Top 10 Best Schools in Bangladesh

The Top Ten
1 Viqarunnisa Noon School

One of the most disciplined school of our country. It is the most important part of us... All viqis! It teaches us how to love own country and respect our cultures... It helps us to grow up as a good citizen... As a good person... We all viqi's feels proud to be a student of this school... So we think we deserve a great position here... Thanks...

We should be on top of the list... Undoubtedly the best institution for girls...

Viqarunnisa Noon School's contribution in women education and empowerment in Bangladesh is simply undeniable. I am grateful to be a student of this school.

We don't need voting process to see ourselves in the number one position. Our result speaks for itself.

2 Ideal School and College

This is an historical school. Nobody can think other than ideal. Proud to be an ideal. In morning shift there are assemblies, good study, discipline, class 1-3 etc. In day shift there are assemblies, good study, zuhar prayer, discipline etc. Overall, ideal school is the best school in Bangladesh.

Obviously, this is the finest institution in our country. It develops the sense of regularity, religion and many other things. Together er were a family! How can I forget all those sweet memories of my school life! Ideal is the best! Proud to be an 'Ideal'!

Ideal school and College is without any doubt the best school in the history of Bangladesh. I really do believe it. Today what I am and tomorrow what I will be it all started at this awesome place.

It's the best school in Bangladesh. There is no school like it in Bangladesh. It has given us a lot of memory. It taught us how to be a good person & well known person. We are proud to be an Ideal.

3 Government Laboratory High School

This historical School was established on 3rd September in 1961. One of the main reasons for establishing Government Laboratory High School was to assist trainees of the Teacher's Training College to practice teaching. The driving force behind organizing this school was Muhammad Osman Gani, the then principal of the Teacher's Training College. The school was inaugurated by Muhammad Shamsul Haque, the then Director of the Department of Public Education. The first headmaster of the school was Khan Muhammad Salek, taking office in 1961 he served for a total of 12 years.

The Government Laboratory High School is a school located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Govt. Lab. (as it is popularly known) was established on 3 September 1961. The boys' school is a leading public school of the region.

This renowned school has it's own history since from the beginning. We have our martyrs brothers in 1971 from school. Like others I had to fight for the admission in this school and placed 5th out of almost 2000 candidates in 1994. We gathered all the experience and lesson from our beloved and respected teachers, seniors and friends. And now we are in our own carrier path. But the root is this school where we learnt the basic, behave, manner etc you can assume. May this school can carry on in long way and can produce good human being. I am proud to be a laboratorian.
Lab Rules..

Whatever I am now, at first all credits goes to Almighty and my lovely parents. After that, Government Laboratory High School. This is my another little tent upon me where I study, experience the real life, what is friendship, what is bonding, what is unity. I hardly seen these qualities at the same time to any school.. ! Most important thing that this school has given to me that's how to survive and struggle in the long run even though you are not the strongest one but will able to achieve ultimate goal somehow. I love my GLHS.. ! Long Live GLHS.. !

Undoubtedly Government laboratory is the best school in Bangladesh, it has its great academic excellence to prove it, along with it, Govt Lav provides the opportunity to participate in many extra curricular activities, with the top teachers of the country moderating this school it makes this school more excellent. Along with it's rich history and big campus, Government Laboratory stands proud to be number one since 1961

4 Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School

A student who enters this institution leaves not only with the finest education but also with life skills that help him survive and thrive in this competitive world. This institution doesn't have thousands of students passing every year but rather 160 solid personalities that can compete and dominate those thousands. Normally students just go through their school life knowing only their friends but here you can find students on good terms with seniors as well as juniors who are generations apart. Other schools have ex students but we have "JOSEPHITES" regardless of age, colour and religion. St. Joseph is our second home and we have been lucky enough to be a part of its family.

The quality of a school is determined by the awesomeness of her students. Right from the childhood to the adulthood, a person remains integrally attached with a school which helps in building the basics of a student. The humanity, brilliance, sportsmanship everything are taught by the culture of the school. Now, have a look at the Josephites. The most cultured, brilliant minds of the country, Saint Joseph can safely brag that she has produced the golden boys in this country. And yes, there is no doubt in my mind, and there should be no doubt in anybody's mind that our school is the best, not only in this country, but also in this world. Josephites rules

I think St. Joseph Higher Secondary School is the best in the country because it has got the best faculty one could offer. Besides studies, it has got a wide range of co-curricular activities like Sports, Debate, Scout, etc. & we, the Josephites are constantly receiving prizes in any kind of competitions we participate in those sectors. The environment is fantastic, the campus is awesome, and the students are really well-behaved and has got an attitude. For these reasons, St. Joseph Higher Secondary School deserves to be at the top.

A legendary institute, St. Joseph has produced some of the best personalities in this countries history. What is most astonishing is how since being founded in 1954, till date it has maintained a status as the best school in the country. Many schools have taken leaves out of the great St. Joseph legacy and come close, but none have been able to match the regal dominance this school has had forever. Certainly the best school in Bangladesh, in the past, today and definitely tomorrow.

5 St. Gregory's High School

It is one of the oldest and famous schools in Bangladesh. Being a part of the school I feel very proud. It has prepared Prime Minister, President, Nobel Laureate, world famous lawyers, architects, teachers, businessmen, politicians and many others. For me with no doubt it is the best school in Bangladesh. There is no discrimination among the students and teachers. All are known by the words "Gregorian". It helps the students to be good citizens and human beings. It prepares students for this present words and for heaven. It means it gives holistic formation to all students.

It is the best school in Bangladesh. The system of the education of this school is really high qualified.
Beside this, this school is renowned for its good result also. Students are really well behaved and always follows the restrictions and opinions of the teachers. The teachers try their best to give their 100% in the class to increase the knowledge of the students. This is why the Gregorians don't lag behind to tag any good steps and always tries to be in a right path.

One of the oldest and most respectful institution in Bangladesh. Alumnus from this school gone on to become Prime Ministers, Nobel Laureates, CEOs, Famous artists etc. The legacy still continues to this day.

One of the oldest and glorious institutions in Dhaka city established back in 1882. It has produced many national and international level legends in the past days. She served not only for the production of good students but the brighter minds with the ultimate leadership qualities. With all the past glories it's still one of the cherished place for every parents to admit his/her child. Hope SGHS will live long with all her prides. #ProudToBeAGregorian

6 Rifles Public School and College

A school that teaches not only syllabus related stuffs but also values that make a human child a human being. My 13 year of studying at this institution (k. G to 12th), is the best moments of my life. The teachers, the nature, the total environment are helpful for a student to grow. Rifles Public school and college is not a mere institution, it's a second home. Proud to be a RiPublican, lucky to study in such a friendly, beautiful institution.

Talk about education, talk about discipline, talk about knowing our culture, talk about being thought about life... Rifles Pulbic is the best!

I'm a student of this institution for 12 years now (KG-11). I can say my journey was wonderful. The most priceless quality the institution teaches is discipline. The teachers spend half of the class time to teach discipline. The teachers are brilliant in their fields and very much helpful. And the most amazing part was meeting with some teachers like Agarwala sir & Nurul Islam sir. The labs are well occupied. I can say we have the most advanced computer labs among other Bangladeshi colleges. Our college is situated in the BGB campus so it is one of the most secure places in Bangladesh. This area is covered with lots of trees, fields, ponds etc. I'm proud to be a RiPublican.

Rifels public school and college has got an reputation in the whole country. Run by the BGB and a colonel principle, Rifels Public school and college is one of the most disciplined academic institutions in Bangladesh. The teachers are friendly amd helpful. Well arranged lab ensures practical knowledge is being taught properly. With about 200± teaching stuff, it is one of the largest institutions in the country. As it is situated in the BGB Headquarters, the institution is surrounded by mother nature. Being free from sound and air pollution, the students can easily concentrate in studies. As said before, rules are very strict here. So, all the students are well mannered. Finally, Rifels Public School and College has that reputation to be in the upper side of the list.

This school is undoubtedly one of the best schools in Bangladesh. Not only do they teach the kids, they give you a slice of life, offer amazing extra-curriculars and gives you a chance to grow as a person. I'm glad to be a RiPublican and proud to be a part of this one big united family.

7 Holy Cross Girls' High School

This is the best school I have ever seen. Teachers are very helpful. They teaches not only subject's learning but also moral activities, hand writing, reading story books, doing physical activities. We also do some cultural activities for many special occasion, teacher's farewell, student's farewell. We have different types of clubs, computer classes too. Sometimes teachers share their experiences of their lives at school. We really enjoy those. Students there are very friendly.
I am really very much proud to be a crossmer.
I can really tell tel that you will never find another school like HCGHS.

Holy Cross Girls High School trains girls to be self-dependant, courageous, creative & provides the opportunity for huge amount of extra -curricular activities. Even, in study, it doesn't support only suggestion based memorizing answers in a typical way, rather encourages to learn every topic by heart. So, it should be at the first place among all the schools of Bangladesh.

This is not just a mere institution... This is where life gets a beginning. This is the place which creates a lifetime bonding among students, teachers, staffs and the outside world. It is an honor and enormous joy to a part of this school. This school doesn't care about statistics, it just cares about the quality and betterment of the students. That's why, holy Cross School is the best.

I would prefer Holy Cross over any school in the "world". Because it didn't only made us into better students, it taught us to be a better and honest human being. May be it won't get enough votes because this school is strict about having minimum students, it still is the best school in the country.

8 Dhaka Residential Model College

I think Dhaka Residential Model college deserves to be the best school in Bangladesh. Because very few schools in Bangladesh are not as well disciplined, mannered and specious like Dhaka Residential Model College. I've been reading in this school since 2005. That's not the reason I've voted for, the actual reason is the love, affection and respect. I know how we are taught and treated. And this teachings are enough to develop our everything, sooner or later everyone of us realize and become a eligible one both for own and country.
Dhaka Residential Model College has made us, has made us an all rounder, a person of well disciple, soft mannered and good characterized. So my vote goes for my Ex school. Thank you...

There may be debates over which one is the "best" school/college in Bangladesh, but there should be no debate that DRMC is the most "elegant" school/college in Bangladesh. During weekly assemblies, the beauty of its students marching in unison in white shirts, white slacks, black shoes, and blue ties is simply peerless. Few schools/colleges in the country provide as good quality of education as DRMC, but no other school/college (except the Cadet Colleges perhaps) can boast a student-body with such a graceful and refined taste in appearance, dress, style, and behavior.

As per the international standard, a school must have certain facilities such as large playgrounds, residential halls, big auditorium room, laundry system, swimming pool, prayer's room (mosque), etc. besides qualified teachers. After visiting 15 countries and accomplishing higher studies in the US, I can proudly say that Dhaka Residential Model College is the only place which fulfills all the requirements of students at their childhood and thus, helps them to grow as leaders.

In a few words I should say this school has the best things to have in someone's student life! And when one leave the school he regrets to go back again to the childhood days back there.. well disciplined and beautiful school I must say... anybody would love to be a part of this school without any doubt! In the end I have to say that I miss this school far from newyork city! I wish I could be there again in those golden days! Cheers!

9 Rajuk Uttara Model School & College

Its really very hard to get an admission in rajuk college. The rules and discipline are good and well managed. The teachers are highly educated. Its true... Only god gifted meritorious students and highly hardworking students get to read here.

What I am now is only because of Rajuk College... We have achieved success within a very short time.. It's only because of rules and regulations, discipline and teaching methods of college... Rajuk College is the best.. I am Proud to be a Rajukian... m/

Teacher, environment, lab facilities, library, playground, self transportation system, rules and regulation... Everything... Everything in one school... So this the best...

It is the best school in Bangladesh. Because the students and teachers re hard workers. Because of their hard working it achieve the 1st position in every public exam.

10 Dhanmondi Government Boys' High School

The school was established in 1965 and follows the SSC curriculum in Bengali medium. The school enrolls students from class (grade) 1 to 10. The school operates in two shifts - morning and day. In morning shift, there exists one section from class 1-class 5 and two sections from class 6-class 10. In day shift, there are three sections from class 6-class 10. There is no opportunity to study in day shift from class 1 to class 5. Each section has 60 students. Every year about 300 students appear in the SSC, JSC and PSC examination, with about three-fourth in science, and the rest in commerce.

This is where I met my first real friends in whole life. My passing days here were significantly influential in later life, in many aspects. The time is filled with unforgettable memories, that turns into nostalgia and wades back to me like waves; leaving me in a undefined & surrealistic state...

Dhanmondi Government Boys' High school is what kind of grows you into the person you are. I have great memories, good and bad, some learning experiences and some that I'll take with me the rest of my life.

Its all about community and we have the best community. and the great thing is wherever you go for higher studies you'll find a d'boys there! And they will never turn their backs! And will help you in every aspects of your life.

The Contenders
11 Chittagong Collegiate School and College

Starting in 1836 this is undoubtedly the best school in Bangladesh. With a glorious history of producing great students such as Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Dr. Jamal Nazrul Islam, Dr. Abdullah Al Moti Sarfuddin and having students like Humayun Ahmed, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal in different times, this school is one of the oldest educational institutes in the country. No other school in Bangladesh has the unique combination of quality teaching and good educational facilities like this school.

What should be the criteria to evaluate an institution? It may be History, premises, quality teaching, educational standard, result records, producing legends and so on. If so, Ctg Collegiate is undoubtedly, unparallelly the best of the country. It has 184 years heritage; 2nd oldest school of Bangladesh, premises more than 21 acres with lavish beauty; there is mosque, teachers quarters, staff quarters, Head Masters residence, dormitory, gardens, nursery, laboratory, seminar room, library etc; high quality teachers, extraordinary result and legends? Ctg collegiate is master at producing legends the only Nobel prize winner of the country; Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yunus, scientist Dr. Ibrahim, popular writer Humayun Ahmed and his younger brother( another popular writer) Dr. Zafar Iqbal, actor Abul Hayat and many more, it's so tough to findout all of those. For us; who are so proud to be a collegiate, it's always the best in the country; undoubtedly, unparallelly.

It has mysterious quality to create the best memories in one's life. Every time uttering & reminding the name of this school increases the heart beat, it's really amazing to those whoever is (was, will be) involved with this school.

It is indeed a school where we see the wide variety of students from almost all walks of the society. This sort of ambience gives a student the varied projection of human life which he/she cannot learn from the syllabus only.

12 Sylhet Government Pilot High School

It is not only one of the most
Oldest schools in the subcontinent but also a unique & famous institution of the Country. It is the second oldest school in Bangladesh. Since 1836 this elite institution has been serving the whole locality & providing a lot of meritorious individuals to the nation. The students of this school continuously keeping their sign of success throughout the whole world. No other schools in Bangladesh have the potentiality to perform excellently since the beginning like SGPHS. Really, Iit's a great School & I am very proud that once I was the student of this school.

Country's one of the oldest educational institution is not only historically important establishment, but also a home to produce nation builders including freedom fighters, politicians, high profile govt officials, businesses, social workers and many more. This is a place where we share brotherhood irrespective of race, religion or any other identity. Where bonding created through knowledge, based on emotions not as a medium of competition. That's why the institution creates good human being to serve the nation.

One of the best school in Bangladesh which helped to build solid foundation to many talented students, prepared them for future challenges and most of them are well established now in different areas in their professional life, graduated from top universities both in Bangladesh and abroad! They spread all over the world and working for world's top institutions, became doctors, engineers, bankers, scientists, chartered accountants.

I'm proud of my school!

The school which is far by the best than any other schools of Sylhet Division & one of the best in whole Bangladesh. Not just in education but also in every sectors. The school has a very top notch history in Education Board, Inter-High School Cricket/Football tournaments, National Debate tournaments etc. The students of this school is not just good in academics but also in extracurricular activities. Repeating again no other school of Sylhet has a history like this. Which is to be good in every sectors not just only in academics. This makes Sylhet Government Pilot High School unique. No wonder that from 1836, this school has kept its sequence of success in every sectors. Producing notable alumnus better than any other school of Sylhet. Long live PILOTIAN BROTHERHOOD.

13 Sylhet Blue Bird High School and College

The time I spent in Blue Bird was great. The teachers actually cared about the students and weren't just there to gather more student's for their tutoring services. I had struggled quiet a bit when I made my transition on to 7th grade, however my teachers provided me with the resources to do well and get back on track. I had developed great character and skills in Blue Bird. Each and every thing that I had done in Blue Bird has made me a better person and has made me capable of thinking critically and logically. I am a much better student now and am currently living in the USA and I have to say, that the experience in Blue Bird has helped me a lot in my journey to become a Nuclear/Mechanical Engineer. Currently I have been accepted to various Universities with full scholarship and am still awaiting for acceptance from some IVY leagues and I have to thank Blue Bird for this experience.
Basically, It is one of the best schools in Bangladesh and it should be known, whether it gets to ...more

Alhamdulillah, be a student of Blue Bird is one of the best part of my life. I spent my whole school life there. Along with the studies this place teaches me how to be a better person in every dimensions. I am really grateful to the teachers and every single person by whom I can come to this stage of my life. I really feel very proud we I found a blue birdian in a very good position or doing something worthy. We have our steps not only in Bangladesh but also in every corner in the world. Allast I am proud to be a Blue Birdian.

The best ever school in Bangladesh with continuous top result scorer for many years. Students of this institute have the only reason to vote for their beloved school because they are proud to be with this school.

I don't can't say anything about this school, its all about memories emotions and love, affections... And its statistical reputation is very well known, so that I don't need to tell. Proud to be a lie bird.

14 Chittagong Muslim High School

This school has a long glorious history and also produced some of the best brilliant mind for the world. School environment ensures a healthy atmosphere to be grown up as person for the family, society,country and for the world. Here you will learn what is right and what is wrong. Students from different walks of the class and family teach you how to act in any situation. Here you will enjoy your life with entertainment that you will remember through your life

Long Live "Muslim High School".
Here we fall and learn how to rise.

This school has a significant reputation in chittagong city. It is mostly renowned for its noteworthy results in any public examination platform. Academic study apart the students
of this institution are learned the basic rules and regulations of life. The teachers are very enthusiastic here to learn there student all that is needed.
The school authority is also strong here and monitors everything carefully

The school deserve a sound ranking..

Everyone is proud of their schools, everyone wants their schools to be first, but it's not what I want. I studied in few more schools. GMHS is a place where we learn more than a school teaches
It donated most of it unused lands at several govt. works or social activities. we got few great guys from here at top level of Bangladesh like other famous schools too.
Most of the parents want their son to get admit in a famous school cause they think it can help for study. but for GMSH it's different, some parents think it can be good for character development of a Muslim boy including being universal, as well as study.
GMHS just deserves it so.

Chittagong Govt. Muslim High School I. E my school is a school where educational environment & the quality of education is not only good but also the best & friendly in all over Bangladesh... Here we are blessed with lots of honorable & caring teachers... I'm grateful to my school... This is my point of view about my school...

15 St. Francis Xavier's Girls High School

It changes my life... With its touch of the real ray of education I feel blessed... I love my school... It teaches us how to be not only a good doctor or teacher or Banker but also it teaches us how to be a good person... It is the best institute for any girl. I love my school.

"St. Francis Xavier's Girls' High School " it's not only a school... It is our second home. From 1912 it has been working very hard only for the bright future of girls. This school teaches us how to be good person, how to lead a disciplined life. Our school is our pride.RNDM sisters and teachers of our school are very careful about our studies and other extra curricular activities! I feel proud that I am a XAVERIAN.

Miss that place truly. Just best. It makes human beings a good person to maintain and create a new world. They just don't teach us how to read or write. They teach us the how to get the success of life. I truly do miss my headmistress sister luads marry, shet sir, sridam sir, Helen teacher, palma teacher, lipy teacher and all teachers. If I could get a chance to meet them all, I would be a most happiest person ever. I can't explain in words how much I love them & love my school. Love you all

Our schools carries a glorious reputation with dedication of students and respected teachers. We made it and still we are making it. We followed every single rules and still we are applying it in our life. Go Xaverians go... We are the best.

16 Monipur High School & College

It has renown-full tradition and history. The school has been a consistent performer in Dhaka Board's SSC examinations since its inception. It has an enviable reputation of producing some of the brightest high school graduates in South Asian nation. The school adheres to strict moral teachings of Islam and the sense of discipline it instils on the minds of its students tend to reflect heavily in its SSC results each year. The school is indisputably recognised as one of the finest private schools in the country.

Monipur High School & College is one of the best schools in Dhaka and in overall Bangladesh. Although there are some controversies against the managing comity as the admission process is fully controlled by the enrolling managing comity, still Monipur High School & College is a pride for Mirpur.

It's an excellent school with bright past and promising future. This school maintain a consistent exam results plus teaching good behavioural education to all student for a very long time. I wish it'll continue this aspect in future.

One of the Oldest schools in Dhaka. With never before seen success in the Mirpur area. Experienced teachers, Master Trainers, Large caampus, Enriched Library, Decent Environment, Great Events. It should be in the Top Ten

17 Comilla Zilla School

It's the best because it holds students from the very worst and to the very brightest, and make a respectable person out of everyone. It nurtures the "individualism" and DOES NOT simply try to put every pupil through the same so called standard mold. I am proud that I could be whoever I was back there. I am proud that it never told me to that I'd have to grow up to be an Engineer or Doctor. They taught me to be free and live my life. Thank you CZS.

This school does the best at what a Educational Institution should do. It develops the character of the students. Teaches them the right sense of everything. It made me a better person. I'm proud to be a CZSian. This school made me believe that we can go as high as we want to. We just need hard work. So yeah This school is certainly the best school for me. And it is one of the best school of BD

Every sector of Bangladesh is more or less being provided by a CZS-ian. It's not only because of their academic qualification but also for their personality, managing efficiency and morality. Academic record of CZS signifies the effort of its teachers and students. Here it is taught-come for leaning and travel for serving. These unique qualities have made it the best institution in this country.

It's one of the finest public schools in the country. The curriculum is super rigorous and the teachers challenge students how to think. I am really honored and proud to be a part of this great school. It has taught me to take on the challenges regardless of how hard it is..

18 Motijheel Government Boys' High School

I don't know how should I start this. Whenever I start thinking about the centrla's life I feel some heavenly feelings. Because it's not only a school but also a paradise for students. Here we have many teachers whose are blessed with many literally talents and scientific methods. They are very very much sincere about the educational development of the school and they are trying hard to give their best to the students. Here students are also very sincere about their study. And now let's talk about the natural beauty of central. I'm swearing that no one can explain it in a word or even an essay. Nevertheless, Central is one of the best schools in this Dhaka city

Well, every year we come out first in SSC among government school. Our faculty is also in control of regulating the value of national education. We have produced the best debate teams in our entire nation, we also have a very active scout and red crescent group. Our school does very good in inter school football tournament. And our college although being a very new one is also doing very well. How come we are here? We should be at the very top

Not only the teacher, but also the school have big playground, maximum opportunity for other co-curriculum activities, seating arrangement for guardian.

The teacher of this school is very much respective.

The result is excellent & the students of this school is proving their worth continuously in various sector of Bangladesh.

This School is one of the Best school in Bangladesh. Teachers of this schools are highly qualified and students are very brilliant. Results of this school in SSC exam is excellent.

19 Nasirabad Govt. Boys High School

The only school in Chittagong with qualified grassy field and its located at the center of the city. Not only the premises, but also the ambience of this school is truly fantastic! Highly qualified teachers, helpful officials and coordinates made this as one of the famous and successful schools of Chittagong as well as bangladesh! I spent half of my academic life here, I just can't describe everything here. but I can say that this is the place where I found to understand what life is and how to lead life in a good way! Best wishes for my love, my school. ♥

The best institute for making a complete individual. If anyone has the luckiest opportunity to read here he will have his greatest memory of his life here. Nasirabad Government High School has the best study facilities best field, best teachers.
And I'm sure my son will continue the legacy here in sha Allah

If anyone asks me about which institution in your life was best? I would say without a doubt Nasirabad Government High School.. I'm proud enough to be a part of this school.. We have literally everything to called a Best school..

I think it is one of the best school of Bangladesh becasue it gives not only education but also gives manners, behaviours. Environment of a education institute is very helpful to a students for growing up physically and mentally. I think the school give these properly

20 Willes Little Flower School

I'm not gonna comment on the disciplines and teachings of this school. I'm just gonna say, I had my whole life till yet in this school and I enjoyed and learned a lot from this place. This place is really lively and is always in action. This is one of those schools which, if you know how to adapt to the environment of the place, will show and teach you a lot of things about life!

Willes Little flower is one of the best school in Bangladesh which is in the centre of Dhaka city at Kakrail. School campus is very large and beautiful. In willes Little flower school teachers are very qualified and well mannered, So after study from Willes a student is not only well educated but also a good Human being...

For me, willes is not just a school. It's a place like no other. It's such a big school with so many friendly and helpful people. Spent about 8 years in willes. I have a lot of memories. How can I forget it?

It is the most beautiful school campus I ever found in Dhaka and the best facilities are there. They provide a friendly environment and standard education for the student...

21 Adamjee Cantonment Public School

I think one of the best School & College now in Bangladesh... Well qualified teachers... The best think is THE CAMPUS... I don't think any of the school & college has huge area like Adamjee... Environment is one of the major factor for education...

Adamjee, the name speaks it all. On the basis of results we may be amongst the top 10. But the environment, the teachers, the facilities are beyond comparison. Best in word best in work. Strict in discipline.

I think it is one of the best school of Bangladesh becasue it gives not only education but also gives manners, behaviours. Environment of a education institute is very helpful to a students for growing up physically and mentally. I think adamjee gives it properly

This is the best school in Dhaka. It has large campus, many classes, labs, brilliant students and teachers. there is no school like this

22 Engineering University School and College

For not having a huge number of students... this school is out of people's noticing. But if you see the performances of this school, you'll realize that no other school can beat Engineering University School and College! The teachers are the friendliest and the best of all. Proud to be a student of this school.

Everybody loves his school. They want their school in top. Everyone believe their school is the best. So do I. Our's isn't the biggest in the city, but I believe it's a great school & also our teachers.

So far.. This is my first and last institution... This school has a very friendly environment... And the teachers are really great... All my fun memories are attached to this school...

Only because the numbr of students in not as huge as the other schools, many doesn't notices it... ! But considering the results and other activities it is certainly one of the bests! Cheers!

23 Faujdarhat Cadet College

The best high-school in Bangladesh owns the very first Rhodes (Oxford) and Gates (Cambridge) scholars of the nation, including ministers of the govt, chief election commissionar, vice chancellors of public and private universities, world renowned health expert, scientists, historian, economists and so on. It is simply the Eton of Bangladesh.

This is not just a school!...This is our second home where we spent the glorious six years of our lives initiating from Class 7 up to Class 12. Undoubtedly, it has the best campus with a staggering area of 180 acres with every facilities and amenities that anyone from outside can only dream of...the bonding, the brotherhood among the cadets as well as the ex-cadets is simply unimaginable...and this school has produced leaders through out its entire lifetime till now who have served the country in very respectable positions. I am a proud Ex-Faujian.

It's my opinion that it can never be compared with the other schools because of the fact that it's not even a school. It's a home and it teach every aspects of our life unlike other schools. And needless to say I'm proud to be a part of this community.

This is not just a school, a second home to its ex and present students. It has all the facilities a teen requires to grow perfectly. This institution builds students in a way so that they can cope with any unfavorable situation.

24 Notre Dame College

Notre Dame college needs voting ti be the best? Like seriously?

"You kidding? It's legendary! "

25 YWCA Higher Secondary Girls' School

Well YWCA is a pretty new school with few graduating students, so it may not come into competition with voting... But I'm sure most of the students in different schools listed here has started their student life from here if they are from Dhaka. Proud to be a YWCA student.. And I'm sure one day it will be in the top most list

YWCA is a well mannered school where discipline is must. It has fame not only in Bangladesh but a lot of countries in the world.. Proud to be a student of YWCA

As a student of YWCA, I'm really proud and overwhelmed.
I taught discipline, manner and obviously well-education from here. For me it's the best

YWCA is more than an institution to me. It made me who I am today.

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