Top 10 Most Difficult School Subjects

As if school isn't hard enough, this list shows which subjects are the hardest!
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1 Physics

For the majority of people, physics is very tough because it applies numbers to concepts that can be very abstract. Electricity and Magnetism, for instance, is just one example that can be taught during the first year. For me, physics is actually quite simple, and it becomes very interesting when you fully understand it and its applications.

If you fundamentally understand what is happening, equations are nice, but you understand why the equation works. This makes it much easier to memorize, instead of just guessing which equation to use. However, for me, foreign languages are the hardest to learn simply because I could never take the time to learn another one. They say the best way to learn is to go to another country, though.

2 Chemistry

Science was actually my favorite subject as a kid. I always looked forward to going to my science class in middle school, for it was my best class. As a current freshman in high school, taking Chemistry Honors, I can now say that science is by far my least favorite subject. I have nothing against science. I simply don't like learning it. Here's why I find this subject difficult:

Chemistry isn't science on its own. Chemistry is actually a mixture of science and math. Now, this doesn't really bother me because math isn't hard. However, it is one of the reasons why I find this subject difficult. Normally, when you think of science, you answer questions based on your personal knowledge mixed with factual evidence from lessons and textbooks. With chemistry, that sort of goes away. Because we bring math into the equation, questions in Chemistry require you to think and work out the problem. Questions can differ greatly because of the different possible ways they can be asked, due to the infinite amount of numbers we have.

Chemistry has a disgusting amount of reasoning, rules, laws, statements, definitions, equations, etc. This isn't a big problem if your memorization skills are on point. Unfortunately, this means if you aren't really smart but still manage to get straight A's, like me, you will struggle in this class. It doesn't matter if you pass with an A+. Somehow, in one way or another, you will struggle in this class. The problem with chemistry is that everything you learn is essential to one another. In other words, everything you learn in chemistry is important. You can't learn one thing without knowing the other. This is where all those reasoning, rules, laws, etc., really bite you in the backside. Because there are simply too many things to learn, it makes chemistry a really difficult subject.

Chemistry will require a lot, and I mean a lot, of positive attitude, effort, time, and determination to pass the class. Unless you're a naturally... more

3 Foreign Language

I took French for all four years, and it really didn't get bad until the fourth. Honestly, the worst part about a foreign language is all the different tenses, genders, and forms of words. It's so confusing. Other than that, basic vocabulary isn't hard, and it ends up getting easy to read sentences and know what the words mean even if you have never seen them before.

My French 4 in 12th grade was a college-level course, so it ended up being hard, especially since everyone in the class was smarter than I was. The worst part about my experience with French was that I started with such high hopes and excitement, and left with an immense disliking for the language.

4 Math

Quite literally, the only subject I'm "failing" (A-, but it still really bothers me) is math. The hardest part is that I don't hate math. I actually quite enjoy solving equations and word problems. I'm just so bad at it! I can't think logically, and the numbers seem to float aimlessly in my head.

I struggle in this class, and I clearly won't be going into a mathematical profession. Rather than embarrassing me in class because I can't answer something that seems basic to everyone else, just teach me what I need to know for life. Sure, every job requires math, but basic math and easily calculated math. It's not practical to keep shoving numbers where they don't need to be.

5 Calculus

This should really be math. In high school, math is a joke. All of the math leading to calculus and calculus itself isn't too hard as long as the professor doesn't want it to be. Also, math in high school is very memorizable.

However, once you go past calculus, you realize that not everyone can hope to comprehend higher mathematics. For instance, Complex Analysis was so hard at my university that the averages were around a 15 out of 100.

I think Physics is easier because it has a very direct formula. But these equations are so confusing.

I passed my second monthly exam in mathematics by cheating because I had no choice.

6 English

English belongs in a trash can. Recently, I started to read an article about a TedTalk. I keep on practicing until the test. During the test, I just forgot to add one apostrophe and one full stop, and my grades dropped down fast. It's either my teacher doesn't really like me, or you just need to make your sentence fully perfect.

Those advanced English words seem really rare, and no one ever said those words before. English requires a lot of thinking and you need to try your best to become successful at it. I feel like when people said that not everything in life is perfect, this is a myth. I'm a normal English person who likes to practice.

Practicing math is the easiest thing to do. Math is my favorite subject and should be.

7 Biology

Biology is by far the most fundamentally useful subject of all the sciences. Being able to understand the logistics of life yields a more appreciative perspective on life. A thorough foundation in the complexity of life requires hard work, though.

Having taken university courses in chemistry, physics, and maths, I can say that biology required the most effort to study. I enjoyed studying it the most as it was the most relevant to direct life.

Learning about titrations and yields in chemistry, calculus and statistics in math, and equations that explain motion in physics are all relevant, but not to the point of biology. I can walk outside and understand every organism and see the beauty in what it holds. I invite any naysayers to look through a microscope at a wet elodea cell and tell me that cytoplasmic streaming isn't awe-inspiring.

In summary, biology is the most work to understand, but it's the most rewarding.

8 Trigonometry

So frustrating. If you don't understand something completely, you're done for. The sad thing is: you either get it or you don't. In order to ace a test, you must have near complete mastery over what you have been taught.

Countless times I've taken an exam believing that I would do well, but in the end, receiving a terrible score. You must be excellent at math to do well in this subject.

I agree. Trigonometry is so hard. At least with the other math subjects, they are built on things you have learned in the past. With Trigonometry, there is about one day of review, and everything else is new.

I had straight As in college before taking this subject. It was a good thing I dropped the class, but now, I have a W (Withdrawal/Fail) on my college transcript.

9 History

Hardest class I've ever taken. Of course, each person is different, but I believe this to be the hardest subject for me. No doubt it gets pretty interesting, but I simply suck at memorization, and I feel this subject relies heavily on memorizing dates, events, and having natural skill at understanding DBQs (Document Based Questions), SAQs (Short Answer Questions), and writing LEQs (Long Essay Questions). Obviously, the skills can be strengthened, but they aren't always natural for everyone.

10 Computer Science

I am currently taking AP Computer Science A in 11th grade, and it is so hard and stressful. My mom forced me to take it. I am not interested in coding and I don't want to be a programmer or go into a computer science or engineering field when I grow up. I literally can't even remember the basics of coding and I have to get help from my mom for every assignment.

It's worse because I am a slow learner compared to my peers, and I have no motivation for anything in general. I also do terribly on tests, especially on questions where we have to write the code. I have like a B+ in the class. I would be getting a C-D, or even failing the class, if my mom didn't help. My motivation is getting even worse because I have two more weeks and four days before summer starts, and I am just tired of school in general. I can't wait for this terrible school year to end. After that, I literally don't want to do anything related to programming again.

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11 Algebra

I had to take Algebra in seventh grade because of a sixth-grade placement test, and let me just say that it is not the easiest thing in the world! Try going from the simplistic sixth-grade math, where the only "algebra" you were doing was incredibly simple equations with just one or two variables, to much harder equations. These included negative numbers, multiple variables on both sides of the equation, and much more complex formulas that you had to learn!

It made no sense to me at first, until I finally understood the weird rules as to how everything works. Now, I've passed the final exam with flying colors and am hoping Geometry in eighth grade will go a lot smoother for me.

12 Engineering

I took an intro to engineering, and the due dates were short. What made it hard is that the teacher talks way too fast, and even though you ask questions, you still wouldn't get it.

You also have to use mathematics in this class, and in my opinion, I think it's rough.

I haven't taken engineering yet, but I'm planning to if I have time among the other subjects.

All subjects in engineering, particularly in physical science, are hard.

13 Algebra II

This is the hardest subject I have come across. I'm in 9th grade in the top math class for my grade, even though I passed last year with a C. I asked my 8th grade math teacher why he thought I met the standards for the class, and he said I scored well on the state testing. Really. What the heck is with state testing? I think it should be removed.

Anyway, I have a B in this class, and for the first marking period, I had a C, not a good grade. Looking back, Algebra 1 was rather easy. This is just complete nonsense.

I'm sitting here with a C in this class. You either get it or you don't, and I'm part of the latter. This is the first class I've really struggled in ever, and it's really bringing down my self-confidence.

My motivation is low as well because I just can't bring myself to see the point in all this.

14 Geometry

This class made me feel like a complete numpty. My self-esteem levels went from extremely high to extremely low. I'm writing this a year later and I forget everything about Geometry. In my opinion, Algebra is much easier. Then again, my school made me take the same course I took in 8th grade, which I had already passed, solely because I went to a public school and they were a private school.

Yes, proofs were very vexatious if you could not remember every single step to why your answer was correct. Here are a few valid points to back up my claim about Geometry:

- I found SOHCAHTOA the most complicated.
- Even my friend dreaded Geometry on the same level that I did.
- I barely had enough time in my schedule to get tutored by my school. It came to the point where I stopped paying attention and got the same grades that I did when I was paying attention.

To conclude my point, I believe Geometry is by far one of the hardest high school subjects because it just never made much sense to me. I don't think it is useful for every single career unless you want to be an architect or something along those lines.

15 Science

For some reason, I've lacked the skills for science, even though I read a lot in subjects like social studies. Science is kind of different for me due to the fact that the teacher doesn't do that many discussions, but instead relies on notes and textbooks for us to memorize. I know some people might find this method much better and easier for them, but even though I'm not really the type of person to be too social, discussions are just different from memorizing off of notes or textbooks.

This could also be due to my teacher's teaching methods, which is something I cannot change. However, it still doesn't change my opinion that I find science different because of not only the topic but also the fact that in order to learn, we only take notes and read the textbook.

16 Integrated Math

Whoever thought this was a good idea and that anyone would do well in this class was clearly mistaken. The students hate it, and nobody does well in it.

This subject made Calculus look like it's for kiddies.

17 Organic Chemistry

It's all of the problems you had in regular chemistry, but now the difficulty is three times harder and filled with unneeded complications.

It's so hard to find sources to support your statements when writing an essay.

Hardest class I ever took. Honorable mentions: Microbiology, Architecture, and Biochemistry.

18 Statistics

Statistics is more of a logic course than a math course.

With formulas, try to forget the symbols, letters, etc., and try to understand exactly what you're doing in each step.

Statistics is so much harder than other subjects. Only those who have this subject know how difficult it is. I am a 12th class student of science, and I have statistics.

It is more difficult than normal math. Only top-class math students should pursue this subject. Otherwise, let it go.

Why isn't this higher? I struggled in this class!

19 Mandarin

Okay, so when I went to a private school, we had to learn Mandarin, which included writing, speaking, and reading it. After six months of going to a local, normal school, I have forgotten 99% of what I learned.

For sure. I used to know how to write in Mandarin, but after one year with no lessons, I have forgotten almost everything. It's really hard to remember. There are so many little lines!

Me too. When my friends speak Mandarin, I'm like, How can they speak so fast!?

20 Philosophy

In school, I failed Philosophy with the lowest grade allowed in my school: 05E. My teacher told me she didn't give me a lower grade because she wasn't allowed to.

21 Latin

Learn French, Spanish, Italian. As simple as that, although I don't know Latin.

This must be the worst subject ever! Even worse than Ancient Greek.

22 Metaphysics

With consistently little basis in reality and being almost totally abstract, metaphysics is extremely difficult. You cannot just memorize or go by a formula. You really have to think.

Other subjects are similar to your brain going for a jog, whereas metaphysics is like powerlifting. You are really forced to THINK when given such broad concepts as being, knowing, reality, etc.

23 Accounting

You never know what is going on in this module. If you miss one part, then everything is gone since all topics are integrated.

It's easy in the beginning, then it gets complicated. Everything needs to be understood because one may get lost. Then you'll have to cope with timing issues. Tough.

Accountancy is the second hardest subject after physics, dude!

24 Arabic

If this was taught in English schools, I would say one thing: laughing out loud! And that's for no reason. Spanish, French, and English are my limits.

The average years to learn this language is nine, making it the most difficult language worldwide.

Too boring. Cannot even understand the teacher's accent!

25 Computer Programming

Computers do not operate like humans and are extremely dumb. As a result, you need to give them copious amounts of information so programs will execute. This setback, combined with heavy amounts of logic and remembering how different methods work, makes programming very challenging.

I got a D- in Java initially (despite attending class), but got a B+ the second time.

This is the hardest and most confusing class I've ever had so far. I'm a 'grandma' when it comes to computers, so I honestly don't know what I was thinking when taking the class.

I'm so lost with the coding language. It's unbelievable.

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