Scariest Future Possibilities

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1 Antibiotic Resistance

This isn't the future it is now, it has been going on for at least 5 years now, but it is more of a problem in places where sanitation is a huge deal, though our medication obsession isn't help us - germshep24

Even simple infections could become deadly again. Only a small handful of antibiotics are still effective, and even these are slowing down.
Completely honest...I'd rather experience nuclear war than a world with deadly papercuts. - emraldYE

2 Climate Change

This isn't the future either this has been a problem since before the Obama administration, it is they lack of taking it seriously and the ticking of time until we would have no change to irreversibly change it which will lead to the extinction of the human race or substantially reduce its population, right now it is a manageable nuisance - germshep24

So many creatures already headed toward extinction, moving their ranges further and further up into mountains that do not rise on forever...
Climate change could shift world power balances, increase the number of deserts, and the ocean has already started to engulf islands and shores.
It will be incredibly expensive. - emraldYE

3 War

World peace seems to be close, simply because of how horrendous another world war would least I hope. - emraldYE

Hopefully there will never be a World War lll. - Userguy44

4 Asteroid Impact

You never know. It's not something that hasn't happened before... - emraldYE

5 Overpopulation

The world's population is already starting to level off, but if it doesn't stagnate, goodbye peaceful walks in a National Park. Can you imagine not having any escape from people...just people in every habitable acre of the earth... I'll never understand the fear that decreasing fertility causes some people...the world's resources are FINITE! - emraldYE

The world's population is NOT "leveling off". the birth rate in a handful of western nations is flat, but it barely makes a dent in the upward spiral. Get real, this is THE problem..

6 Run Out of Fossil Fuels

Our entire energy systems will need overhaul, and God knows how many economic struggles and abandoned things/structures will be involved. - emraldYE

Not that scary, there are more efficient ways that are far more safer for the environment - germshep24

7 Sex Bot Culture

This is a far more complicated issue but it is the same argument for porn, if it helps keep people off the street it is doing good. The fact that porn objectifies people is the issue of our society as a whole objectifying women. It isn't the porn industries job to police society - germshep24

Giving lonely men robots that they can beat or rape isn't exactly going to help society, its crime rates, and its perception of women. Horrifyingly, a lot of people already believe that this is the cure for incels. - emraldYE

8 Water Scarcity

The earth has plenty of water our issue is the poisoning of this water - germshep24

Let's hope our ingenuity spares us this one. - emraldYE

9 Artificial Intelligence

It's too early to know all the ways AI will impact humanity, and all of its uses, and maybe even new waves of crime it will aid, but it just might change the world as dramatically as did the industrial revolution, or something similar. - emraldYE

10 Run Out of New Music

Music is very close to being a human need. It's already gotten to the point where every few songs gets an artist sued by another...
The number of possible musical combinations is fantastically high, but very few them actually sound good...
I don't know how far off into the future this will happen, but it will. - emraldYE

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11 Automation

Millions will lose their jobs to this, especial if the government refuses to take this issue seriously - germshep24

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