Top Ten Best High Schools in the Philippines

We're building a list of the best high education institutions in the world. Some factors you want to focus on include quality of teacher/professors, ability to participate in research, location, student community and career preparation. If you know a school that deserves the title "Best High School in the Philippines" then join us and put it on the list.
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1 The Sisters of Mary School

The greatest miracle of Fr. Al Schwartz. Providing free education for the poor but qualified students. They mold their students not only for intellectual learning but also spiritual values so that when they graduated and leave the institution, they are ready to face the real world which is the society where in the constant battle of good and evil would be the greatest challenge. "Run lightly in the way of the Lord..."

I was one of the products of this school and I can attest that we were provided with the best quality of education one can have in the country.

The school is a heaven on earth. It may be considered as a school found if Utopia ever existed. It serves the poorest of the poor. There, a student is given food, shelter, spiritual and moral support, medicine and everything that one needs in this world. And all are given for free... The only payment that they asked for is that the student should study well and that she/he should live a faithful Christian life.
And of course, in terms of academics... The school gives the highest education possible. They only let the best of teachers to teach and the curriculum there is always updated, fitting to the needs of the changing world. The school do not only provide the knowledge needed but they also let the students acquire skills that can help students in acquiring a stable job lest they pursue college...
There are many proofs of its superior education through the winning of its students every now and then...
I can say this because I am a proud product of such institution...

I will be forever grateful with The Sisters of Mary School. To its founder, Father Al, to all the sisters, teachers and to my fellow school mates. Without this school I consider myself nothing. I wanted to pursue my high school study back then but my parents cannot afford the secondary education. It was already mid of August and the school year has already started but I'm still not enrolled. I heard about the Sisters of Mary School in Sta. Mesa that's giving free education to poor but deserving students. I asked my parents if we can try my luck there. Armed with my baptism certificate, school card and 15 pesos in my mothers pocket, I found my self outside the gate of the school crying and begging for Manong Guard to let me in. It was raining hard and the only protection we have is a torn upside down umbrella we borrowed from a neighbor. Luck has struck like a lighting when one of the sisters saw me and after a quick interview admitted me. My life has changed since then. Equipped with ...more

2 Cavite National Science High School

I was one of the students from my primary catholic school who belong to the first batch who started in Cavite Science during my time then in 1995. This school has been known for excellence and best high school in Cavite that time and continued to be until now. Not only are students given chance to excel academically, they also have a balance as there are extracurricular activities that they can engage in. I can say that each batch who has graduated consist of students who are now successful in the careers they chose. I'm proud to be a graduate of this school - and so are my siblings.

Studied here for 5 years and I had the best experience (esp my first 4 years before the pandemic.) Cavsci helped me grow in different aspects of life. I learned how to become independent and stop depending on my mom and tutors for school requirements. The school deserved this spot

An exclusive public high school that is capable to enhance the students to engage, to explore and to excel who are able compete in regionals, in nationals and even global competitions when it comes to academics and researches. This high school is one of the finest schools, not only for enhancing the skills of students, but also for disciplining and making the students morally upright young citizens of the nation.

Established in 1902. CNHS is one of the oldest and premier national high schools in the Philippines. This school is divided in special science classes where students who have proven their excellence in academics will receive extra privileges in quality education and facilities and the regular classes that follow the curriculum from the Dept. Of Education. This school is always one of the source of the successful UP students.

3 Philippine Science High School

An alumni from the main campus here. I think what made the school one of the best for me is that students are encouraged to excel not only in the sciences. All students were given ample opportunity to show that they could excel as well as overwhelming support when they proved that they deserved it. The school, while it does focus on education, also allow and encourage extracurricular activities and respect for diversity present due to the diverse origins of the students. Diversity in terms of economic capability, religion and gender just to name some of the more obvious.

The academic program is rigorous but it's worth it. Not only do they prioritize academic performance, but also good behavior. Once you graduate in Pisay, you'll surely have the advantage in college for you already experienced the rigorous curriculum and by that time you've already learned how to manage your time properly. It's really hard studying in this school but you will most likely become an excellent student and a disciplined human being after graduating here.

Pisay is not like any other high school. The workload is mad, and you're expected to pass every requirement with the highest quality possible. The lessons are highly advanced. When I was in my freshman year, we were already studying topics fit for the first and second years of college. The standards are incredibly high, and life in campus really feels like a fairy tale. Well, most of the time at least. Sometimes it feels like hell (hello completion week, I'm looking at you ;)). It's hands-down the best the country has to offer; you might struggle a lot, but when you reach college, it'll pretty much feel like a review session of high school.

Simply the best the country can offer. Not only treated as the premiere high school in the Philippines, it also is dubbed as one of the best pre-college education Asia. With its advance college-level curriculum and teachers trained as scientists (non-LET), this school system provides its gifted students the proper environment to unravel all the academic potentials they have.

4 Cavite State University Science Laboratory High School

An exceptional school with quality education, Cavite State University Science Laboratory High School produces astute, talented individuals prepared to smite and slay the dragon of problems of our country and help us reach the princess in the tower - victory.

I'm an Alumni of the Science High School and belong to the second batch from when it started. Very rigorous academic program which really prepared me for college. The foundation it gave me enabled me to graduate Summa Cum Laude from a private University in the US.

This school is probably one of the best science high schools in the Philippines, but still keep a low profile. Let's face it people, many shs in the provinces produce globally competitive individuals and this school is no exception.

Formerly Don't Severino Agricultural College Lab School! Proud to say we are six in the family ho graduated in this school, and my child is excited for her first day as High School student in our dear Alma Mater!

5 Manila High School

Proud alumni of the school. Had a very difficult high school because they are so advanced. Was juggling 2-3 science and 2 math subjects per year. But all the hard work paid off, got in all college/universities and got a full scholarship in one of the schools I applied for. College life was easy since most of the topics were taken during my high school. Plus during my time, we were winning not only nationwide competition, but also overseas.

The School Really pushes you to your limit and once you've reached it, it pushes further. After a year, when I look back I am shocked at how far I've come. It was hard to get in and even harder to pass but It's very much so worth it.

The teachers teach very well, they teach us to have great attitude, being independent and being smart. A PhiSci friend of mine said when he was in MaSci there were more homeworks, experiments and quizzes.

One of the best high school in the country, also located in one of the best historical place in Manila.

6 Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School

I graduated in PGMNHS on class 2020 and I experienced my most memorable memories there wherein the students is jolly, easy to hangout with. And I spend my most childishness personality. And that's exactly why I am now or what personality I have. Because the schools didn't only mold me by the grades but also to be the humble, educated and polite person and that's why I voted PGMNHS as a best school here in the Philippines.

As an alumnae of PGMNHS, I can testify to the quality of Education it brings to its students, not only that, it ensures that its graduates or future alumni are of competence, morale, and character. Pedro Guevara is truly deserving of a place when it comes to the Top 10 Best High Schools in Philippines.

Pedro Guevera Memorial National High School is a public school of the finest. It really challenges you intellectually and personality-wise. It's just a wonderful place to meet the most diverse of people since students from every city/town in the province of Laguna partake into the sacrificial time of traveling just to study at the school. The teachers are one of the finest when it comes to teaching and mentoring - students create wonderful relationships with teachers outside and inside the school's premises. The Supreme Student Council is to brag for since it has gathered numerous awards from regional to national levels. Leaders are what Pedro Guevara creates. Students are also very competitive when it comes to all areas of ability. We nurture excellence and adaptability among the students that are highly essential in life.

I am a proud student of this school! This place trains even the poor to be the best. Even without tuition fees, you would really feel like you are in a private school. Even if you are lazy or diligent, smart or not, poor or rich, girl or boy, teachers would always make sure to keep you on the track that you must take to reach the success you'll need for your life. A very inspiring school and this place helped me to really improve my attitude towards studying, to give importance to education and dream as big as possible, because we are we. Addition to this, teachers are really funny and they make the lessons easier to understand.

7 Dona Montserrat Lopez Memorial High School

It's a public school productive in making numerous successful professionals to this day. Building talents, creativity, sports, literature, science, technology, engineering, etc. As foundation for the students to college.

I have so many good friends came from this school. Thumbs up to them! Proud Silaynon here!

Dear alma mater

8 Rizal High School

Hi! As of now I am studying at TagSci. I love all teachers here because of their passion for teaching. I learned a lot, especially in research subjects and now we are competing in Regional Level and soon at Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition (HKSSPC 2019). At first I don't wanna went to this kind of school, but my parents push me to study here so that it will not too hard for me if I take up High Standard University in college. Right now, I'm not repenting of what I've been decided way back 2015. Thanks a lot Tagaytay City Science National High School.

The rich history and line up of alumni that this institution has produced for the past decades have been exceptional. Graduates of this high school excelled in almost every discipline that they chose to make as a career. The passion that they have for learning never ceases to amaze me.

This institution is really one of a kind. It promotes excellence and discipline to its students thru the help of world-class teachers and administrators. Also, RHS is one of the largest high school in the country which gives the students more access to education and eventually graduate and be successful in their own lives.

I am graduate here. It has a reputation of being a highly competitive school among the topnotch schools in Metro Manila. If you are a representative of this school in an interschool competition, you are admired and respected by studenta of other schools including Pisay.

9 University of the Philippines Integrated School

I have encountered students from this school and they were very exceptional. I was able to visit the school before and even became an observer on some classes. Their lessons were much more advanced compared to what they teach in other schools. I've noticed that the students were diverse too and are very active and participative. Not to mention the kind of requirements they give out to the students - paper works. University of the Philippines Integrated School didn't fail on really preparing their students for college life. Great school.

The pressure and experience is a perfect stimulation in preparation of the college life. Professors are influential and so are the families built within this school. It welcomes a brand of real life to students inside together with the hope of helping our country.

Offers a good competency between you and yourself. UPIS is where you can find the challenge just within you. It may be hard for me to adjust at first but it came out that professors there are really one of the bests! Honor and Excellence!

A very diverse environment, with very intellectual and influential professors who mold students of honor and excellence.

10 UP Rural High School

UPRHS provides comprehensive training and skills in preparation for college life, not only in academics, but also self development thru their extracurricular activities like recollections/team buildings, sports activities, social gatherings (JS Proms), survival skills (camping, swimming/diving, bivouac) and vocational skills (dressmaking, cooking, poultry, piggery, gardening). No tuition fees for the students but to facilitate all the activities, there are minimal contributions for the expenses including the venues, transportation, foods, training fees.

Only UP Rural High School students and those who have experienced teaching and learning in this school may know and would realize that this is the best school that molds individuals to face "real" life. The challenges, trials, rigors of teachings and exposures, activities, among others, give the students the best opportunities to bring out the best in them. Of all the UP administered high schools and other secondary schools, UP Rural High School stands unique and incomparable. When a Philippine Science High School student was once asked what school offers them best competition - UP Rural High School was the only school mentioned.

Real students of UP Rural High School always give their best and God will do the rest!

Sure, there are always the odd ones out who don't fit in with the jack-of-all-trades image, but no one can deny that the unique and diverse curriculum makes for a very good starting point for college curriculum, both in the sciences and the arts. Throw anything from indigenous music of the Filipino people, to Shakespearean literature, physics theories or even agriculture, a well-taught UPRHS student will be able to engage you in the most interesting discussions.

Aside from the sciences, part of the curriculum of this school is to teach life skills to its students. It's really a bragging right to college telling others that you've experienced farming, slaughtering chickens and pigs, and even hammering and welding. Those are skills that you need to survive and to do work other than academics.

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11 Trece Martires City National High School

Known for excelling in every school competition; be it sports, dancing, academic-related competitions, or journalism. Produced excellent students that stand on even ground with the country's best schools. The facilities, buildings and personnel is something that this school can be proud of against the top schools of the country.

It's not all about what you will learn, it is about what you will experience to learn and get ready for your future. Well I could say that this high school got all what it takes to be the best high school.

I am a proud alumna of this school and a part of the Science Class, specifically SC '14. I must say that the faculties really offer a great quality of education. Plus, the advance classes that we've had were really a big help in our college life. Also, I am blessed to be a part of the The Martyrs,one of the best schoolpaper publication in the Philippines. Kudos to all the people who exerted their efforts just to make TMCNHS a pride of the country.

The Martyrs, the official school publication, consistently bags glorious spots in Higher press conferences like the recently conducted National Press Conference held in Koronadal, South Cotabato.

12 Makati Science High School

No matter how many flowery or appraising words I intend to use for this 'review', there will never be enough. Amazing artists? Check. Advanced and rigorous subjects? Check. Healthy athletic competitions and interactive events? Check. Exchange programs? Check. International, national, regional, and local events? Check. State-of-the-art facilities and classrooms? We started from a typical public high school setting but you probably heard of the overpriced building issue. I bet an American college student tuition fees that you'd disagree about the waste of money stand on the issue when you meet one of ours. Not one student was a waste of subsidy of the government (legit or not).

What I loved about studying in Makati Science was the student body was so diverse. You would have students coming from both public and private schools, with academic prowess being the uniting factor among the students. Also, the school had a lot of extra-curricular activities that I believed shaped a lot of its students to be well-rounded individuals. It was also a very humbling experience studying in MakSci, where practically everyone was at the same level academically, so it kept us grounded, and sort of forced us to look for our edge.

Man, to know the BEST high school, you must first even satisfy the very definition of being a high school. In one's stay in the school, a student must not only develop academically (Though it IS a category where MakSci is absolutely feared. Local or international, heavily favored or underdogs, we just do our best and represent our school with beaming pride. Furthermore, MakSci possesses great quality tools, facilities, and some of the best teachers with various teaching approaches to accomodate any learning style of a student, a must to every school).

Not just a high school but EVERY school must also be able to develop a student physically, socially, holistically, spiritually, and many other aspects in life. Furthermore, the school is also supreme in terms of career preparation since the institution exercises a retention policy that equips a child to be successful in future.

I can go on and on, but I will never be able to fully describe why Maksci deserves to be one of ...more

This school certainly gave me an advantage when I started studying overseas after migrating to a year ago. I did not finish high school here but the 3 years I've spent in this internationally-awarded and locally-famous school were the best years of my life. The diversity of students - coming from different walks of life -here, makes everyone feel welcome and not out of place. The teacher here are great. Many of them have been given prestigous awards and some are even graduates from Makati Science. Trully, this school is the best.

13 University of the Visayas - Secondary The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.
14 Tagaytay City National Science High School

I graduated from Tagaytay City Science National High School. Before, it was just a public high school established by the Francis Tolentino Government. Students from this school became great achievers and leaders in the Universities and Colleges they attended in college. Great thing about this is its development from a simple public high school to a very productive high school in Cavite. Now, their products (students) aids in the advancement of many sector in Tagaytay and Cavite.

I'm still a student of Tagaytay City Science National High School and I can say that this school makes you a better person and you can learn many things here not just mentally but also physically, socially, and spiritually. This school is very amazing and we are now ISO Certified. And I am so proud that we are the first school that is ISO Certified here in the Philippines. Also, our school compete not just nationally, but also internationally. Our school already have many achievements that we should be proud of. We can Excel in anything, we won many contests on Robotics, Research, Journalism, and many more. We, Batang Sayanista, should be proud that we chose to learn here in Tagaytay City Science National High School.

I am proud to be a Sayanista. Home of the brave and excellent people. We have great teachers that will mold you and help you bring out the best in you. When I was in college and you introduce yourself that you studied here all of your classmates will look at you amazed. Allthrough out the years this school made a lot of great leaders of today in different fields. You will definitely fee that you need to be at your best everyday as the students as so competitive and coaches will push you to your limit until you saw your full potential.

This school helps each of the students to engage and develop more their skills in terms of academic and sports. They guide every student to the right way so they'll reach the goal they dreamed of. They enables every student to study in a way they're comfortable enough. This school is the best start of experience and lessons in life before taking the journey of being a college student.

15 Our Lady of Peace School

Excellent and very approachable teachers together with high quality learning systems which incorporate Religion in the appropriate topics. Moreover, provides a peaceful and harmonious environment that helps students improve not just academically but also in different aspects of life. Likewise, different activities were also done as to hone their skills in other areas aside from reading and writing; Encourages students and teachers to share their talents through various activities.

Christ-centered school with International learning equipment like I-Ready and Lego Robotics. The best Chorale and Drum and Lyre Corps in the City of Antipolo. Under the administration of St. Paul of Chartes, Our Lady of Peace School is the one of the outstanding schools of the St. Paul community. Even the school supported the education of the kids living in Tawid-Tawid. Our Lady of Peace School also have the best and creative teachers you'll ever find in Antipolo. Also, the students are formed into Christ-like persons thru Education and Religion. Our Lady of Peace School is competitive even outside the Rizal Province. Our Lady of Peace School have won many competitions like Robotics, Chorale Competition, and Drum and Lyre Competitions. Excellent Clubs and Orgs that will maximize your child's creativity and passion. Top-quality School Laboratories will boost your child's learning and Great Security with over 30 CCTVs installed inside and outside the school premises.

As a student from 2006, I highly appreciate the efforts of the teachers in Our Lady of Peace School. The learning program called "RCC-WBLS", which is exclusive to this school only, is very versatile and effective to the learning style of the students in this school. Being a Catholic-oriented school, the school mainly focuses teaching on students about being Christ-centered. Different clubs that also placed high in provincial and regional competitions are very competitive. Probably one of the best school I've ever seen.

This is where the true meaning of "Family". Helping one's back when you are done. Students are well trained to know what is the meaning of Discipline, Respect, Humility and many more. This institution covers our hearts and mind that God is truly there for us, with the help of every person inside with the best quality of academics. This school has Heart. All hail the Our Lady Of Peace. (proud Alumni)

16 University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao High School Dept.

University of Saint Louis isn't called "The school of topnotchers" just for nothing. They accept students of any race and status and build them up to be the professionals they are meant to become. As an alumnus of this university, I can say that my they managed to prepare me to adapt in situations and places that I am not familiar with. They guide students to not only be able to fit in but to stand out.

For school FACILITIES... the school always make sure to provide the best for the students, one of the school where all classrooms has a functional T.V. as an instrument in teaching-learning process... they provide classrooms that are conducive for the students... There are CCTV to ensure the safety of every Louisian STARs... There are different computer laboratories with accessible internet, different halls and AVRs conducive for symposiums and seminars and also a library containing educational and helpful books (fiction, non-fiction and textbook), magazines and collaborative games

for the school PERSONNEL's and TEACHING & NON-TEACHING STUFF.. the school always make sure that the teachers that are hired in the HS Department are all qualified and best... They also provide different in-set activities and the like to deepen the wisdom and capabilities of each and everyone... they also send some teachers for seminars outside the school, and encourage them to take higher educational ...more

As an alumnus of the High School Department of USL, I can say that we have best High School not just in Tuguegarao City, but also in the whole Region II. USL-HS is very competitive in all aspects. Academics. Socio-Cultural. Sports. Name it. It's not hard for the mentors to find such talented and skill-wise students in this institution. Also, DISCIPLINE is very commendable. And never shall we forget the love for GOD. Always putting God first in everything we do. Lousian High! STAR TEAM!

Some would say, they are very strict when it comes to the student's discipline. Well, it has a good effect on us. We managed to behave and excel in our academics. I am proud to be a LOUISIAN STAR

17 Ramon Magsaysay High School, Manila

RMHS is a really good and a fun school when I studied there. I also graduated there and a couple of my siblings. I sort of miss it, as we're living abroad after college! I wish to visit someday. (Sigh)

A school who produce competitive student, with high moral and with high self discipline!

A school focused on students development in any aspects.

The best school for me! I want to visit someday!

18 Cagayan National High School

The SPA or Special Program for the Arts have forever baffled me. As a student at International School Manila, everything you can imagine present at an American high school set up is a given to me. Yet as a student, I primarily excell in dancing and all else is pretty average about my grades. Cagayan High offers this SPA program in which you can actually major in Dancing! Not just that but in so many other arts! My sisters are proud graduates of this High school, one being a Theater Major and the other a Music Major. A ton of my cousins also went here ranging from Science Sections to to lowest of the Regular Sections, my cousins are still pretty greqt! Cagayan High offers such a well rounded education and if I am not privileged enough to learn in International School Manila, this school will definitely be my pick.

They are also one of the versatile journalist of the philippines because of their excellence in Campus Journalism. They are the only school that is back-to-back OVERALL Champion in Campus Journalism. Their official Newspapers are the BEST in all over Region 2 in every year since they publish their first newspapers. THE CHRONICLES; their English newspaper. It is so terrifying that when you hear the word the chronicles, you will be scared. and BAGWIS; their official Filipino Newspaper. All the category they are the champion. I bet this is really the Best among the Rest.

CNHS' science curriculum is one of the best! Even if CNHS is a public school, it produces numerous successful students up to this day. Students here are given the opportunity to show and perform what they got; that they could excel. This school developed my skills and molded my personality simply because of the help of our outstanding teachers. knowledge and skills are not just what they teach here, the personnel, administrators, staffs and most of all, the aspiring teachers educate us about good moral values. Best school indeed! Kudos!

Whats great about Cagayan National High School is that it is open to public. They even accept drop outs in order to help them regain their knowledge and be able to start school again. And they also ask for just a tiny amount of tuition fee so that every child can learn. The senior high enrollees doubled the population of their batch. CNHS has been producing countless of successful people over the years. Cagayan National High School is truly one of the best high schools in the Philippines.

19 Don Bosco High School

It's best known for its dual curriculum: Academic and Technical. Bosconians excel at both curriculum!

Yes really the best

It's De La Salle influence from United States of French diaspora of Roman Catholic school like start in New Orleans,LA;East Texas and Dallas. In Philippines, Toledo,Cebu and some provinces in Mindanao. (y)

20 Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School

This school really explains what Science and Technology high schools should be! An instuition that has of course; teachers, which are intellectually equipped, but what's great about them, is that they really demonstrate parent like figures to us, high school students; and students that has abilities to become a socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready citizen of this country.

As a senior high student, it is definitely hard to adjust with the changes. But looking back on the experiences I had, the hardships I faced along with my friends, everything is truly worth it. Here, you get to learn how to study under pressure because they would train and prepare you on how college life really is. I'm proud to say that I'm a product of SciTech. Aim high, StarSci!

Best school in santa rosa laguna! They are great not just in academics but also in extra curricular activities. Some of the students are able to compete regional, national or even international! You truly are amazing!

The school should bring back the Original Curriculum like before way back 2011 which has been removed by the people thought they we're concerned but in reality NOT REALLY... So they can go back to their former glory...

21 St. Scholastica's Academy Marikina

^ And your basis is for saying that is? Bet you don't even know how it is to study inside this school. Academics in this high school is almost the same level as college courses/lessons. The students here are trained to master (if not, at least familiarize) the topics to be used in the future. Given an example, my math subjects during my stay in this school is harder than my math courses in college (and I even come from one of the so-called "Big Four" universities). My point is, you don't need to generalize just because your blockmates """don't excel in anything""". One thing for sure we'd excel at & I bet we would never fail at, is using the values & morality that was shown to us. I bet this school wouldn't be producing so many intelligent & empowered women for several years just because of your unsupported statement.

SSAM has high standards for education and trains their students to be critical thinkers and servant leaders.

All-girls schools are the best. Case closed.

22 La Salle Greenhills High School

De La Salle, is much more than its elegant, neo-classic architecture and modern facilities. A Lasallian education provides the core values that the Christian Brothers instill. Lasallians are blessed for learning several spiritual teachings of Saint La Salle. All students are inculcated with 350 year old spiritual principles that inspire them to be "Signum Fidei" as they "Enter to Learn and Leave to Serve". Saint La Salle, molds Lasallians to "LIVE by the Spirit of FAITH and SERVE with the Spirit of ZEAL".

Well rounded, academics, sports, forensics, arts, organizations, social media, business, extra-curricular.

Well rounded, but very hectic curriculum.

23 Young Rac High School

Why this school is in the top 10!? What!

I don't think so...

24 Governor Ferrer Memorial National High School

One of the Best Schools in Cavite. The students are very competitive in Academics and even in Extra- curricular activities.

One of the best school having science curriculum creating highly-competitive students.

Life is beautiful and so is this school.

Its Alumnae speaks for itself...

25 Lumampong National High School-Indang Annex
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