Reasons Why Middle School Relationships Are Stupid

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1 Most of the time, it's not real love

In my middle school, kids who are in "love" is another word for selfishness or self-pity.
I'm talking from personal experience right here.

I do not think that any middle school or even high school love is real. I remembered getting into a middle school relationship with a girl back when I was in seventh grade. It felt good at first, but within a few weeks, it was over and it created a lot of stress and agony for the two of us. Animosity took place, and it wasn't really that pleasant of an experience. Middle school relationships are curses, and I think that there's nothing beneficial about them.

They see it on T.V. and think they're cool and mature getting into relationships. I can tell you it is absolute garbage. You can't just pick a random person you think is cool and say you "love" them. It has to be real. A friend of the opposite gender asked me out once; I had to decline because I knew we'd be through in about a week and it wasn't love.

Ok, I'm sure at least some of you might agree on this, but lets face it.
if you have a relationship that lasts past elementary school through highschool, YOU KNOW that you did something right. but...if you start a relationship in middle school, and it lasts through there and beyond...good god that's something absolutely no one could have done in the history of mankind

2 Most people aren't mature enough

This is so true, I seen a lot of toxic relationships, rumors and you know a lot of other stuff can happen like since the it's a naive type of relationship it's gonna be a lot of cries and frustrations and wouldn't even focus on school either. School is more important than falling in love (I'm sorry but it's true for me because I rather be successful than crying over a ex that I'll regret dating)

There's some kid who looked stupid and I said the day he got his 1st girlfriend before I did was that I would consider cutting off my feet. Recently he got a girlfriend and I still haven't got one so I cut off both my feet. See? That's how immature we are! Also that kid didn't even go out with that girl for a full day...

This is really true. A lot of the guys and girls and just looking for the title of "girlfriend/boyfriend". And they think that they are mature, they're really not. They still haven't develop their frontal lobe yet. People just need to calm down, like seriously.

I have a friend who's in college, and he says you don't need to be in a relationship until your out of high school. And I agree with him. Cause why do you need a mate in high school or middle school?

3 They cause you to be included in gossip

When I dated a person (not going to name her), my peers caught wind, and they started watching my every move with that girl. It was so annoying that I was forced to break up with the girl just to get them to stop talking about it; however, even though I'm still in middle school, I'm actually mature enough to think middle school dating, and the never-ending gossip is completely pointless and stupid, and that teachers and staff should take action against it.

Many people at school just want to mind their own business, and don't want others to be all up in their business. However, if you choose to get into the drama of a middle school relationship, many people would be talking about every single action that you do, and get angry at you if you make a mistake, even though no one's perfect.

Let me tell you something. I'm 13 and gossip is the worst. I guess I'm attractive in some way because girls like me. This causes SO MUCH gossip. People walk up to me during break and go like, "Are you dating Leilani S.?" Me, " NO, I don't even know who that is and I've never dated before, so please go away."

How is this not the top?! I'm in middle school and all I want to do is talk to my mate (a boy) and now he hasn't talked to me for 5 MONTHS now because there are rumours that I like him. I wish people understood what no means

4 Causes needless stress

I agree because is very toxic and he likes to talk about me when I'm not around. He always causes stress for me. Currently me and my parents went up to school to file a complaint about it. He even threaten to get his 10th grade sister to fight me. Honestly I feel like he only wants attention because I don't give it to him. Also he broke up with me because he said our relationship was boring but he wasnt helping either. But I'm not coplaining to be honest he was just making my life a living hell if were talking honestly. he's literally someone whos a clown and just mad cause his life is miserable which clearly doesn't mean make mine misrable but my mom said never trip over somebody that does extra shi* for attention and that's on periodt

I was just in a relationship with the most beautiful girl in the school and she broke up with me becasue all the stress that was being caused.

Ha! I'm very glad that I've never dated at school. It can distract you from your education.

You can end up getting a lot of pressure from peers and if not careful, start being bullied or become a laughing stock

5 You could get in trouble

In my school district, there are rules against PDA, and detention can be issued if caught. Any "inappropriate touching" or "sending nudes" could lead to legal issues or expulsion, even if the two give each other permission.

6 Can lead to bullying

If emotional tensions get too high, then bullying, both emotional and physical, can occur. Hateful or threatening texts can be sent or a fight can occur. Also, both guys and girls have fought with whoever cheated on them.

7 You probably don't have enough money to support them
8 Your life shouldn't peak in middle school

While it may be tempting to get a relationship early, it's not all about that in life. If you're just concentrating on needless drama, then you'd fall behind your peers who are working hard to get to college. I'd say that it's best to focus on your own academic and family issues before focusing on relationships.

I agree, people should wait until they're older.

9 It usually ends after a few days

My friend Jack likes me. We are really good friends and he wanted to take it to the next level. I am in 6th grade too. I don't think it is a good idea but I love being his friend and I don't want to ruin that.

It only lasted 2 weeks before I got sick of him. I was in the 6th grade at the time. Before we started dating, we were great friends. I hated dating him, it was a dare made by a friend, and it turned out, the boy actually liked me. I broke up with him through a friend, since I was too scared to actually say it myself. The break-up shattered our friendship, but we became friends again in the 8th grade.

Literally every relationship in my school has ended within weeks. If you're going to be in a relationship, you might as well be serious about it!

At my school, some couples only date once, due to the school dance.

10 Most of the boys are perverts

Indeed! Boys between the ages of 12 - 15 years can be very perverted because they just hit puberty & they have not been educated about sexual harassment, at this point in life.

Agreed, obviously not all of them are but my first relationship in 8th grade lasted 3 days before the guy wanted to start grabbing A$s. Smh.

60% of my male classmates are perverts, but I with the other 36% are not perverts.

I saw boys showing their bottoms in Art, Bruh just how imagine sagging your pants.

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11 They never even talk or just be awkward around each other

That's what it was like during the relationship, which was only 2 weeks.

12 Usually ends in heartbreak

Even highschool & college relationships end in heartbreak. Happens to all of us.

Maybe. But you must accept it. First rule of life...

Been through it, not fun

Nope. I was lucky

13 Way too much drama, and always ends in crying

Just my faithful opinion, but what is the point of dating when in the next several weeks your face will be smashed against a pillow drenched in tears? I choose not to date because it's not like my first crush will marry me, and we will end up breaking up at some point!

Not much when I was with someone. I was kind of regretting it, but moved on.

14 Could lead to sexual intercourse

I used to think that a kiss was the furthest point in a relationship so I wanted to be in one. Then I learned the fact that most people want intercourse so I will just stay single for life and enjoy it.

Some people in my school are talking about "it" and I'm just like "boy" this is middle school you shouldn't be celebrating you should be checking into a doctors office.

What if it's an online relationship? You can't really have online intercourse

I'm in seventh grade and a girl almost got pregnant.

15 They hardly ever end up getting married

Even though I know someone who started dating at 14 and is now married for 15 years, almost all first relationships fail.

16 It's a waste of time

Children at this age should be focusing on more important things in their lives. Love can wait.

Mhm. I think it's a waste of time because its pointless. You don't get anything from it, except for a migraine.

17 They do it to look cool not to love each other

Not exactly to look cool, but to look mature/good.

18 It always causes awkward conversations after the breakup

I didn't talk to him for 2 years.

19 Immaturity leads to distress
20 They are too young

No one believed me, even now. I am in the 8th grade and people still be doing this. They cal me asexual because I don't want a realtionship, but I am stright and like dudes

21 You will get caught up in the relationship and not know how to end it and when it ends you'll be heart broken
22 Makes your friends uncomfortable

Makes it hard to talk to my friend because. Of her gossiping about stuff

23 All you do is hold hands and aren't actually dating

Yep. Everyone I know is bragging about their boyfriend, when they aren't actually dating.

All you really do is hold hands while you walk beside each other or maybe- just maybe- you'll actually kiss, but it's rare

He didn't even want to hold hands.

24 Can end up with blackmailing nudes

Don't send nudes in the first place, that's the stupidest thing to do.

Worst outcome, but still happens.

25 You can't drive yet

When I recall my middle school relationships, I remember this one when I was out with a girl and how awkward and weird it was to talk about such with her parents. To sum it up the experience was immensely cringy.

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