Top 10 Memories from Elementary School

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1 Recess

I miss this. It would be nice to get outside during the school day.

Ah, yes, I miss recess.

2 Field Day

This was always the best. I remember how awesome it was to go outside and enjoy some dessert, like a popsicle, before the final bell to go home rang.

I'm in middle school, basically just graduated from 5th grade, and since that Elmo incident in first grade, no one passing me the ball in 2nd grade, and falling off my Hippity Hop in 3rd grade, I try to fake sick for every field day.

Field day was cool. I remember it.

3 Valentine’s Day Candy

I had some on Valentine's Day in elementary. It was yummy.

4 Field Trips

I remember going on some field trips in elementary, like to the pool and the movie theater, among some other places.

I'm in high school, and we go on field trips, but most of them are boring.

I liked these so much.

5 Christmas Concerts

I had some in school. I had one in the school I went to from grades 5-7.

My school had a dance.

I did that in kindergarden which sucked and then i went to a Jewish school and had to do a hanukah concert!

6 Lock Down Drills

Now we just have real ones and bomb/gun threats. How times have changed.

I had some in elementary, junior high, and high school.

It was real once when someone hoaxed the school.

7 Book Fairs

Who doesn't remember the Scholastic book fairs they had in the elementary school library every few months?

I remember one of those while I was at Spring Hill Elementary School.

8 Fire Drills

I remember when we had fire escape practice while I was at Spring Hill Elementary School.

I had a fire drill every year in K-12 education, except for grades 5 and 7. I must have missed all the fire drills those years.

I had a real fire in 4th grade.

9 Red, Yellow, and Green Cards

My 3rd-grade classroom had something similar, but with yellow stars on a whiteboard. W meant warning, and there were checks from 1-3 (3 was a phone call home to your parents). If you didn't misbehave that day, you'd get a raffle ticket and could sometimes use them to buy things on Fridays.

Then, in 5th grade, my class colored paper plates, with blue being the best and red being the worst. Orange, yellow, and green were in between the red and blue paper plates.

10 Everyone Was Friends with Each Other

Every kid was nice at that age. Things like brainwashing and having a unilateral opinion weren't heard of.

Maybe not everyone, but definitely, people were a lot more friendly.

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11 Track and Field

I remember doing track and field in elementary school.

12 Musical Chairs
13 Class Parties

I remember these. They were the best.

Yeah, these were also fun.

14 Mean Teachers

It sucked having mean teachers in school.

15 Arts and Crafts
16 Show and Tell

I remember doing this in kindergarten, and sometimes they gave a student a bucket to let them bring something to school.

17 Easier Work

I didn't have to pay attention until I took algebra in 7th grade.

Elementary school: Up to 20 minutes of homework.
Middle school: Up to 3 hours of homework.

18 Tag

We would have these massive games that pretty much most of the year level would participate in.

19 Skipping Ropes

Oh, we didn't just skip with them.

We used to whip and try to hurt each other with them.

20 Movies
21 Square Pizza
22 Toys in Class
23 Stickers for Good Behavior
24 Book and Reading Corner
25 Fire Safety
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