Top 10 Best Colleges in Bangladesh

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1 Notre Dame College

No doubt, Notre Dame College is one of the finest in Bangladesh. Unlike other colleges, it takes competitive exams for selection. This is the only college that does so.

It also represents the characteristics of our renowned University of Dhaka. I'm proud to be a Notre Damian.

Notre Dame College is undoubtedly number 1. Its position may differ according to the HSC results, but it's not this result that counts, rather the future it's making for our country. The system of determining the position is based on the number of students, which is unfair to most colleges.

It's number 1 by its merits, style, and everything else. Every person who knows about NDC shares the exact same view, and I can guarantee it. I'm a proud student of Notre Dame College.

2 Dhaka College, Dhaka

Without any doubt, Dhaka College is the number 1 college of Bangladesh and as well as Dhaka. Every college has its own pride, and I must respect them. But DC can't be compared with any other colleges because of its heritage and educational quality.

Sometimes, people make mistakes by comparing DC with others, which is not fair. Nothing more to say because everybody knows about DC well. And again, I respect all the colleges as well.

Dhaka College was established in 1841, pioneering the process of nourishing the masterminds of that era. Until now, it has been fuelling the hungry minds of the curious ones. In every moral crisis, Dhaka College responded with full might, consisting of sharp knowledge and strong muscle.

During its journey of more than a century and a half, it might have collected some stains, though its brighter sides still illuminate. The intermediate students learn from the best faculties and are provided an open environment to expand their educational and social skills. Every student excels in board exams and competitive admission exams, as no one from Dhaka College stays behind because it is a matter of pride.

We have the most sparkling students and many shining alumni. We always show everyone how to excel in education and beyond.

So, the revelation remains...

3 Dhaka Commerce College, Dhaka

Dhaka Commerce College is the best for Commerce students, producing good results in the field of commerce. It admits only students with a GPA of 5 or Golden A+. Despite admitting a high number of GPA 5 students, other popular colleges often have a lower number of GPA 5s in the HSC results each year.

However, Dhaka Commerce College is different. Although it admits fewer GPA 5 students, it produces more GPA 5s than the admitted number in the HSC results. This is why our Dhaka Commerce College is called the factory of GPA 5. I feel proud to be a student of Dhaka Commerce College.

4 Dhaka City College, Dhaka

One of the best colleges in Bangladesh. People may judge a college by its GPA 5 rate, but this college provides a lot of facilities to students.

A home of excellence. At first, when I entered this college, I was a little upset. But after some time, I understood that this college is the best.

Not for the ranking, but for the question standard and teaching staff. I compared questions with other colleges a lot. Most people would say it's a college for business study. However, I think it is also best for science.

You can't judge by the results alone. In this college, the science faculty is really awesome. I believe it is an appropriate college for all students.

5 Adamjee Cantonment Public School & College

Adamjee Cantonment Public School & College is the best institution in the country! It's not just a school or college, but a complete package for learning life lessons. The teachers here are just like parents. They treat us as their own children.

I loved its environment, campus, teachers, and the students. Proud to be an Adamjean. I encourage every meritorious student to study here to learn something valuable for life.

I have studied there and I know that it has the nicest environment for study. It's not just about study. It's about everything a true countryman needs to learn, which can be learned from here.

6 Rajuk Uttara Model College

People in Bangladesh think it is no more than a machine firm where raw materials are input and golden results come out. However, we, the RAJUKians, know it is actually more than an educational institute. It is like a home where students learn all moral values with much care.

We find everything around us to pursue our dreams, and in the end, we feel proud to be students of this college. All this makes this college the best in Bangladesh.

Rajuk is not just a college. It's our home. It's the place where we not only receive education but also have opportunities to learn, grow, and get motivated for what's ahead.

We have amazing teachers who care enough to give us life lessons and friends who stay with us throughout our lives. Rajuk is not a college, it's more than that. Rajuk is an experience.

7 Holy Cross College

Holy Cross... Undoubtedly the best college in Bangladesh. Here, we are taught not only to become the best students but also to become perfect human beings, women, and citizens. We were taught how to love our country.

In every Bengali occasion, we observe the day to put a good impact of our culture on the students. We don't miss celebrating a single occasion, yet we are also best at study. We know how to enjoy life as well as how to maintain a well-disciplined life. Love you, Holy Cross.

8 Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

The best college and school in Dhaka. The atmosphere is really amazing, and the teachers are lovely. The college campus is very beautiful. Students are made to learn discipline and many more better values here.

This college is not only the top for education, but students here also learn discipline while studying. It boasts one of the nicest campuses available for students. RIPUBLICAN is always top. We have top alumni around the world. So, there's nothing to say except to accept that we are the top and to send your future generation to our beloved college.

9 Dhaka Residential Model College

Dhaka Residential Model College is the largest college in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. It has a huge campus of 52 acres containing 13 football fields, 3 academic buildings, 6 houses (student hostels), teachers and staff quarters, and lots of gardens and greenery. It is the only government autonomous school and college in Bangladesh.

This college can offer you all kinds of co-curricular activities as there are more than 20 educational clubs. Considering the overall aspect, no doubt this is the best college in Bangladesh!

10 Viqarunnisa Noon School & College

It has one of the greatest academic environments in Bangladesh.

Words can't describe this institution. It's always the best.

This is the greatest college I have ever seen so far!

The Contenders
11 Ideal School and College

Ideal College is one of the best women's colleges of Bangladesh. The lovely teachers teach us to be good students as well as good citizens of the country so that we'll be able to lead the country in the proper way.

This college not only taught us from textbooks but also helped us to become religious, self-dependent, and honest individuals. I'm very proud to have been there.

This is the best college in Bangladesh. The discipline and systems allure me the most.

12 Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Bangladesh Rifles School & College, Dhaka

This college has extraordinarily knowledgeable teachers. I can bet no one would ever forget Awal sir if they had attended his class. Good old memories.

No doubt that it's one of the best colleges in our country. If anyone likes natural beauty, please admit to this college.

It's the best college ever. Its campus is just awesome.

I'm really feeling proud to be a student of Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Bangladesh Rifles College.

13 Rajshahi College

After the return of Higher Secondary Class in 2010, Rajshahi College has consistently maintained its top position in Rajshahi as well as in Bangladesh. Owing to the low number of students, it has comparatively fewer GPA 5 holders. However, the percentage of GPA 5 in the Science group is almost near 100% each year.

The teachers are very kind and sincere. There are many brilliant students from North Bengal. Not to mention, Rajshahi College has many International Olympiad (Physics, Math, Astronomy, and many more!) participants in recent years, and hopefully, there will be many more to come in the future too.

14 BAF Shaheen College Dhaka

One of the best in Bangladesh. It's well-organized, has a huge campus, awesome teachers, and so on.

This is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. It has so many cultural activities and a huge campus, which is the second largest in Dhaka.

I love this college very much. This college stays in the middle of my heart.

15 Al-Hera College

It's a college with the best rules and regulations, fostering an honest life.

16 College Of Development Alternative

It's a college with the best rules and regulations, fostering an honest life.

17 Government Science College

Undoubtedly one of the best colleges in Bangladesh! Though it is a government college, it is well-facilitated, well-mannered, non-violent, and education-friendly. Most importantly, it has two residential hostels that are free from politics.

It has many well-famed extracurricular activities clubs, such as the Debating Club, Science Club, Photographic Club, etc. Anyone who wants to get the best environment for education should admit here.

Some may think Government Science College is underrated, but I can say it is one of the most non-violent, well-mannered, and well-controlled colleges in Dhaka city. Though our results are not outstanding, they are not bad either. We students should be proud to be a part of this college.

18 Milestone College

There is no doubt that Milestone College is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. If we look at other colleges, we can see that they only accept the best students, like the Golden 5 or those with similar qualifications. However, when the results are published, many of the students from those colleges have failed. Even though they accepted the best students, how could they still fail?

On the other hand, Milestone College not only accepts the Golden 5 but also students with a GPA of up to 3.50. And yet, they achieve good results every year. In 2015, the passing rate was 99.40 percent. How is this possible? It's only possible when the college takes extra care of their students. Therefore, I think Milestone College is better than most other institutions.

19 Gulshan Commerce College, Dhaka

GCC is a college dedicated to upholding business education at the higher secondary level. It has an excellent academic atmosphere with a dedicated and skilled teaching panel.

20 Rajshahi Cadet College

It is one of the old cadet colleges among four old ones. This college has great natural beauty and provides a perfect platform for a boy to establish his career. Moreover, the RCC ex-cadets are serving at home and abroad as top leaders of this country.

21 Cambrian College

Cambrian College is the best college in Bangladesh. In 2015, CCD achieved a 100% pass rate in HSC and obtained 70% A+ grades. Though the government has not declared the top ten, the education board ranked this college at 4th position in Bangladesh according to GPA 5.

On another note, it has secured 1st position in the entire country for its 100% pass rate with the highest A+ grades. Undoubtedly, it is the best college in Bangladesh.

Discipline is the key to any success. Cambrian College is a model for learning these important things. Thus, the quality of education is increasing day by day. I hope this college will do better in the future.

22 Ideal College, Central Road Dhaka

This is the best college for underdogs. Teachers are amazing during classes. I think it's not only beautiful but also great for students.

Ideal College is for ideal students. It has great teachers and is run by a great institution. I love Ideal College. The campus is so great.

This college is one of the best of the best colleges. Students who get in there, most of them get out with better grades. So it must be ranked at the top of the lists.

23 St. Joseph College

St. Joseph College offers primary and secondary education, and since 2001, higher secondary education as well. The secondary level includes both science and commerce streams. The higher secondary level adds humanities to the mix.

All levels offer both Bengali and English versions, with each class having two Bengali and one English version section.

One of the best colleges in Dhaka city. This college has a goal to make its students perfect for the university admission exam. Every year, many of the students get a chance in public universities from this college.

24 Dhaka Imperial College

The education system of this college is the best. It has the best digital campus in Bangladesh and should be in the top ten.

This is the best college in Bangladesh. I can say it's the best of the best.

The best college in my eyes. I love my college.

25 Government Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College

Proud to be a student of this college. The environment is admirable, and the education is as well.

I think it's one of the best colleges in Bangladesh.

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