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121 Puppeteer

LOVE the puppeteer. Awesome story, plot, and ending. YOU NEED TO READ THIS IF YOU haven't ALREADY!

If you walked in on your mother being killed by your imaginary friend, you would freak.

122 Masky

Masky is AWESOME! Doesn't deserve a place down here. Top 20, at least.

Masky's story is si sad. He lost his best friend.! You guys should watch Marble Hornets by yourself! This story so sad at climax! I bet you! You will feel what I and Masky feel if you lost your bestfriend!

He is the best ever he should be number one

He deserves to be higher and that is all

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123 Binary DNA
124 Seed Eater

Made my brother read it he had nightmares and I thought that serves you right for watching sanjy and Craig - Helloworld

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125 Humans Can Lick Too

The title reminds me of a creepy commercial about an ice cream human eating himself... - VoidSense

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126 Missingno Murder

Some ordinary gamer told me about this one time that a Pokemon got killed by it

127 Hoodies

Hoodie and masky should be counted together, people!

Hoodie story is sad a bit. But, I can't accepted he died! Actually, I love Hoodie and Masky after watching Marble Hornets. That's story so cool!

What he died that is not possible

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128 Doors
129 Candy
130 The House that Death forgot V 1 Comment
131 Quiet
132 Little Red Riding Hood
133 Lion King Sega Game
134 Spongebob's Suicide

I don't think this is a popular choice, but it's scary to think how Nickelodeon added it in 2003 before Squidward's suicide

Only first appeared in the SpongeBob SquarePants Lost Episode.

135 Meek

Nice little twist about 3/4 through

136 The One
137 The Initiation
138 Taps

Mother's got serious problems

139 Melissa the Heartless
140 My Daughter Is a Doll
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