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121 Hoodies

Hoodie and masky should be counted together, people!

Hoodie story is sad a bit. But, I can't accepted he died! Actually, I love Hoodie and Masky after watching Marble Hornets. That's story so cool!

What he died that is not possible

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122 Doors
123 Candy
124 The House that Death forgot V 1 Comment
125 Quiet
126 Little Red Riding Hood
127 Lion King Sega Game
128 Spongebob's Suicide

I don't think this is a popular choice, but it's scary to think how Nickelodeon added it in 2003 before Squidward's suicide

Only first appeared in the SpongeBob SquarePants Lost Episode.

129 Meek

Nice little twist about 3/4 through

130 The One
131 The Initiation
132 Taps

Mother's got serious problems

133 Melissa the Heartless
134 My Daughter Is a Doll
135 Antran
136 Empty
137 Obey the Walrus

This video is so scary! Its about a guy that looks like a girl dancing, tap-dancing. Some people see it in different ways,funny, scary, weird, not even scary and creepy. Search it up on YouTube, the link is: obey the walrus scary video and see for yourselves. I found it SCARY! Let me know what you think in the comments. -Thank you for your time

I don't understand what's going on in this video. From the title, I was expecting some kind of funny/parody video, but what I got is a man that looks like a girl dancing around... - FireWasp2004

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138 Arthur: Lost Episode
139 Symmetry

An instant heart pounder this creepypasta goes from 1to100 in a hurry. It begins with a madly op man explaining to you how he can't stand anything uneven or lopsided, but where this only slightly odd story takes off is when the man notices his own imperfections... Just read it I won't spoil anything here.

140 The Untold Story of Timothy
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