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1 Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Polytechnic University of the Philippines truly embodies the word "polytechnic," as it offers a vast array of programs and courses that are relevant to both the academe and wider society. Moreover, its polytechnic aspect is complemented by its affordable education, which costs you 12 pesos per unit. It's not just affordable but also high quality.

There must be a good reason why PUP consistently tops board and bar exams and ranks high in major polls about the best universities in the country. Others may look down on this university for its apparent lack of high-end facilities, but this fact simply underscores the truth that education is not defined by its affluent demographic or technologically advanced facilities, but by its character and openness to the wider pursuit of knowledge. Without a doubt, PUP has that.

The university itself is a microcosm of the entire Philippines, accommodating Tagalog or non-Tagalog speakers, Anglophones or non-Anglophones, and the rich or the poor. It's this university's diverse and humble character that makes it stellar.

2 Mapua Institute of Technology

Mapua is a great institution when we talk about engineering. From the year it was established until now, they have produced competitive engineers all over the world. They consistently have top-notch performers in board exams, and Mapua is also accredited by ABET. This helps our newly graduated students secure good jobs compatible with their careers.

The first and only institution to be accredited in the Philippines, and the first in Southeast Asia, this unprecedented feat makes Mapua's programs officially world-class. ABET, the U.S.-based and world-leading accreditor for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology, is a federation of 30 professional and technical societies representing these fields.

3 ACLC College
4 Far Eastern University

The Land of Green and Gold. FEU not only provides quality education but also stands by its core values of Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness.

FEU is not your ordinary school. It is one of the oldest universities in the country. It has achieved and has shown to the country and the rest of the world its products and alumni in different fields of expertise.

The Far Eastern University continuously provides academic excellence by improving its teaching methods, engaging students in the application of theories, opening the minds of students to the world, and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

Other schools may have the best students, but this university proves that it can mold simple minds into great ones.

5 University of the Philippines

Why UP? Simply because it provides the best quality of education in the country. Being the sole National University, it hones the future leaders in fields of education, politics, sciences, engineering, and arts. UP may not have the best facilities, but it has the best teachers and students.

What sets UP apart is its focus on critical thinking. UP students think outside the box. We don't just go with the flow all the time. We tend to be active thinkers rather than passive conformers. We go against the current if needed, and UP always aims to be part of the solution to our country's problems. If we don't do it, who else will? Only the best, for the best.

6 Aklan Catholic College
7 University of Sto. Tomas

The University of Santo Tomas stands as one of the best universities, not only in the Philippines but also in Asia and Western countries. In its 400 years of existence, UST has established its own identity as a center rich in cultural heritage, moral values, and spirituality. It offers top-quality education and serves as a training ground for future professionals and leaders of the country.

Through the years, UST has produced students who excel in various fields, such as arts, sports, science, and mathematics. In fact, Thomasians consistently rank at the top in board examinations, unlike other schools that only appear in these lists every two or three years. UST has also been recognized as one of the best schools in Asia and has several times been included in the list of the top 500 universities worldwide.

Given its reputation for high-quality education, it's no surprise that many iconic figures have graduated from this institution. These Thomasians include saints, Philippine presidents, heroes, artists, scientists, professionals, and religious figures, all of whom have played significant roles in the history of the Philippines.

Aside from intellect, Thomasians are also well-trained in etiquette and religion. As its name implies, "The Catholic University of the Philippines," UST produces students who are spiritually inclined and include God in every word spoken and action taken. If both intelligence and personality are our standards, then truly, The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas is the best university in the Philippines. Proud to be a Thomasian at 400 years. Viva Santo Tomas.

8 NIIT Baguio
9 University of the East

UE is still the best university there is! With so many available scholarships for the less fortunate who want to pursue their college education, where else can you find such a generous scholarship program? The Tan Yan Kee Foundation Inc. scholarship enabled me to reach my dreams. Thanks to our benefactor, Dr. Lucio "El Kapitan" Tan, for his philanthropic works.

To all those aspiring to study at a private university with high-end facilities and an excellent environment, Lualhati (UE) is the school of choice for you!

Civil Engineer

6th Placer

10 Lyceum of the Philippines University

I am an International Relations student at LPU and highly recommend my school to those interested in International Relations or Foreign Service. Personally, I have good relationships with my professors and mentors. Our college strictly enforces an English-speaking policy because Lyceum believes that good English skills will make us globally competitive, which is essential nowadays. They offer us superb education and shape us into people of humility, honesty, fortitude, and righteousness.

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Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa is a rising local university in Metro Manila. It produces high-quality students in Business Administration and Criminology. It stands as the best local university, particularly due to its excellent education curriculum.

I love PLMUN. It's the fastest-growing university in Muntinlupa.

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila is one of the universities in the Philippines with a high passing rate in board exams.

12 De La Salle University (Manila)

Ethical and critical thinkers abound in this celebrated, prestigious global educational institution. Student satisfaction: A+. Teaching quality: A+. Research impact: A+. Employment prospects: A+. But it doesn't stop here.

While other institutions produce graduates who are either raw or over-cooked in terms of maturity and outlook on life, De La Salle University has always leaned towards producing graduates who are justifiably right in their own morals, ethical knowledge, and wisdom. I cringe when other universities proclaim how many aggressive leaders they have produced over the history of the Philippine economy. If you scrutinize and evaluate their actions, especially in terms of personal gain over the country's well-being, they have only contributed to the deficit and ailing problems of our crippled economy.

De La Salle graduates are nothing like the corrupting 'cancer cell' products of other educational institutions. In fact, they serve as the backbone of the Philippine economy, having delivered successful businesspeople, engineers, scientists, policymakers, and leaders. History and people would testify that they are fair and just.

It is often overlooked how ethics and morals make a big difference in the society we live in. This is how De La Salle University's impact differentiates itself from the rest. These are not self-righteous but self-determined individuals - beacons of intelligence and wisdom not just for the society we live in today but also for the next generations to come.

13 Ateneo De Manila University

I think it is a rarity and most definitely an asset in Philippine tertiary education to have the confluence of a liberal and humanities-oriented curriculum, a Jesuit-led administration, and a school environment that values holistic, well-rounded development. This is all manifested in Ateneo. Currently an undergraduate who has been with ADMU since high school, I can attest to the quality of education I am fortunate to experience.

This is a result of unparalleled faculty, superb facilities, and a values-based approach that underscores what Ateneo education stands for. Steeped in its tradition of excellence, Ateneo de Manila remains one of the country's most prestigious partners in nation-building.

14 Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)

Our Lady of Fatima University has proven its quality through its graduates who have topped the board exams in Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, and Medicine. The results of these exams show that Fatima is one of the finest institutions for teaching medical courses. In 2010, six among the top 10 of the Physician Licensure Exams came from this institution. It's no wonder Fatima has dominated in this field.

Fatima is also one of the few universities in the Philippines that has been granted autonomous status by CHED, indicating that it is one of the top universities in the country.

Why go to another school that charges 40,000 pesos per semester when you can enter a top school that will surely provide the same level of education, but with affordable tuition fees?

15 Adamson University

Adamson University has endured the tests of history, first as a Greek-run school and then as a Catholic and Vincentian institution. It has emerged academically richer and stronger, accumulating layers of knowledge and experience that sustain its mission to provide education. This education meets stringent standards of quality yet remains affordable to those who have less. Now beyond its Diamond Jubilee, it confidently and ably plays its role as an agent of personal and social transformation.

16 Pilar College

This is a private sectarian school located in Zamboanga City, Philippines.

17 Bulacan State University

Bulacan State University is one of the best, as it not only molds good professionals but also good leaders. Moreover, the university trains not only Filipino students but also international students from countries like Korea and Japan to improve their language skills. The university is mandated to provide higher professional and technical training, promote research, and offer advanced studies and progressive leadership in fields such as Engineering, Architecture, Education, Arts and Science, Information Technology, Business Administration, Medicine, Law, and Public Administration.

It has been identified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as one of the Centers for Excellence and Development in the country and serves as a training center for teachers seeking education beyond their specialization.

18 Centro Escolar University

One of the best universities in Manila, it provides quality top-notch performers and passers in different fields like Dentistry, Optometry, Nursing, Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Social Work, etc. You won't regret being a part of this university. The school hosts a special ceremony called the Sampaguita Interlude before the Graduation/Commencement Exercises. It also has the best environment, including the cleanest lecture rooms, hallways, libraries, toilets, canteens, and chapel.

CEU provides impressive passing rates in board exams, especially in the fields of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry, Medical Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, among others. The students are disciplined and well-guided by eligible faculty members. The security systems are superb, and we can assure that every student's safety is well-handled. Every Escolarian lives by the university's maxim: Science and Virtue.

19 New Era University

The "Best Law Schools" can be seen in the "Ultimate List" by the Ranker community ( These are members of ABA-approved law schools operating in the US. New Era University is ranked No. 2 in "Best Law Schools Worldwide," next to Harvard University, which is ranked No. 1. While New Era University may not be at the top of the Ranker list, ranked at No. 34, it deserves to be recognized for its performance in Bar Exams, next to Harvard University. The world is watching us due to the ongoing success of New Era University in Bar/Board Exams conducted at the United Nations.

All graduates of New Era University are world-class topnotchers in the board/bar exams of the United Nations. They hold titles like world Summa Cum Laude, world Magna Cum Laude, world Cum Laude, and world Laude. Their achievements are exceptional. The highest score is exa%, and the lowest is peta%.

New Era University excels academically in fields like Engineering, Law, Education, and Nursing. Currently, the university plans to produce topnotchers in Accountancy through ABB scholarships. According to records released for 2011/2012, New Era University ranks number 1 on ABB and Top Universities, followed by Harvard University at number 2 and Cambridge University at number 3. These institutions belong to the first triangle of the FIRST Organization.

Moreover, all graduates of New Era University are obliged to work for the government of the United Nations based on existing law. The standing of New Era University is parallel to that of Harvard University and Cambridge University.

20 Saint Ferdinand College - Ilagan City
21 University of Manila

The University of Manila is an academic institution where students obey the rules and regulations. From what I observe, the University of Manila has a diverse student body, including both local and foreign students, and provides higher education to us all. The professors and the entire faculty, especially the president of the university, are very thoughtful and understanding. As an observer, I am a first-year college student.

Great school. It prepared me for where I am today. I am very grateful to the City of Manila and to the late Mayor Villegas, who had the vision to give the less fortunate a chance to better themselves. By the way, it is the University of the City of Manila, not the University of Manila.

22 Cavite State University

Considering that Cavite State University is a public university, it still provides its students with the high-standard education they deserve. According to a previous study about the best university in Cavite, CvSU ranked fourth. That's amazing, so why don't we put it in the number one slot this time? In addition, some CvSU graduates are now employees of well-known companies like Accenture.

It provides high-quality education for all students who want to pursue their dreams. You don't have to be rich or have substantial money in hand to receive an education, as CvSU understands the financial situations of the masses.

23 Central Luzon State University

Central Luzon is the place where you can be naturally in sync with the nature around you. Here, you have the best resources for learning about agriculture, and that's not all. The school offers collaborations with numerous international entities that students can also participate in. This institution will become central to your identity when you leave. Dear alma mater, I may not miss you, but I do miss the lessons that you have engraved in the hearts of those who have left you.

CLSU is one of the finest universities in the Philippines, offering a BS in Business Administration with a major in Economics. It is also one of the few universities to have established a corporate college, the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA). CLSU has the most supportive administration, which allows student organizations to take charge and make their own stand in societal development at both local and national levels. The university excels in the field of research and development. CLSU: Where the difference is created!

24 Mindanao State University

Mindanao State University has one of the lowest tuition fees in the Philippines. The majority of students pay only 2,000 pesos during enrollment to cover all fees. Additionally, the cost of living for students here is very affordable. A monthly allowance of 2,500 pesos is sufficient to cover board, lodging, and other typical student needs.

When it comes to education quality, many professors have earned their master's and doctoral degrees from prestigious universities abroad. The university also serves as a social laboratory for Filipino Christians, Lumads, and Muslims, offering these groups an environment in which to understand each other's customs and cultures.

Most students come from some of the poorest families in Mindanao, families who couldn't afford college education if MSU didn't exist. Due to the nature of the student body, they are highly competitive and strive for the best, knowing that being at MSU is their only chance to improve their quality of life. Despite the low cost of living, many students are self-supporting and manage to complete their degrees without financial help from their parents by becoming 'student assistants' either at the university or with local residents. At MSU, students are trained to survive life.

25 University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

This is one of the top-performing schools in the Visayas, not only in academics but also in sports. It specializes in producing the best varsity players in basketball.

I am proud to be an alumna of the University of the Visayas, one of the leading universities in the Visayas region. Go Visayanians!

University of the Visayas - a university with a heart. Visayanians are great. We just don't have time to share it with the world. We're busy planning for our bright future.

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