Top Ten Best Scenes In a Christmas Story

I think A Christmas Story is basically the best Christmas movie I've seen. These are the best scenes in the film..

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1 Ralphie Saying "Oh, Fudge!"

Only he didn't say fudge. - Connor360

Its actually the F*** word that Ralphie says, the crew may had wanted to censor the F word and make it "Fudge" instead. But yeah that is a really complex scene. - TopTenJackson

2 Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese singers were really funny, they kept messing up the songs they were singing. When they had to sing a new song, it was only "Jingle Bells" sung in a weird way. - TopTenJackson

"Ra ra ra ra ra". I will never forget that. - Minecraftcrazy530

3 Broken Lamp

That part where the mother breaks the lamp on purpose, and the old man finds out is funny. It's also kinda funny how the old man tried to glue up the lamp but it collapsed, and buried it outside. - TopTenJackson

4 Santa Claus at the Store

The Santa at the store that Ralphie and his family went to was very evil, as well as the elfs. They actually forced them to jump onto Santa's lap, screamed, and got pushed down the slide. - TopTenJackson

5 The Fight

Ralphie said a ton of dirty things to his bully while beating him up, you can also see blood coming out of the bully's nose. - TopTenJackson

6 Flick Sticking his Tongue to the Flag Pole

That part where Flick sticks his tongue to the pole was very huge and very funny. There were even police cars and fire trucks coming up to save him. - TopTenJackson

7 Ralphie's Mother and Teacher yelling "You'll Shoot You're Eye Out!"

Ralphies teacher gave him a C+ on his assignment, and then his teacher started laughing violently. Then he sees "You'll shoot you're eye out" on his assignment. Then he imagines his mother as a joker and Miss Shield his teacher a witch and yelling out "You'll shoot you're eye out! " All of that was hilarious. - TopTenJackson

8 The Dogs Destroying the Turkey

The Dogs that the old man is enemies with destroyed the Turkey that the family was going to eat for Christmas dinner. Then, and this is the best part, they jump up, grab the Turkey and run off. - TopTenJackson

9 The Scene Where Ralphie "Shoots His Eye Out"

Ralphie actually "shoots his eye out" after trying out his new gun, but then it his the board and races back toward Ralphie and gets him in the eye. - TopTenJackson

10 Ralphie Uncovering a Message from Little Orphan Annie

Dramatic music playing while Ralphie uncovers a message he has been hoping for. Then the message turns out to be "Be sure to drink your ovaltine." Ralphie then finds out it's a rip off. - TopTenJackson

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1. Chinese Restaurant
2. Ralphie Saying "Oh, Fudge!"
3. Broken Lamp
1. Santa Claus at the Store
2. Chinese Restaurant
3. Ralphie Saying "Oh, Fudge!"



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