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1 School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh

This is one of the best Business school where I am studying and all the faculty members are highly qualified and make it easy for students all the topics. All the Majors offered by the school of Business is good and highly demanded in market. They tried a lot to make the students compatible in Global market. They encourage the students and motivate the students how to do well in academic and other sectors.

IUB is one of the very few universities in Bangladesh which focuses on creating future business leaders by providing a platform where students are encouraged to apply their knowledge from the very first day. It focuses on creating value to an individuals profile having him/her trained in coping up with practical life and dealing with complex and rapidly changing environment thus producing a complete individual.

The sophisticated infrastructures, highly qualufied faculties from top universities of the world and the ultra modern facilities with well equpied learning materials are the offerings which undoubtedly places IUB on top of the rankings regardless of whatever factors are considered in determination of the rankings.

A university with a VC from Harvard, a pro-vc from another North American university, professors and lectureres from world's best universities. A beautiful campus with a duplex cafe, a world class gym, a modern auditorium and newly planned swimming pool in the new academic building. And everything with a small number of students...not like other private universities in Bangladesh who takes huge number of students in every semester. All the best to IUB. Love and peace.

World Top Scholars and Faculty are taught here not only in School of Business but also School of Engineering, Science, Media and Communication. ,
I think it could be the best choice, if you enroll in this University.
I'm really proud to be an IUBEAN because I can fight with world University Student also got many award for Performing best place.
Aftermath you are welcome to our Wold Renowned "Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)"

2 School of Business, North South University

The only business school in Bangladesh that follows a pure north american curriculum. Its faculty members are known to be the best and most qualified among the nation. NSU is the first business school in Bangladesh to offer an undergraduate business degree (BBA), whereas IBA, the business school of the University of Dhaka was the first to offer an MBA. The NSU BBA is a highly rigorous and is one of the most sought after undergraduate business degrees in the country. Graduates with a 3.0 GPA from this school is considered to be much better than those graduating with much higher GPAs from other private universities.

The School of Business, NSU offers top-notch business programs (MBA, BBA) and has firmly established itself as a leader in the sector.
The graduates of the School of Business, NSU are in "high demand" and have proved themselves in both local & global academia and corporate world. The curriculum, teaching procedure, student body, quality of delivery, administration & faculty members are of global standard. Indeed, it is fair to say that it is currently the "Best Business School" in Bangladesh.

Top school depends on how you define excellence and who rates which one is top. I believe in public sector,IBA is the most preferred. In MNCs NSU is as accepted as IBA. In PhD levels of foreign universities you will see graduates of IBA & NSU mostly. In small local companies, DU Commerce Faculty BBA/MBA is highly valued. If look you look at research strength, perhaps DU Commerce Faculty and IBA would be better than most other business schools. However, if you look at the faculty strength from teaching perspective, NSU is clearly ahead.

Best for their way of teaching, faculties and all the facilities that they give the students. Really a pioneer of Higher education. It should also be mentioned that only NSU provides the best business club along with its 34 other active clubs, so the students also get the practical knowledge.

3 IBA, University of Dhaka

IBA has won the highest number of international business competitions and has the toughest admission examination to get into. All the CEOs and top-level corporate executives in multinational companies are IBA, Dhaka University graduates.

Not only is IBA, DU the absolute best business school of Bangladesh but, it's achievements are world renowned. IBA has the most elite and experienced faculty of Bangladesh, and also it's rigorous admission process ensures that only 120 of the finest and most able students make it in, every year. On top of all these the fame and quality of IBA, DU is such that all top notch companies, including world famous multinational organizations prefer DU IBAites over students from every other institution, while making their recruitments.

I don't think that IBA name should their in this list.. Iba always number one and this think know everyone.
Proof: per year one time admission.
Iba hold their education quality.
They only focus better education not like other private university wich first prioty money. Eg: nsu per course 80% receive retake grade.

Bested not profit university in bangladesh where education only priority. Not north south university where money and harassment are top priority.

4 IBA, Jahangirnagar University

I am from IBA DU, batch of 25th.

To be honest, I believe students of IBA JU are really talented.
The seat allocation of IBA JU is much less than that of any Business Schools in Bangladesh.

I don't think so, but if anyone thinks this place is not that great, he should check the qualities those students have.

I feel NSU or BUP is overrated. And I also say people to go for those as they won't able to get into IBAs (DU/JU).

In a nutshell, I would suggest, after IBA DU, take IBA JU as your second priority.

Good day!

Some of the teachers of IBA, JU has achieved very high citation index from Google scholar, which I did not find in other business schools in Bangladesh.

It is such a top-notch university which possesses the most knack faculties.

The environment, no one can match it and the in the field of study, yes JU IBA is way better!

5 School of Business, BRAC University

This is one of the best business school in the sub-continent. They provide world class education. They have a great amount of intellectual bodies.

Best in class
Great faculties, and they cover comprehensive syllebus.

Related to original business scene of the world as well as Bangladesh

Best of the best

6 School of Business, University of Dhaka

If IBA, University of Dhaka is the Harvard Business school of Bangladesh, this one is the Stanford. Period.

Pioneer of all business school in Bangladesh...

The mother of all business school.

No need to comment

7 School of Business, East West University

"One of the best learning schools for the students." It is well equipped with all other extra facilities along with excellent faculty members.

The students of East West University are acquiring practical knowledge with academic knowledge.

I voted because it's not 7th for sure. It deserves a better rank.

One of the best learning school of business for the students.

8 The School of Management and Business Administration, SUST

A degree from The School of Management and Business Administration at SUST can propel you to Top at any organization. So just keep studying here and keep Voting... ! Thank You... ! Syed Mohammad Shahadatul Islam.

One of the most promising and dynamic business school in Bangladesh with world class standard.

SUST business school is one of the most prestigious one in Bangladesh.

Undoubtedly best syllabus and promising school of the world.

9 Faculty of Business Administration, Bangladesh University of Professionals

As you know this is one of the youngest university compared to all public and private university listed for better bba program in here or any other sites according to native universities of Bangladesh.
I am not biased but just providing the fact that ,somewhere bup listed in upper side of the rank and somewhere it listed a bit little lower side compared to other renowned and more aged universities. Age is the matter of concern for varsities to add varieties and reputation to their academic programs . Bup have done excellent in that ratio compared to it's age .
And this fact shows no doubt that in upcoming years it'll be one of the most leading university

I wouldn't say it's the best but you can hardly matchup any of the University with this in any sort of standards.
Discipline can lead you towards your destination so here is the platform...

Being a student of this institute.. I know how much it helps a student in the business field.

Disciplined university in Bangladesh. it is the university which is gaining reputation so quickly in BBA...

10 Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka

It must be in the 2nd position in ranking for it's wuality of teacher's, student & also teaching method.& There is no doubt the best students of business faculty across the world are here.Because it's admission test is also highly competitive.

Certainly it should be in the 2nd position not only for the admission test but also for the rich faculties and the amenities that are provided to the students.

The best business school forever.

Certainly it is the best

The Contenders
11 BBA, Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)

One of the best faculty in Bangladesh. Teachers are so qualified and experienced.

100% true that one day BUBT will be best in BBA in Bangladesh!

In future it will be the best university for bba in Bangladesh

BUBT has Good Environment for all students for quality Education

12 Faculty of Business Studies, Jagannath University

It is no doubt that Jagannath University is one of the top universities in Bangladesh. Actually we should be understood what is top institution, where recruit meritorious students...or students from higher middle class / higher class who can efforts high tuition fees.

Filled with talented & aspirant teachers.
Education of Business administration along with real life case solving experience are in the apex here. FBS of Jagannat University is a Dream to BBA lovers.

It is obviously top Business school in Bangladesh. Because top students try to get admission here through a tough competition.

It is one of the top two public universities in Bangladesh for Business Studies.

13 BBA, American International University of Bangladesh

This is one of the best business school in Bangladesh. Because their education facilities and others facilities like have highly qualified faculty members make students next business leaders for the market.

How come number 1 business school is in number 14!?

This is the best private university.

AIUB should not be in the 15th position. Obviously it is better than Chittagong University, SUST, Jaganath, UIU, BUBT, IUB... So please get more experiences on university... And then come to vote here. Ami jani ay vote gula je jar university re korse... Jaa uchit na...

14 IBA, Rajshahi University

The pioneer business school in Bangladesh with a largest campus. still holding it's reputation through best quality education, research and a good corporate relation. It is the best business school in Bangladesh for its good academic atmosphere, faculty, state-of-the-art technology education and strong presence of it's graduates in job market.

IBA, it's first-rated for good environment for quality education.

IBA is the brand in BD. For providing better education so its no doubt that IBA RU is Best.

Best for presentation

15 School of Business, United International University

UIU is one of the best university in Bangladesh. no doubt, their "School of Business" department is very very strong & highly qualified. They provide Quality knowledge. The best place to persue your higher study of Business.

It's one of the Best university of Bangladesh.

16 BBA, Chittagong University

The pioneer business school in Bangladesh is still holding it's reputation through better quality education, research and a good corporate relation. It is the best business school in Bangladesh for its good academic atmosphere, faculty, state-of-the-art technology education and strong presence of it's graduates in job market.

The BBA program of Chittagong university is one of the best in Bangladesh. Chittagong university is pioneer to introduce BBA program (1988) in Bangladesh followed by Jahangirnagar and Khulna university and IBA of Dhaka university.

This is one of the best business schools in Bangladesh. Chittagong University is the pioneer to launch BBA program in Bangladesh. The Faculty of Business Administration started BBA program in 1988.

It's a grate pleasure to be a part of the prominent school of Bangladesh. Excellent environment, big campus one of the most biggest Library with abundant quality books, theses, journal...

17 Faculty of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University
18 BBA, Daffodil International University

It is the most valuable University in our country.

Best business faculty

Improving day by day.

19 BBA, Khulna University.
20 Army Institute of Business Administration, Savar

This is new institute
but its proves its one of the best Business School in Bangladesh.
Which institute Run by Bangladesh Army

It has wonderful discipline and quality
and excellent faculties
to proves one of the beat Business school of Bangladesh.

It's new but already it started to prove itself.

Its one of the fastest growing IBA in Bangladesh.

21 BBA, Southeast University

I am not saying that it is a outstanding for BBA but quite excellent for BBA, Yes it is outstanding for textile department. we hope that it will be more improved there all department.

Not bad. Its well. and I think it is very good for just BBA department.

I think it is the best

It is the best for bba

22 BBA, NSU.
23 BBA, EWU.
24 BBA, United International University
25 International Business School (IBS), IUBAT - International University of Business Agriculture and Technology

I personally think that...IUBAT... is the best than others University in our country. I contain it has provided better education about our own groups and subject and take care over all students who admitted there for their better academic completion. It's atmosphere also nice than the others. It's building infrastructure sometime charming to me. Finally I can say it is the best for affordable costing. I expect about the university may it long live which many students get chance to complete their Graduation and post Graduation.

Best higher education provider compared to other private uni in affordable cost

Highly qualified faculty members, world class curriculum, rigorous grading policy and many other unique features have made it the best business schools in the country.

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