Scariest Things About the ISIS


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1 How Their Numbers Are Increasing So Rapidly

We need to ban it

We shouldn't let this murdering scum know we're scared. The world is bigger than they are. We can take them. - Britgirl

Thanks Ariana, its very useful list right now cause their online propaganda also reaches to incredible measures. - Fan_of_Good_Music

Not only that but some other folks from different countries join them. - Picklesthekitten45

2 How They Are Very Determined In What They Do

These guys are bloody terrifying. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I am never joining ISIS! - DynastiSugarPop

3 Many of Them are from Singapore

Nevermind that they killed many in extremely brutal ways, oh no, because they're from Singapore! - RoseWeasley


How is this a bad thing.

I agree, how the heck is this bad? are you people racist? (FYI I'm not from Singapore)

4 They Won't Hesitate to Act for Their Religion

They are not acting for their religion where in the Quran or Hadith does it say go and bomb and kill people Islam is a religion of peace I am a Muslim and I know Islam doesn’t preach killing people Islam is a great religion that encourages unity and peace in the world 🌍 isis are using the worlds Islamophobia to turn the world against Islam

5 How They Kill People Without Hesitation

I will kill them with no hesitation. - Therandom

And they will still exist probably when I join the military, which is why they will die by my hand. - Therandom

The main reason why we call them sand Nazis

6 They Are Violent

They're a lot like the KKK. - RoseWeasley

Suicide bombings and beheadings are pretty gruesome. - Picklesthekitten45

7 How They Are Everywhere

They managed to slip into European countries without anyone noticing. - Picklesthekitten45

8 The Way They Kill People

And filming it!
*shivers* - BorisRule

They cut their heads off. - Userguy44

They behead people. They force hostages to dig their graves and then shoot them into their graves like the Nazis did. These guys just want to be scarier than the Nazis - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Correction: They ARE scarier than Nazis. But this doesn't mean I deny the Holocaust! Holocaust is the worst event ever happened. - BorisRule

9 How They Have Changed The World Effectively

Now countries like France and Britain have to bulk up on security thanks to them. - Picklesthekitten45

10 Their Territory Is Expanding and Becoming More Dangerous

I remember seeing this on my flipboard. They're expanding very quickly - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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11 How They Hate Every Religion But Their Own

They hate almost EVERYBODY! They even hate people of their OWN religion! You know how Christians have Catholics and Potesdent? Well Muslims have Sunnis and Kurds. ISIS is made up of Sunni Muslims and start genocides against others. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I swear to god they are not muslim
i'm a muslim and I know prophet mohammad never said "kill people to get your way"
all muslim people know that islam doesn't have a problem with other religions because we think that they all are completing eachother
i hope that people realize that
i know isis wont...

12 Everything They Do is Actually Okay According to the Quran

That's right

13 They're Islamic
14 How They Torture People

I don't know how they torture people and I don't want to know. - Picklesthekitten45

15 They Give Islam a Bad Name

A real shame!

16 How They Would Kill Their Own Kids If They Had To

This comment was deleted by: thebounty - thebounty

17 They Won't Be Disbanded Until 2030

I think I doubt it!

It unfortunate I will have to kill them all. - Therandom

How do you know? It could be sooner or later or never. - Picklesthekitten45

18 They Rape Females of All Ages

They also make them sex slaves and trade them like baseball cards - SirSkeletorThe3rd

19 They are Pedophilic

What does that mean

20 They Want to Take Over the World

Will not happen.(hopefully) - Picklesthekitten45

21 They Want to Destroy All Non-Islamic Buildings

I'm surprised that ISIS didn't bomb the Eiffel Tower in the Paris bombing. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

If a government official saw that comment then you're gonna go to jail for supporting ISIS. - Therandom

22 Threatening the United States

It makes matters even worse that I live in one of the states ISIS plans to attack. - Turkeyasylum

I hope they don't plan to attack Texas... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

23 That Their Leader Is Still Alive
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1. How Their Numbers Are Increasing So Rapidly
2. How They Are Very Determined In What They Do
3. They Won't Hesitate to Act for Their Religion
1. How Their Numbers Are Increasing So Rapidly
2. Their Territory Is Expanding and Becoming More Dangerous
3. How They Are Very Determined In What They Do


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