superhero’s I actually like, and watching him plead for his life and apologize to Tony was just heartbreaking. He was a good kid.

7 Guardians of the Galaxy

We are Groot. - 201002579

8 X-Men: Days of Future Past


Just seeing mutant friends die one by one was emotional. - 201002579

9 Captain America: Civil War

Seeing each Hero fight each other and betraying each other really gives you the feels. - 201002579

Not sad at all

10 The Dark Knight

The death of Rachel was pretty emotional as that was one of Bruce Wayne's only friends. - 201002579

The Contenders

11 Watchmen

Face it! You only watched it for rorschach

Rorschach was too good for this world

Extremely underrated!


12 The Incredibles

This is an example of a superhero movie story done right. The writing for this and the second Incredibles movie was perfect for every type of superhero fan.

Very emotional family story - 201002579

13 The Avengers: Age of Ultron

I was looking through the list and about to vote logan and then I saw this. Quicksilvers death was super sad, and the moment he died it made scarlet witch go crazy. "I didn't see that coming" - wren6

14 Hulk (2003)
15 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I cried so much

Why must every Spiderman film end with an important or loved character dying? - RustyNail

16 Wonder Woman

A sad and dark superhero movie but great overall.

Cried when Steve died

Sad and really good.

17 V for Vendetta

Poor poor v...

18 The Emoji Movie

Hottest movie around xoxox

Is this a joke it’s not even a superhero movie it’s not sad and it’s TERRIBLE

19 Batman Returns
20 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
21 Spider-Man 3
22 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is a dark, gritty, emotional story! Deserves the top ten!

23 Batman and Robin

Sad that this movie was ever made

24 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

"Miles...the hardest thing about this job can't always save everyone." A quote like that is one of the many depressing lines in this gosh-darn fantastic movie. - OnyxDash

25 Deadpool 2

I don't want to give any spoilers but I can't listen to Take on Me the same way anymore. Kiss me like ya miss me, Red

Deadpool 2 was sad as hell

26 The Crow

What makes this movie even sadder, was that it was the last film ever done by Brandon Lee, who was accidentally killed around the end of the film's completion. And honestly, I think his performance is criminally underrated, mostly because when people talk about this film, they unfortunately associate it with Lee's tragic death. - OnyxDash

It was very edgy, somber, tragic and sad all in one.

27 Batman Begins

This is an emotional but awesome movie

28 Man of Steel
29 Saban's Power Rangers
30 Thor
31 Spider Man 2
32 Superman Returns

I see no reason why people slam the storyline. It was a very effective one given the fact that the film depicts a man of steel who has to find his place and his purpose in a world that seems to have no need for him.

33 Thor: Ragnarok
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