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1 Johnny Gat

Johnny gat is my fave because I always call him for help number 1 else gat is back in 4 was beast and he awesome

Love this guy plus it was my high school nickname and I decided to keep it - bobbythebrony

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2 You

Why wouldn't it be yourself you can amp up tour skills seriously all the insane moves you can do like EPIC MURDER SKILLS!

You are cool, but your character is a delusional, genocidal sociopath murderer, which annoys me to no end - EliHbk

Johnny Gat maybe the fan favorite, but the Playa is Johnny Gats favorite

I know johnny gat is a fan favorite, but the protagonist is the real badass, I mean come on, he took out los carnales, the rollerz, the vice kings, the ronin, sons of samedi, the brotherhood, ultor, the syndicate along with a professional computer hacker, a wrestling champion, and the leader of the morningstar and the syndicate, stag, zombies, even aliens, and has worked his/her way to the top, nothing spells out badass like the protagonist and johnny gat

3 Shaundi


4 Pierce

The last time a big naked dude said he could help me, it did not end well

5 Carlos Mendoza

Carlos is boss why did he have to get skinned to death by the brotherhood

He is the best and why didn't the character shoot the chain but instead shoot Carlos

6 Julius Little V 2 Comments
7 Troy Bradshaw
8 Lin
9 Mr. Sunshine

He should not have died

"They call me Mr. Sunshine" damn this guy was awesome, the best SR villain ever, he reminded me of an awesome bond henchman

10 Victor Rodriguez

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11 Benjamin King
12 Kinzie Kensington

She is a relatively smart and funny character

She is the best character added in SR:TT, and is hot as hell

13 Donnie
14 Joseph Price
15 William Sharp
16 Killbane V 1 Comment
17 Maero
18 Viola DeWynter
19 Asha Odekar

Her voice is good

20 Veteran Child

He is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.And that is badass as hell.

Plus his quotes in Saints Row 4 are boss-tier.
"Who lives? Who dies? "

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1. Johnny Gat
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1. Lin
2. Donnie
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1. Johnny Gat
2. You
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