Top Ten Saints Row Characters

The Top Ten

1 Shaundi

Shaundi is Saints Row Icon more than Johnny Gat and Boss

Shaundi Deserves a Movie

Shaundi is Number 1

,there is no movie of the most popular characters WHY?

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2 Johnny Gat Johnny Gat

The Biggest Badass in the History of Games

If Saints Make a Movie then Johnny Gat will be a Most famous Movie Character of all time.More than James Bond and Rambo

I have played all Main 4 Saints Row Games and there is no doubt that Johnny Gat is the Only Character in the Games History who is Equal Popular to the Protagonist himself.

I am a biggest fan of johnny gat please make saints row 5 game and saints row movie

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3 You

I actually liked more the Protagonist, than Shaundi and Gat

He is the leader of the most powerful gang

Saints Row Definitely need a Movie

Boss is the strength of saints row

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4 Viola DeWynter

She is hot!

Viola was Greatest Character of Saints Row The Third like Boss Shaundi and Pierce

If Viola was include in Saints Row 4 than She will be most Popular Character like Boss,Johnny Gat,Shaundi,Kinzie and Pierce.

Viola was of the Main Character of Saints Row 3 like Boss,Shaundi and Pierce.

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5 Kinzie Kensington

Kinzie is Inching Towards Johnny Shaundi Boss

Kinzie is Very Famous,I think even more than Pierce

Please Make Saints Row Movie Please

I want Saints Row Movie

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6 Pierce

This guy it's my dude!

Pierce is Mastermind of Saints Row

Pierce is the Best

Love hanging out with Pierce. When ever we do hilarity always ensues. Plus I really enjoy those singing sessions with him when ever I drive.

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7 Lin
8 Julius Little

He used to lead the Saints and he saved the protaginist. - DunnaNunnaBatman

This old douchebag betrayed you.

9 Carlos Mendoza

Carlos is boss why did he have to get skinned to death by the brotherhood

He is the best and why didn't the character shoot the chain but instead shoot Carlos

10 Benjamin King

He is Both Badass and Professional at the same time.

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11 Troy Bradshaw

Troy was my favorite because even though he was an undercover cop, he became friends with the Saints and didn't want to arrest them

12 Donnie
13 Joseph Price
14 William Sharp
15 Mr. Sunshine

He should not have died

"They call me Mr. Sunshine" damn this guy was awesome, the best SR villain ever, he reminded me of an awesome bond henchman

16 Victor Rodriguez
17 Dex
18 Asha Odekar

Her voice is good

19 Maero
20 Veteran Child

He is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.And that is badass as hell.

Plus his quotes in Saints Row 4 are boss-tier.
"Who lives? Who dies? "

21 Oleg Kirrlov

Angry Russian. Enough Said!

22 Hector Lopez
23 Killbane

Murderbrawl XXXI. Do I need to say more?

24 Matt Miller
25 Josh Birk

How can you not love this idiot

26 Professor Genki


27 Aisha

Ahem, your talking about Carlos's death. - Gehenna

Her death was the saddest scene in the entire franchise

28 Zimos
29 Kiki DeWynter
30 Kazuo Akuji
31 Felipe Loren
32 Jyunichi
33 Angel De LaMuerte
34 Deckers
35 Burt Reynolds


36 Keith David
37 CID
38 Santa Claus
39 Legal Lee

The best guy to have in court plus the best homie

40 Tanya Winters
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