Top Ten Things School Needs to Improve On

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1 How much homework there is

My district has a reputation for turning out hyper-successful ivy-league graduates and the school is VERY particular about keeping that reputation. The teachers, according to state law, are allowed to give like, seven hours of homework a night if they felt like it. I have around half that much, yet its also worth noting that homework sounds like a good idea on paper, but is actually not that useful towards academic achievement. Not to mention, it intrudes on extracurriculars, sleep, and is the #1 cause for stress in high schools. It's a bad idea and whoever is in charge of schools needs to start realizing that because I am devoting at least three hours a night to absolutely nothing productive.

On top of what Joy said, nunerous studies have shown that there is no correlation between homework and test grades. I know some people who don't do much homework because they simply forget to, but still manage to do well on tests. I do my homework every night, and I've been getting increasingly more this year as a sophmore in high school. I'm frequently stressed and feel like I have a burden on my shoulders.

2 How nice teachers are

My 4th grade teacher said she doesn't shout (lie) and my 5th grade teacher Told me off For cleaning my glasses And said I put dirt on them I hardly ever do that! They should employ nicer teachers or train them to be nice. I am going. back to my mean 9th grade teacher today : (

1 month ago my teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom or the nurse because I felt like I was going to vomit so I vomited ON the floor ON my new shoes and that was not ok, those were my favorite shoes nooo!

Just because you're adults and we're kids doesn't mean respect doesn't go both ways.

3 The quality of lunch

The lunch in my old schools tasted pretty decent. They also served snacks. The mozerella sticks were the best! Yum.

Seriously, the lunches taste like moldy socks!

Schools with a lunch system is very lucky.
My country has no school lunch system! (Ireland)

4 How long it is

I think it would be better if School doesn't start so early in the morning, for me, as someone who attends an islamic School (I'm muslim), we have to arrive at School as early as 7 AM and for me, I always wake up at 5 AM to do the islamic morning pray and then I have to prepare for School because I don't have much time to take a sleep again, considering my house is a bit far from my School. So in fact, I personally think that it would be better if we start School at about 9 AM and make the School days shorter such as from 9 AM to 2 or even 1 AM, honestly, that would be great in my opinion.

Needs to be shorter

5 How many fundraisers there are
6 The number of rules for dress code

The dress code at my school is pretty reasonable, your shorts have to be at or close to your fingertips (no booty shorts) and you can't wear shirts that don't have the width of your two fingers. Hats have always been banned for us, ever since I was a lad, crying because the fire alarm went off

My school, luckily doesn't have a dress code. But in middle school, it was ridonkulous. People should be able to wear whatever they want, all of the time.

Dress codes were strict in my schools, but the students treated it like it didn't exists.

7 How many clubs there are

In my school, we definitely need MORE clubs. There's only like 6 clubs (homework club, baton twirling, best buddies, intramurals, art club, and like one more). But, it depends what school you go to, some need more clubs, some need less. It all depends on the school

There used to be a club at my school dedicated to watching movies and eating cereal...

Needs to be less clubs

8 The number of drills

Out of all of the times the fire drill goes off, less than 1% of them are for a legitimate reason. We don't need to learn how to walk outside in a line 5 times a year. We're 15, not 4.

Pointless fire drills...

A suicide drill

9 How much anxiety and stress they are putting on the students
10 How fair the grades are
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11 The time it starts in the morning

With the homework epidemic, this is by far the biggest, actual issue that plagues high schools. Nearly every problem I face in school (everything! From having enough energy to go to clubs, to focusing in class, to doing homework at home, to performing well on tests...) would be entirely fixed if school was later in the morning. Teens are often physically incapable of sleeping from 9-7 because their bodies are rewired to sleep around 1. The fact that schools start so early requires us to go against our biological clock; setting us up for failure.

At my school, you have to come in at 7:15, even though the first class doesn't start until 7:30. It's especially annoying that I have to get up at 5:30 every school morning, and the bus comes at just about 6:50. And then, hours of homework... I swear, I could fall asleep in math class if I had the effort

I mean, really! 7:20? Last year, I wasn't even awake by then!

12 What is needed in life

Another good idea. Most of the things we learn in School are useless in our future and not only that, we'll just ended up forgetting it once we finish the exams anyways, it's just the reason why School is a waste of time nowadays.

13 The anti-bullying measures

There needs to be more force in Anti-bullying. The teachers on the playground don't notice because the bullies always find a time and spot where the teacher is not there to put them in trouble.

14 The amount of tests given
15 The way they treat the disabled
16 How long class periods last

In high school, my classes were blocks of 80 minutes each, and in college, each class is 90 minutes long.

Ohhh Damn that's too irritating and boring classes of maths seriously first 2 periods maths like 90 mins! !

17 The heating
18 The bathroom policies

Watch us so we

19 The curriculum

Teach us things that we will actually use!

20 Scream rooms
21 How nice students are
22 The leaving age
23 The length of essays

A lot of students struggle with typing short 3 page essays. (I am one of them) 10-20+ pages is very stressful for those students! '

24 The toilets
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