Top 10 Scariest Creepypastas

These are creepypastas that scared me the most. Its almost Halloween so lets bring some nightmares out.

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21 The Pocket
22 The Doctor

Okay, let me get this simple. This is nightmares in a story.

Why does he want to kill him? And if he's a scientist, does he not notice that he's trying to kill him? - sdgeek2003

I hate doctors because they all turn out to kill you in MOVIES LIKE THIS PEOPLE HE IS A KILLER!

Type the doctor creepypasta in Google and click the first option

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23 Annora Petrova

Its really great but the picture that everyone makes a big deal of isn't scary at all. Oh and can someone tell me why the picture is scary?

Hell, the scariest part of the pasta is the photo, it made me never want to sleep again

24 The SCP Foundation

Ahh its scary Because it seems real but if it wasntits not scary like a thing like the weeping angels that if you don't look at it it kills you its kind of a copy but the detail was good so a goo read I would say but not scary

25 Mr. Widemouth

One of the most plausible, yet still creepy stories out there. Here is a my summary of the story.

A young child with Mononucleosis was forced to stay in their current house for more than 3 weeks, and his parents gave him some in-door activities/possessions to help pass the time before they had to leave and move to a new house. During that time, he developed an "imaginary friend". This "imaginary friend" looked kind of like a Furby and had a widemouth grin. His name, like the title suggests, was Mr. Widemouth. His personality was somewhat similar to Johan Liebert, as Mr. Widemouth would continuously try to get the boy to do dangerous things, like juggling knives, or jumping off the second story of the house. One day, Mr. Widemouth told the child about this location that many other children have visited after meeting Mr. Widemouth and that the boy should come visit this place one day. The child and his family left the house, and moved to a new one. He never saw Mr. Widemouth ...more

It's decently scary (freaked my 11-year-old brother out).
But more than scary it's the best-written creepypasta ever.

Very good read.

Widemouth wants him to die! that's what makes this creepiest

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26 Penpal

I find this story much better than say Jeff the killer, one because it's written better, but mostly because it's very realistic. A teenage boy cutting his face without getting an infection somehow and dying his hair with fire is just impossible. That's why it isn't scary. Things that are closer to reality are way more scary because it could happen. Kids getting stalked by older men happens all the time and that's terrifying. The fact the story makes the main character so clueless to the things happening while the reader can make sense of it is done so well. Like when he finds the blankets and food under his house he has no idea why they're there and makes so big deal out of it. The reader on the other hand can see why they're there and it's so effective in creating a great atmosphere. The story also leaves you to connect the dots in some cases. The more and more you figure out what's going on the more you fear for the characters. The ending was definitely not a disappointment. Every ...more

I've been looking up lists of "The Best Creepypastas Ever" and am extremely surprised it took me so long to find this one on a list. It's at number 38 on the list that I found and, especially after reading a lot of the other ones, I don't understand how it could be so low on the list. I got chills big time when I read the last paragraph, it was extremely moving. The author is an excellent writer and should consider writing full novels. 10+/10 definintely the best I've read.

I am happy to announce to you that Penpal has been expanded, and a full length novel has been released! You can get it on Amazon. - GREATEST

One of my favorites, along with Psychosis. I voted Penpal, however, because even though I like Psychosis better, Penpal is terrifying because it could, and sadly has, happened. The deaths of people close to him also show how evil humans can be and the last little part about Josh teared me up. This is a beautiful story, and deserves the novel it received.

This is a masterpiece. It's long, but very subtle and extremely disturbing for me.

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27 Red Mist

The story was pretty freaky, the picture was hellish, but the video? That was disappointing! The part where he was standing there with those bleeding eyes was creepy, but when he actually killed himself, it looked like someone drew a picture of him on a computer, and the animation when he put the gun to his head was so lame. In the story, he used a shot gun and blew his head apart. There was blood, brain matter, his eye was hanging out... But in the video, he puts a little revolver to his head, shoots himself, and then blood spatters on the screen. Then it shows a picture of squidward lying down with some really fake looking blood. Also, when the voice said "Do it! " It sounded like a ' 15 year old who has no experience with voice acting. LAAME!

The story was scary, but the episode was disappointing. In the story, he blew his head up with a shotgun. In the episode, he put a little revolver to his head, and shot himself, and there was some blood on his head... Weak! Also the animation was poor, and when the guy says "do it," it sounds like a 15 year old guy who has no experience with voice acting. LAME!

Squidward creeps me out on this one. The only thing that creeps me out on this creepypasta is the BIG BLOOD SHOT RED EYES! And the ending were HE POINTS A GUN INTO A MOUTH AND SHOOT! That's just creepy.

This is just another title for Squidward's Suicide

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28 Candle cove

Quite long but otherwise we'll written. Rather than paranormal this story focuses on the malicious acts of a perverted man. 10/10

Look at the picture!

29 Super Mario 64: Damned

I read about it incredibly creepy and disturbing I may never be able look at Super Mario 64 the same way after reading this creepypasta. - egnomac

This combines every cliche into a single Creepypasta, but does it right.

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30 The Harbinger Experiment

Very good creepy pasta. This should be in the top 5.

You people have no sense.

This should be #1

This one scared the hell out of me!

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31 Bloody Painter

I also hate the fangirl comments screw them I hate fangirls but I love his story

Ummm... Don't exactly agree with the first "fangirlish" comment... He's supposed to be a terrifying mass murderer that uses blood for paint. I don't think being called "cute" would be taken very lightly. Anyways, the bloody painter is an AMAZING story, a long with jeff, Ben, EJ, LJ, ticci toby, clockwork, masky, hoodie, slenderman, etc. Definitely worth the read.

I <3 bloody painter

Dear fangirls, do you like him for his body, or his story? If you like him for his body...🤦‍♀️Jeez, not all guys with abs are nice. I prefer his story. It has good form, and I was terrified to the point where I kept my light on for a couple of days. Creator, if you read this, great job. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, 10/10

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32 Dr. Smiley

I love his shark teeth I like to call him jaws and whenever I read the story the theme goes on in my head

He is great. And a great character.

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33 The Keyhole

When the guy looked into the key hole, and it was red that is when it became a creepypasta.

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34 Bedtime

How is this not on yet? A monster living inside the wall that haunts you and tries to kill you when your bed is up against the wall. Now that's creepy. I regretted sleeping with my bed against the wall after hearing this

Scared me and my friends to death a few years back when we first heard it

One of the scariest stories I've ever read. Stephen Gammell should be illustrating this.

35 B.O.B.

Almost as the rake but this is without hand. It's special is can run as fast as a tiger

36 3 am
37 The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen

I listened to this on YouTube two times already and I liked it. I was so curious as to what "Jeremy" looked like that I looked for the picture on msn. Freaky! That's all there is to it.

You can't have a list without a disturbing security tape being in it, I like the concept of the time loops and also Jeremy is a freak

I really really liked this

38 Polybius

Whether this story is true or not, which I doubt, there is a chance that it could've been inspired by a similar story REALLY did happen. Back in the early 80's, there was an arcade game that was phenomenal called "Berzerk". In 1981, a man, who was only 18 years old, got a score of 16,660 points, and for some unknown reason, he died of a heart attack right after.
1 year later, another man at age 19, played the game, got in the Top 10 High Scores twice in 15 minutes, and once again, for some unknown reason, he died of a heart attack right after. To this day, nobody certainly knows what was responsible for these heart attacks. What caused these 2 young men to die of heart attacks? What's your guess?

Too hyped to be at the top score, I guess. Or they're unhealthy and fat. - TeamRocket747

Did you guys know that this is in the Simpsons?

Odd but not scary. 1/10

Not a creepypasta

39 Persuaded

Same old zombie cliche and wasn't scary at all

40 Laughing Jack

Easily my absolute favorite creepypasta. I told his story to all of my friends, and they were mortified. This one could easily be around the top three, but this isn't my list...

One of my favorites. I mean, think about it. A psycho monochrome clown who kills children and disappears into thin air when attacked. What's not to be scared of?

It's obvious this creepypasta is FAKE. First of all, how could someone disappear in a puff of smoke? Second of all, how could the narrator post the creepypasta from a MENTAL HOSPITAL?!

LJ is by far the scariest Creepypasta EVER and he is also very very CUTE!

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