Top Ten Scary Things In Life That Could Actually Happen

Insidious ain't got nothing' on these scary real-life situations

The Top Ten

1 Your parents walking in on you and your boyfriend/girlfriend
2 Dropping your phone

This happens to me in real life all the time

Especially when you see a tiny crack on the screen after you pick it up... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Always sends shivers down my spine in one fell swoop. - PositronWildhawk

Nothing is comparable to this heart attack... - keycha1n

3 Accidentally liking an old picture online

Quick, quick, unlike it! - keycha1n

Whats the big deal?

4 Mistaking a stranger for someone you know

That was a mistake all over the town I think/say starting from Walmart to other parts of this town!

Some years ago, I was in a mall and I saw a album which my cousin wanted, so I caught"his" hand and took him there I looked back at him and saw it was somebody else I didn't know! - Ananya

One time, I mistook my grandfather for a guy that came over to check on our house. I was so embarrassed that I ignored him!

So. Awkward. But in my defense, she had the same bag as my mom. - keycha1n

5 Your favorite show getting cancelled

I would be extremely angry.

... No... Don't... Do.. It! - keycha1n

6 Forgetting your homework

The sheer panic! The worst is when you actually did if, and its even worse if it was a major assignment or project! - keycha1n

And when you go to school tomorrow.

7 Losing a library book

Ha, I still haven't paid my fine. And our school makes us wear ids, and I lost ids twice so I got 2 ids from the office that cost money, I haven't paid that yet. Also my lunch account is in the negatives, I'll pay those next school's out! - Luckys

I would prefer to steal it than lost it. Pay it first, pretending that I lost it then, sale it to others with much higher price.

Yeah, but just pay the fine, it’s no big deal. - JoeBoi

It's annoying, but just pay the fine. You still have your health. - Entranced98

8 Accidentally sexting the wrong person

Just imagine if you sent it to a cop... - Turkeyasylum

Once I was texting to my dad and then I wennt to my boyfriend and said "can we have some s*x and I acdıntelly wrote it to my mother and she said"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYİNG YOUNG LADY"i was so embrassed

9 A giant asteroid comes and destroys the whole Earth
10 Your family is killed in an accident

Heck noo man if my family gets killed, it's the end of the world, and I would kill who ever killed my family and I will not be playing around. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

oh my

The Contenders

11 Period leaking in public

I hate sexism and I find it sexist that only girls have to deal with horrid periods. - DrayTopTens

Ladies, can I get an amen? - keycha1n

This happened to me in school once. :( - AnonymousChick

I would never leave my house if it was my time of the month. - Pegasister12

12 A solar flare destroys all electricity and civilization

Hang on a minute... THIS IS MAZE RUNNER PLOT!

13 You get buried alive

This is why I have a fear of closed spaces!

14 A super volcano erupts and exterminates most life on Earth
15 Our civilization gets dominated and then exterminated by refugees and other evil immigrants
16 Everyone dies because of a plague or a virus like Ebola
17 Losing your mind
18 Have a bookshelf fall on you

I've seen that happening only in movies - Ananya

19 Dying

You do not know the chances.

Isn't it scary?

20 You ride a roller coaster and your vehicle flies off the track

Rollercoaster s themselves are terrifying! 🎢😨🎢☠️

21 Nuclear Warfare
22 A plane crash
23 Wild animals attack
24 Drake taking up 27 spots on Billboard Hot 100

This just happened.

25 A disease that wipes out the entire human population
26 Bullying
27 School shootings
28 You bleed everywhere
29 Monsters
30 Parents having a heart attack
31 Parents wake up screaming
32 Getting trapped in water
33 House break in
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