Top 10 Best Philippine Fraternities

The Top Ten
1 Tau Gamma Phi

I owe everything to this fraternity. I would have not been the person that I am today with out this Brotherhood, just live by the codes and the tenets then you will be a successful human being. "Excel on your own chosen field" many Triskelion follow this by heart so many of us are really successful whether it is high ranking corporate employee, businessman, politician, name it and you will see a triskelion on top... This fraternity originated from our own country "Philippines" which what makes us even more proud to be part of! Created and organized by the brilliant minds of Filipinos from University of the Philippines Diliman! Arriba Tau Gamma!

Triskelion make community service in their own.

For the sake of our communities...

Tau Gamma Phi is the best fraternity! I am not a member of this fraternity but I would like to say that they are the best.. They do have lot of project within the city which their primary concerns and aim are to help those who are in needs.. I do have friend who are members of this fraternity every time I go out with them I feel like I am one of them.. They also call me like I am their full pledge brother too... Right now I don't understand why other fraternities hate Tau Gamma Phi... To all those fraternities creating Rivalries with them please help yourself.. Don't use them to lift up your fraternity's name! Respect them and they'll always respect you! To all the members of Tau Gamma Phi God Bless you all guys! Continue your aim and as well as your principles! My respect is within you! Love your fellow brods and sis to grow fonder. Continue your unity and respectful act to anybody.. Thank you very much.. It was great honor for being a friend of your Good Fraternity! God Bless your ...more

We will build a new brotherhood - an organization founded on a new set of ideals, democratic in practice, liberal in thinking, distinct but not elitist in its perspective, rich in diversity, and most of all open and tolerant in its views. Our Fraternity has its own life, our loyalty must not be in the institution of our fraternity nor to those persons running those entities neither to the Founding Fathers A much deeper search is required to gain the knowledge and appreciation of it because for lack of knowledge the people perish. Triskelion, now becomes the very substance of our being and the essence of our existence. It tells us who we really are and it gives us our purpose and passion in life.

2 Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega was founded behind the idea of scouting movement, as a boy scout achiever in my elementary years I was inspired to join this brotherhood. APO was not created to produce a warrior and violent men, to be a liability to a community is a big no. We are not a one day survival frat, we don't become brothers in a drinking table. Rather, we are indoctrinated by the three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service, and just like scouting we are adhered to scout oath & law.

Furthermore, APO recruitment is exclusive only to college students in any field, that's fraternity as defined. Recruitment outside the college campus will never be called a fraternity. Part of our jewels is being clean, we condemn vandalism, you won't see our Greek letters vandalized in public. Be a Leader, be a Friend, be of Service. May way always be!

The only known Service Fraternity that recruits on the Collegiate. As defined, Fraternity should be Collegiate with 3 Greek letters. You can never be called a Fraternity if you are recruiting non-collegiate people, thus, instead such organizations are called "GANGS". Gangs is different from Fraternity. For APO, we will and will always be a Fraternity, in Leadership, Friendship and Service. May We Always Be!

Alpha phi omega really serves the community with all of their hearts, since they offers scholarship programs for the poor but deserving students in remote areas, provides a sustainable medical and feeding programs and any kinds of services to the communities and most of all they really accept the responsibilities as a servant of the community and God. I really thank Alpha Phi Omega, they have a very big part of the success of my life, from my schooling until to my career, and I know I can easily attain my dreams because in Alpha Phi Omega. Thank you so much with your guidance and support. God bless all members of APO.

Others on this list are not fraternities. Fraternity is crafted to exist in universities and colleges, that when they graduated they will be called alumni. How come others on the list is called a fraternity? How would they become alumni? They are copycat but doesn't know the definition of fraternity. They only exist to fight rivals, thus brings a wrong image of the word fraternity. APO can only accept those in colleges/universities. Chapters only exist in schools, after they graduated, they will be joining the alumni association which was also regulated by the National Council, that simply means, APO is organized Fraternity. No other fraternities is organized as such. Kudos APHIO.

3 Sigma Lambda Phi

SIGMA LAMBDA PHI fraternities and sororities are known because of our leadership and services. But we also promote academic achievement as SIGMA LAMBDA PHI honor society of scholars and student leaders. We organized charity events and encourage our members to be active in community service work and other campus organizations. Many of these activities benefit members by helping them adjust to college, make lifelong brotherhood, and to prepare for our near future.

I am a fully blooded Lambdans by heart and my mind, one fraternity of the Philippines who support the anti-hazing law starting 2014. We focus more on community service, leadership training, and team building to enhance the leadership ability of our members, because we believe that hazing is not the key for us to prosper. Instead, hazing is a key for more violence and abuse. Soar high Lambdans...

Whether number One (1) or not. We still one of the best Fraternity & Sorority in the Philippines. We don't have frequent recruitment because we see to it that only the best Men and Women will be chosen to be one of us. Quality is our best weapon as well as our integrity. We are LAMBDANS!

True Brotherhood will not be profess by words but it always be seen by doing what is best.. majority of good leaders and successful people who joined a fraternity made their choice to be part of the Sigma Lambda Phi.. Ones a Lambdans will die as a Lambdams..

4 Alpha Phi Epsilon

Long live Alpha Phi Epsilon; Truly proud to be Epsilonian! The willingness to serve is authentic... The fraternity and the sorority will help you to prepare for the challenges of the future as community leader and Managers of the managers! Alpha Lamda Chapter Central Luzon State University (Pioneering Batch)

Alpha Phi Epsilon
"Thy will to serve"
Sometimes the best way to find , who you are is to go to the place where you don't have to be anyone else.

In the long run we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility. We the Alpha Phi Epsilon Bantayan Island Chi Mu Chapter willing to serve never expect a return. GBUs Alpha Phi Epsilon 1961 and Advance Golden Anniversary

Alpha Phi Epsilon is willing to serve any time to god, to community, to our country and our brothers and sisters. We treat my brothers and sisters as real brothers and sisters in one family in Alpha Phi Epsilon...
The/Thy will to serve! APE for ever I'll till I die..

5 Pi Gamma Phi

I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.

Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength of Doskelion to be derived by unity.

Hate by few but love by many... Doskelion 4 ever... Lux bonitas Unitas... Cooperation do or die will stand united forever..

I am proud to be a member of Pi Gamma Phi.. Cooperation Do or Die, we'll stand united forever!

6 Alpha Kappa Rho

The whole is greater than the sum of its part. Alpha Kappa Rho can change the life of a person for the better. For the service of his family, school, environment, society and God. For 38 years, we are still united as one! We will continue for all the projects that our founders started... The food feeding, medical mission, tree planting, mangrove planting, commuting work, tutors and many more. Most of the member are professional and educated. We are educated to make good and to do good, and to serve the people who are really in need. A true friendship that can lifetime Camaraderie. Move like Skeptron, think like Skeptron with the core values and principles that we stand in our life with integrity and dignity! Proud to be Alpha Kappa Rho!

Do what you love and love what you do... This organization is what I've love most... I am going to sacrifice my life in this organization... No one will ever defeat the burning fire of Alpha Kappa Rho.. We are proud to say... We are number 1 because we are united... Because we promote love and aside from that.. We have all concern not only in our members but also to our country... Long live Alpha Kappa Rho...

He whole is greater than the sum of its part. Alpha Kappa Rho can change the life of a person for the better. For the service of his family, school, environment, society and God. For 38 years, we are still united as one!. We will continue for all the projects that our founders started... The food feeding, medical mission, tree planting, mangrove planting, commuting work, tutors and many more. Most of the member are professional and educated. We are educate to make good and to do good. To serve the people who are really in need. A true friendship that can lifetime Camaraderie

Alive we shall keep the burning fire for our Brotherhood. Love shall be our strength. Power we shall possess. Honor we shall give to our fraternity. Allegiance we shall pledge. Keep and preserve the good name of our fraternity. Always defend the good name of our fraternity. Powerful and influential we shall be. Purity is our policy. Aid and assistance we shall give to our Brotherhood. Reputation we promise to keep unstained. Humane and humble we shall be. Onward to success, to we struggle the crown of victory.

7 Delta Sigma Lambda Kappa

Beta rho alpha

8 Sigma Phi 1986

Sigmaphians fight for improvement of our community with pride and sustaining friendship of each and everyone through our lives. Belonging in this organization is such another way to help other people and to being one for the glory of God our Creator. Long live Sigmaphians.

Sigma phi is the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of god. We are a god centered organization aim to build and help the country through community service.

Being a member of Sigma is not only choice but destiny to build strong organization thru community service and bind friendship in one goal...

I will and I will always be, a Sigma Phi by heart and by faith, long live brothers and sisters...

9 Megalith Nu Sigma Phi

People ask why I am in a sorority and I try to explain all the things a sorority is that they cannot see. A sorority is more than letters on a sweatshirt, I say. More than traditional songs, a gold pin, rituals, and obligation, or a way of life. A sorority is learning about people, a sorority is giving without expecting a return. A sorority is earning respect from others, as well as for yourself. A sorority will not solve all your problems. But I have made good friends and found confidence there to help me take life one step at a time. It is a feeling that will never leave you as long as you live. It is a responsibility and a duty to yourself and your sisters and brothers. It is an eternal love... The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.
Pain is passing... Brotherhood and Sisterhood is everlasting!
In our Org. "Only Brave survives"
So as I am...
I Live and Die as a full pledge and proud

Our organization always believe on the principles of love and friendship. Through these, the group could always move towards success and without these, the organization could never carry on its objectives. The members should always understand the importance of sharing from among the members of the organization. Loving each other as real brothers and sisters will create a true camaraderie and harmony within the society.

Megalith nu sigma phi is a fraternity that is hunger to serve and to help the community, we are united with one common belief that megans is great as a great stone. We fly so high even though were facing a strong wind that blocking us for what we were aiming for. It is because, we are the guardians of sky.. No one can stop us to spread our good intention to the community, and that was love and peace.. Because we all do believe that love conquers all...8253.. Bm hope francis.. Grand megan of mega gamma omicron, university of iloilo chapter... Long lived brod and sis...

Go Megans go! Let us strive to be well known through our good deeds, service in the community, to be a good citizen of this country, let us uphold and lived with our principles, let us continue to strive so that we can achieve our objectives. God bless us all brothers and sisters, Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao and the Megans scattered around the world.

Brother from Mega Gamma Rho Chapter
Survived year 1993

10 Alpha Sigma Phi

Being an Alpha Sig is a great experience. In our lives, we do encounter ups and downs as well as poor decision making. We make silly choices sometimes. Entering an organization has negative and positive effects. It depends on what organization you chooses to. Fraternities and organizations can make or break you and your future career/life. With Alpha Sig, you can be sure that you are in the right path. We are proud to say that we are promoting the welfare of our society and we excel in terms of education. We produce quality professionals. And lastly, we are proud to say that we don't promote frat wars. I know, we are a bit low in terms on numbers, but it doesn't matter. Quantity is not important. QUALITY is!

We are not for fame but for the success of every individual member. Their success in life are the fulfillment of our fraternity's goal and aim.

Alpha Sigma Phi was established since December 6, 1845 in USA and September 29, 1959 in the Philippines. Her existence had changed many lives of leaders of these two nations.

Alpha Sigma Phi Philippines Inc. Is the first fraternity and sorority to practice the non-hazing program in accepting prospective members since 1982. The PEP Program brought genuine brotherhood and sisterhood which is offered for a lifetime.

If you are confused of fraternities and sororities? Don't hesitate... Ask an Alphasig of he's experience of a lifetime.

My aunt is an Alphan. I have witnessed how strong their brotherhood and sisterhood is since I was so little up to now that I'm already married. I can say that Alpha Sigma Phi is not only there for the sake of having a fraternity or for connection. They are there sincerely for each other as a family. They care about each other and retain the real values of what family is supposed to be. Which I think is a good example for the younger generations. Young generations should realize that fraternity is NOT all about gangs and rivals. It's about having real purpose that embodies discipline, educated behavior, high values and morals, and real community service that can be passed down to the newer generations to continually contribute to the society.

The Contenders
11 Sigma Alpha Epsilon

We teach that man, forgetting self, should rise to higher duties, and acknowledge other laws than those of mere personal enjoyment.

We honor the person who represents selflessness in the pursuit his own aims and ambitions, who accords respect and dignity to others, without regard for their status or condition, and whose actions are stimulated by love and compassion for his fellow man.

We honor the trait of perseverance, the willingness of a person to persist through whatever is required of him and to attain the goals toward which he strives.

We honor the man whose chosen aims are not simply the empty ones of personal fame and glory, but rather which represent the ideal of service to others and the love of all men.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Philippines is a national collegiate and social fraternity, founded in 1966 at Central Mindanao University, in the Philippines. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of our members by enhancing our potential, intensify friendship, promote happiness and to build a nobler brand of brotherhood and sisterhood. It is in this belief that we further promote academic achievement, commitment to friendship and values to our members.

The best people... The member are always united no matter what... Everybody is there to help anybody that need help. One example is that one of the member of this fraternity had brain cancer and needed too have dialysis every week. Members all over the world send money to help him financially. That is just one example out of hundreds that we have done not only to the members but to the community.

SAE a non-profit organization that I really like as I'm a part of this Noble Organization in which that showing a good treatment as a real brotherhood, looking forward service to our community, be a better citizens, and to developed spiritual values and also the academic standard...



12 Tau Alpha Omega

A family that lives forever binding each other through ups and downs...we fight for peace and unity for we believe that to become FREE is to live life without fear and selfishness...

Proud to be FREEMAN a unique group committed to the upliftment and development of the members and the community as a whole. FREEMAN my strength and refuge. I salute to my big brothers and sisters.

Being one of the member of Freeman is amazing...I love this fraternity I'm really happy to have a good brod and sis they are really like a real family to each other...Long live Freeman..

The bandages of slavery broken, the true meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood emphasised.

13 M5 Grand Fraternity and Sorority

Though we walk through the shadows of death, we fear no enemies because we are bounded by the laws of God and humanity...

In the beginning this is the only frat that you can see only in PHIL. COLLEGE OF CRIM. Or known as PCCr, those who are interested to become a COP they called themselves Crime Buster. And those taking-up law, members of the CB made one frat again called Phil. Law Enforcer or PHI LAMBDA EPSILON. Right after that success 3 more frat came along DSP, ARO and DSF. Exclusive for Criminologist, that's why they are few, no High Schools either anywhere at that time. The Magic Five became FAMOUS in Metro Manila because most Policemen are members of Magic-5. Some people became interested what is that mean for curiosity. In the long run student all over the city and suburbs became interested and joined in the Brotherhood movement. Surprisingly, now even in abroad there's a MAGIC-5.

Very surprising indeed, You couldn't imagine this M5 fraternity is now Nr.4 in rank no one will believe but that is true. From Philippine College of Criminology moved to other Universities, to Communities and now in Abroad. There is no reason not to accept but when it comes to a good reason, why not. To all brothers and sisters you are WELCOME...

MAGIC 5 is a Five fraternity consolidated in one for one common goal to maintain peace and order for the people and provide humanitarian aide for those in need. Our ideals and vision is to defeat all bad elements of our society and be a good example to others. Viva Magic Five.

14 Upsilon Phi Sigma

The only Fraternity basically founded on a solid bedrock of UNITAS to achieve its noble vision of peace and prosperity for all. Service to God, Country and humanity with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism is its commitment which cannot be compromised by selfish interest.
It's hard to belong but nice to be one...for its principles and idealisms are worth living and worth dying for...!

I think UPS helped me share what I have since college.. It's an org that would help you build up other students in academics or in extracurricular activities.
My brothers and sisters may be simple people but they great in terms of love, care, and support.
I love UPS.

My negative thought of getting into a fraternity vanished away when I joined this honor and excellence fraternity and sorority in the Philippines. In fact, we were awarded nine times Most Outstanding Fraternity and SOrority in the Campus becauseof that.

Upsilon Phi Sigma is not merely an Organization nor solely a group! More than these marks imbedded the sense of Belongingness and Family that we, its members felt within our beloved fraternal circles, may we be in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao or in any part of the globe where our fraternity exists!

Basta ako UPS magpakailan man!

Proud UPSILONIAN 1935 is here!

15 Kappa Rho Kappa

First of all, I would like to congratulate all the fraternities involved in this very respectable and interactive domain! Kappa Rho Kappa is a unique fraternity in the sense that it is involved in a lot of tangible projects that promote constructive community services, and healthy social activities. It also promotes our unique culture to the world by simply participating in multi-cultural events in various countries around the globe! Viva Krkeans! From Australian Lyre Bird Chapter.

I've never seen a fraternity that crosses the boundary of just being brothers and sisters by totally getting involved in sound community projects and family oriented activities. Kappa Rho Kappa is truly a unique fraternity that goes and grows with the society it lives in! And act as one of the pillars around the world promoting Global Peace, Harmony and Love! Mabuhay Kappa Rho Kappa! From Australian Lyre Bird Chapter.

Though I'm not yet apart of KAPPA RHO KAPPA my mother is apart of it and when I see my mum with her fraternity they are funny, welcoming, respectful and they trust each other more then anything, if you're going to vote for a fraternity vote for the only one KAPPA RHO KAPPA!

KRK is a unique fraternity with members from different groups, professionals and non-professionals alike, were bond together to promote & sustain a strong ties of brotherhood. A brotherhood that is unlimited of space & expression but within the tradition of a true family. A brotherhood fostered with love, respect & understanding. Long live the KRK.

16 Scouts Royale Brotherhood

"Force kindness deserves no thanks. Willingness to SERVE does not wait until it is asked for.. ,Do a GOOD turn daily.. ,Scouts Royale Brotherhood, is a volunteer service-oriented organization that was introduced by the members of Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Delta Chapter, with the purpose of expanding the scouting principles which is Leadership, Friendship and Service.. ,were ain't no GANG.. ,But were not the fraternity that your mother warned you about.. , SRB FOREVER.. !

God bless

Brotherhood is not about having companion or someone to help you when your enemies want to hurt you and stab you. It's not only about fighting when someone is in trouble. It is more on building relationships and friendship despite of the differences that you have, you still make it possible to get together for ONE goal. For a better future, ONE LOVE. Serve the people-serve the nation. Let God be the center of your brotherhood. (UNITY)

Scouts Royale Brotherhood is the fraternity that covers all that other fraternity lacks and it also is the only junior fraternity that became grand and international and separate to that of Alpha Phi Omega which was the reason why it was founded. The most interesting part is that, albeit the rumors that APO helps us through, SRB/S are still pushing to let other people see that we can stand on our own feet without sweeping the floor, with or without APO's help. To be honest, this fraternity is what I found the most desirable to join with, and it is founded in an unbiased opinion, I mean I'm not saying it because I am a part of it. I am saying it because it really is. So, join us in our advocacy. Let your hands entwined in ours as we develop LEADERS of this country that has no other intention but betterment; as we nurture and give FRIENDSHIP to everyone; and as we render SERVICE to all, regardless of who and what they are.

SRB Kappa Omicron "We will build a new tomorrow from this old wrecked land of woe, build it high, build it strong, build it with cheerful services, build it with the strong men and women of Scouts Royale Brotherhood & Sisterhood...

17 Tau Gamma UY
18 Batangas Varsitarian

The most educated fraternities all over the world of all time.

Batangas Varsitarian, is the world's largest fraternity of former and current residents of the province of Batangas, Philippines. There are over 100,000 of us all over the globe. We are devoted to the welfare of our native land, the Glory of God, and our members everywhere.

We are both a social group and a service fraternity. Long Live Batangas Varsitarian! 143 135

We don't have to be on the top, we just need to do what we are doing right now. And some day, all Filipino citizens will acknowledge us because of our good deeds and great devotion in terms of helping the community and serving our country. We all know on ourselves that we are the best. And always think what will be the best things that we can do to reach our goals and perform well our duties and responsibilities as the best organization existing in our country...


Batangas varsitarian is the best... Still keep on going stronger, doesn't finished in the universities, rather it is the beginning of being more relevant human beings... We have become better and better each time passes by, we become more mature and always ready to help the needy... Long live batangas varsitarian..

To die is to rest... BV is the best! We are now focused on our projects by helping others through coordination with local government and such and we will continue doing so because we are Batangas Varsitarian guided by Loyalty, Discipline & Courage! Long live Batangas Varsitarian!

19 Order of DeMolay International

The young men of the DeMolay organization are taught responsibility, integrity, and honesty, and those have been the central values in my life. All of us who were involved in DeMolay in my time benefited tremendously from it. There are hundreds of thousands of examples of men whose adult careers were greatly enhanced because of their participation in DeMolay. The sad part of it is that it is such a brief period in our lives that we are able to be a part of it, but it occurs at a time of great change in a young man's life. DeMolay's lessons last a lifetime.

DeMolay is an organization dedicated to preparing young men to lead successful, happy, and productive lives. Basing its approach on timeless principles and practical, hands-on experience, DeMolay opens doors for young men aged 12 to 21 by developing the civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills so vitally needed in society today. DeMolay combines this serious mission with a fun approach that builds important bonds of friendship among members in more than 1,000 chapters worldwide.

We don't aim to be the most famous fraternity in the world, but we aim to be the best, known or unknown for our works. Because we believe that the best comes from those who put the lessons of their fraternity to works and to heart. Fearing the name who is higher than we, and it's the EVER-LIVING GOD. We don't recruit for quantity, we recruit only for the quality of the fraternity. Keep the 7 candles burning, brethren. And always remember to keep the lessons in your heart and not just in your minds.

For God...
For country...
For DeMolay!

DeMolay is the premier youth organization dedicated to teaching young men to be better persons and leaders. Under the "advisorship" of adults; leadership skills, civic awareness, responsibility, and character development are learned through a variety of self directed, real world applications and activities.

DeMolay builds confidence; teaches responsibility, cooperation and community service; and fosters trust, respect, fellowship, patriotism, reverence, and sharing.

20 Beta Sigma Fraternity

There is only one fraternity, the beta sigma fraternity. It is a fraternity where brotherhood, integrity, loyalty, equality and service are deeply emphasized. In becoming a member one should be a bona fide university and college students who excels in academics, student politics, editorials, sports and other noteworthy school activities. Beta sigmans are very careful in recruiting members. They are screened carefully and thoroughly from the orientation until they complete their journey. We aim for quality membership not quantity. That is why the bond of brotherhood is very strong and deep until a betan will leave this world. Many are called but a few are chosen. We do not write on walls in our surroundings but our achievements can be seen in newspapers, magazines and televisions. We are the saga of men who climbed the barriers of wealth, region, creed and prejudices. You have to sacrifice much to be a beta sigman. Something that you will treasure and cherish the rest of your life. ...more

Beta Sigma Fraternity, the brotherhood of better people. We, who are willing to purely serve others and the community. Respected, honored and adored because of the good deeds and happiness we brought to all mankind and nature. We, who embraces the real meaning of brotherhood and well being. We are the Beta Sigmans, the chosen few bearers of the name of our great beloved fraternity, Beta Sigma fraternity, the only one fraternity existed and there ever would be. All Betan is a part of my nerves and vessels. I'm a Beta Sigman and I'm very proud and humble by it. Founded by Filipinos renowned worldwide! Cheers!

"All that is Good and Noble in man" these are the words we live by. We don't believe in strength in numbers, we'd rather go for one's character and what he can do in service of God, the Country, our Families and the Fraternity. We value loyalty and equality thus we don't have seniors. We all are equal regardless of age, race, religion, status in life, etc. We don't put up chapters in the streets just for us to have lots of members and we don't put our brothers and sisters back to initiation in case they wanna hang out in other chapters. We treat our brothers and sisters as we would treat a family member. We strive hard to bring honor to our Fraternity instead of bringing disgrace. One more thing, you don't hear us or see us in the news because a member got involved in a petty crime or because we killed one of our brothers to be during the initiation rites.

I'm not a member of any fraternity affiliations but I voted Beta Sigma Fraternity because my brother, who was already passed away, is a Betans... He has been a member of Beta Sigma Phi and also my cousin-in-law...

21 Kappa Epsilon

Promoting brotherhood through service to fellowmen makes us unique... In so doing, every Kappa Epsilonian is honed to become responsible citizens

We are God-fearing people... We believe in the infinite wisdom of God Almighty. We adhere to the duly-constituted authority of
The Republic of the Philippines and in the principles for which it stands for. Our organization embody our ideals, promote
Brotherhood among ourselves and our fellowman through distinguished service, to give to ourselves a feeling of security and altruistic recognition under the principles of Brotherhood, Determination, and Loyalty.

Kappa Epsilon Fraternity promotes brotherhood through service to fellowmen.

It distinguishes itself as a service-oriented fraternity. Its members stand for what is right. The members adhere to the duly-constituted authority of the Republic of the Philippines and in the principles for which it stands for. It is an organization whose members embody the ideals of brotherhood, determination, and loyalty...

The two main key points why Kappa Epsilon Fraternity should be considered as one of the top fraternities of the country are-- not only they make sure that the residents and alumni keep bonded, fulfilled, and active, the organization also and always devotes itself in realizing programs that would benefit the immediate societies: family, academic institution, neighborhood, and country.

Being a part of KE nurtured me to become a leader and a good citizen. I will always and forever be proud to be a Kappa Epsilonian.

-KE UP Mindanao Chapter LHC '07.

I really searched for this fraternity to join them. They have many community projects but they never brag on it. More focus on brotherhood and equality. Whatever happens, we keep working as one to make Filipinos part of the global citizens. Our chapters in and outside the country join hands to improve our brothers' in need. I'm proud to be a KAPPA EPSILON! Kill!

22 Gamma Epsilon Fraternity

Prayer of the Gamma Epsilon International: Almighty and Eternal God, creator of mankind, we humbly come to you today to acknowledge your goodness and presence in our midst. For many years you have sustained us in your love and you have formed us into great men and women. With your grace our organization, the Gamma Epsilon International have helped us mold our values of Truthfulness, Courtesy and Obedience. We thank you for the gift of life, allowing us to experience unity, camaraderie and solidarity amidst variety in our religious beliefs, customs and traditions. You have unified our diverse dialects into one language, the language of love, encompassing and all embracing. We come before you today as one people, in the spirit of unity to ask for your special blessings. Anoint us, as we lift up to you our minds and hearts. May our thoughts, words and actions direct us in bringing our organization in the forefront of service to mankind. All of this Almighty and Eternal Father, we thank ...more

I am so proud of this... Brod and sis! We belong to the top 10... This is a manifestation that we are united and we love each other,... Gamma Epsilon is not only building Brotherhood and Sisterhood but also building love, care and unity. It also helps the students to enhance their cognitive skills because of the fact that we are prioritizing the education. We don't build chaos and trouble but rather we are promoting peace and development.

Gamma Epsilon Fraternity gave me the opportunity to experience the true essence of the word "fraternizing" not just to my fellow fraternity brothers and sorority sisters but to the community as well. Through our numerous community oriented activities from the past to present, my personal commitment to community service was really developed and I enjoyed every moment of it, and I will never get tired of supporting Gamma Epsilon Fraternity and our sister organization the Gamma Lambda Epsilon Sorority as long as I'm still breathing. HAIL GAMMA EPSILON!
--- Bro Ian Baldomaro, GE Phi Kappa Chapter, Calbayog City, Samar

I'm tested this Fraternity, it is because they are very good and have close relationships between brotherhood and sisterhood. I'm the one testifying this, because they are love to god and community and serve as a example of the citizen of the Philippines and they faith in god, trust and follow all matters for the good.

23 Fox Theta Delta Fraternity & Sorority

Individually unique, together complete

Be careful what you wish for, it might come true

It's a (sorority/fraternity) thing, you wouldn't understand

Friends Forever. Sisters for life.

(sorority/fraternity), enough said

We laugh, we cry, we make time fly!

Go Greek, or go home

Before you go greek, know who the gods/goddesses are

Never go against the family

Standing out, but never standing alone

We'll make you an offer you can't refuse

Philanthropy: We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

You can't always get what you want... BUT WE DID!

(sorority/fraternity) gives you wings

The few, the proud, the (sorority/fraternity)

It's not love, it's not lust, settle down boys, it's just a crush

Everyone loves a (sorority) girl

All men/women were created equal until (founding year)

Respect your fellow human being, treat them fairly, disagree with them honestly, enjoy their friendship, explore your thoughts about one another candidly, work together for a common goal and help one another achieve it. One piece of log creates a small fire, adequate to warm you up, add just a few more pieces to blast an immense bonfire, large enough to warm up your entire circle of friends; needless to say that individuality counts but team work dynamites.

FTD-DIGAMMANS International - A Humanitarian Service... "Fraternities and Sororities symbolize all that we wish to accomplish in our lives. They represent the struggles we all face as we grow. Why we cling to them no one can explain, but in the end, we are all stronger for it. Don't walk in front of me and be my leader, don't walk behind me and be my follower, but walk beside me and be my Brother or sister. "

I can't remember who met who first, or who loved who first- All I remember... Is us being together... LONG LIVE FTD ->BROD ECO commenting

Whatever happened I will be a proud member of FOX THETA DELTA in good times and a lot of good times because this fraternity provides only good not bad! Keep the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.. I live, I love and many years from now I die as proud member... Lets spread love... And let there be peace! God Bless us all not only for Fox Theta Delta Fraternity but for all fraternities...

24 Guardians

Guardians is an institution that is committed to serve the community through strong brotherhood regardless of your economic status. No rich or poor, we are all brothers and sisters. This is an organization that give so much value to peace and harmony. LONG LIVE GUARDIANS! I'M PROUD TO BE ONE.

Guardians Brotherhood the true Brotherhood of service in community, equality amongst brothers and Justice for the oppress..GBI!

Proud to be one..! I Love Guardians

25 Zeta Epsilon Alpha Lambda

If you want to see the thousands of islands in the Philippines, join to Air Force. If you want to know where is the deepest sea in the Philippines, join to Navy. If you want to climb the mountainous areas of the Philippines to have adventures, join to Army but if you want to meet peoples with different customs and traditions in the Philippines and around the world, you have to be marked as Zealains...


You tend to meet on a more regular basis with people in your industry, and reality being what it is, you tend to meet with them at the particular level that you occupy; so that develops a fraternity relationship.

With Frat House, at times I needed to make music that would reflect what these fraternity brothers might actually listen to, but still keep it within the realm of a score; it still had to lead the viewer through the scene, or just help create the mood.


Zeta Epsilon Alpha Lambda is one of the oldest organization in the world but still hardest and still ungated for a better single intents, which is to confer a better selfhoods of every members to be fully engage with God, Community, Education and for our Organization. Even though that its really hard to belong here, but its really nice to become...
Long Live Zealians, We must Stay Strong..

Zeal in Everything is Always Leading...
Mindanao number 1 Fraternity and Sorority soon to become Philippines top Fraternity and Sorority...

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