Best Types of Horror Movies

Best genres or sub-genres, so to speak withing the horror genre. I'm ranking these by scariest. Obviously you can have more than one genre in a horror movie, but for the lists sake, these are some of the individual ones horror movies have evolved into.

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1 Psychological

Honestly very trippy

It affects the mind of reality which is awesome

The shining is pretty good

The shining, psycho,split,

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2 Possession


Movies like The Rite, The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily Rose... Something about possession strikes us at the core of our fear. The scariest because they're so realistic. - heather

I love when they take a crucifix and pray,and then the crucifix flies up in the sky,and get upside down.It is so good.And then they take a holy water,and the Satan went crazy.And then exorcist screams-For the name of Jesus Christ is send you back too hell.
And I am religious person,u know those people with crucifixes on the wall.Those who has cross around their neck and those who go too the church every week.i'm orthodox what.
And I still enjoy watching those movies.

Its ok but there all the same really

3 Slasher

This sub-genre has perfect horror movies to watch with a group of friends for fun. Nothing is really too serious, final girl scenes are always nail-biters, jump scares are fun, acting is sometimes laughable. Fun for most people

Its classic and cheesy fun

I don't know about Possession movies, and I hate found footage, it was ok when the Blair Witch Project did it, but I seriously don't think it got any better, like the paranormal activities, I think I remember one scene that was kind of freaky, but other than that, I did not find it anywhere nears as scary

Movies like scream and saw get me, because they are real people.. They aren't some fake urban legend. There are psychopaths out there, who won't be stopped by "breaking the curse". And there are usually closed endings

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4 Found Footage and Point of View

Three letters. R E C

Films like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and Cloverfield. These movies add an element of realism that is super creepy. - heather

5 Ghost

Three words. THE.. BEST!

Some of the best - blackflower


Ghost stories, reminiscent of hiding under a sheet with a flashlight at sleepovers. The stories that have fascinated us since we were kids. - heather

6 Zombie


Quickly becoming a favorite amongst movie goers. Zombies are great. You can do so much with a zombie movie, it's just such a fun genre. - heather

Now most of the zombie movies are comedy movies to me. - zxm

These movies are good

7 Haunted House

Especially with added family drama - blackflower

Films like House on Haunted Hill, The Legend of Hell House... - heather

Ok come on, Insidious, The Conjuring, The Shining and Poltergeist. Some of the best horror movies ever.

8 Urban Legend

Kuchisake-Onna! Carved

When a Stranger Calls, Urban Legends, Candyman, and similar films. - heather

First movie comes to mind is Annabelle. - Goku02

9 Cat and Mouse

Movies like The Strangers, Straw Dogs, not quite slasher films, but where a regular bad guy (s) toys with a regular person.. - heather

10 Alien Lifeforms

Guys have you ever seen "The Thing", and I'm not talking about the prequel. Now that's a good horror movie - Yeetthebaby

These movies make us very careful about what's out there, in the universe.

true - CallumSmith

Does Lovecraft count, or is it just Alien and Predator?

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The Contenders

11 Revenge

I love revenge movies. My favorite is the I spot on your grave movies. The first is the best in my opinion.

I love when it's like someone's getting back at someone. I like when horror movies also have a story.

Movies like I Spit On Your Grave, or Shutter. - heather

12 Backwoods

Wrong Turn is the best horror movie... Love how it happens in the middle of woods.

Wrong Turn is the best horror movie... Love horror movies that happen in woods.

Movies like Texas chainsaw massacre, wrong turn and friday the 13th

Well, I've got to say that the atmosphere is scary in these movies and technically backwoods -horror movies could be based on real events

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13 Cosmic Horror

Cosmic horror explores the fear of the unknown and can make us feel insignificant

Lovecraft pioneered this genre of horror and although there aren’t that many horror movies that depict just how frightening it can really be, a simple fix would be to read Lovecrafts books

14 Psychopathic

Its very scary I nearly cried when I saw frozen tozer

15 Torture Porn

Involving Saw, Hostel, Serbian Film and Would You Rather. The only thing I hate in the subgenre of horror it involves torturing people to death and can also involve the Splatter genre together with Torture in a film along with a Slasher film except it involves people being in absolute suffering and is meant to shock the audence and turn there stomach.


pha nut

16 Monster

The universal monster movies and creature features

17 Body Horror
18 Drama

Horror mixed with real human emotion is a volatile mix.

19 Cult

Hereditary is not a cult film. It’s a masterpiece and has been from the start.

Wicker Man, Hereditary

20 Vampire

Has vampire in it. Not much more to say.

E.g Nosferatu, The Lost Boys and 30 Days of Night.

21 Home Invasion

To be honest Home Invasion is scary in movies cause it's a real thing so if you add a horror movie with home invasion I can be pretty scary

22 Witch Craft
23 Gore
24 Cyber Horror


Involves being filmed on a person's computer in first person view with only the screen in the entire film. Movies like Den, Unfriended and the new one sequel of Unfriended Game Night.

25 Clowns
26 Dark
27 Thriller
28 Alter Short Horror Films

You guys should watch these. They are the best horror films. They also post comedic horror if your into that. Its all usually short or about half an hour depends. They're on youtube and free to watch

29 Voodoo
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