Top 10 School Group Project Member Stereotypes

School projects, ugh everyone has to do them at some point. You either love or hate them. Personally I’m in the hate category but here’s people in your group that can grind your gears sometimes
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1 Guy who does nothing

You know this person. He barely shows up and barely participates in class at all. He just so happens to be in your group and doesn't even bother making eye contact or any social interaction whatsoever. He has an F in the class yet he'll just so happen to get an A on the project because logic

In a 4 person group, there will always be 3 who slap their names on the project but do NONE of the work.

2 The introverts who don’t immediately partner up

You know these people they're normally in the back of the class without any real friends in the class so they're just stuck with whoever's left. Just luck of the draw

3 People who don’t know what they’re doing

Yeah when these people are in your group good luck because they won't do anything and need the teacher there by their side at all times. That won't happen just have fun

I never know what I'm doing, I just do whatever I think is correct and hope for the best.

4 Person who does everything
5 Person who does most of the project but is gone when you have to present

This person is the MVP of your team and yet misses the presentation because of a doctors appointment or getting sick or whatever. Which means you're forced to wing it and hope for the best. In sports this is the equivalent of Lebron James carrying your team to the finals but not playing in the Finals

6 The “group mom”

Had a guy like this in English class. Not class president though. Just self-centred and couldn't handle criticism. he didn't do any actual work. Instead, he liked to boss us around, criticize our contributions because it was "not good enough for him" When we called him out for not doing any actual work, he was furious and started to blame US. We told the teacher about this, he ended having to do a separate assignment, and we got to work on our project without him! We got an A, and now he's somebody we joke about.

You know this girl who's Class Stuco President. She has to make sure everyone has a job and makes sure everyone is on task at all times. She'll even go out of her way to create a group chat and set up a Starbucks date to work on it. She's the most passionate about this project and will dedicate her time to it.

I mean I have created group chats for our "project" but it's usually for memes.

7 People on their phones during work time

This group doesn't use class time to work on stuff instead they do it all outside of class and put it together the day of presentations. It works but very risky to pull off

Basically most people in my class.

8 The one guy who can’t be with his friends and gets stuck with all girls

Some call him lucky but either way the teacher is strict on groups of 3 or 4 and there's more guy friends so one guy has to take one for the team because there's a group that needs one more person.

Oof, this happens to me a lot. Because the teacher never trusts me with my friends.

9 The group hopper

The socializer of the class. This person has friends in every other group and instead of being with their own group talks with their friends about weekend plans.

10 The perfectionist

This person will stop at nothing to ensure the project is perfect. Every single word, sentence, picture, graph, etc everything has to line up and be perfect anything less than a 99.9999% is unacceptable and the project is a failure

The Contenders
11 The guy who disappears until the end of the project
12 The people who do the opposite of what they're supposed to do
13 The one who has "different ideas"
14 The only nice one
15 The outcast
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