Top 10 Best Private Universities in Bangladesh

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1 Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)

This is my university. I'm proud of my university. We have a permanent campus. The authority of BUBT has played an important role.

As a student of English literature, I have to say that we have some awesome teachers. They treat us like their friends. Our campus is totally free from any kind of politics and violence.

The most remarkable thing is that our authority is always concerned about the examination system. So here, the students enter the exam hall with knowledge of the text.

On the other hand, we have a cultural club where students can show their creativity and craft.

Arafat Himu.

2 North South University

The faculty members are very accomplished, with PhDs from American and Canadian universities. It has a unique campus, large and comfortable multimedia classrooms, the largest private university auditorium in Bangladesh, the most resourceful library, and a unique teaching method.

Additionally, students from NSU are performing excellently in their workforce, in companies such as Unilever, British American Tobacco, UCB, etc.

This university teaches a lot of things besides academic subjects. They will put you under a lot of pressure and make sure you study. But in the end, it's all worth it.

3 Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University is a forward-thinking and internationally focused university in Bangladesh, developing competent human resources with the required skills, cross-cultural competencies, and standards needed by industries.

Daffodil International University will not only be a leader in Bangladesh but will very soon be the top choice for higher study among international students.

Best wishes!

Daffodil International University is one of the leading private universities in the education sector of Bangladesh. It has a wide range of highly qualified teachers who deliver the best education to their students to make future leaders with qualities.

4 American International University, Bangladesh

AIUB is the best engineering university in Bangladesh. Moreover, it has direct collaboration with international organizations and intellectuals. It's the best university of all private universities in Bangladesh.

One of the best in Bangladesh. Always focused on ensuring quality education and producing graduates with world-class skills.

Best private university in Bangladesh because of its rules and regulations. Of course, the teaching quality is very updated.

5 East West University

I personally think that East West University is better than other universities in our country. I believe it has provided better education in our own groups and subjects and takes care of all students who are admitted there for their academic completion.

Its atmosphere is also nicer than the others. Its building infrastructure sometimes seems charming to me. Finally, I can say it is the best for affordable costs. I hope the university may long live so that many students get the chance to complete their graduation and post-graduation.

6 BRAC University

It has direct collaboration with international organizations and also with intellectuals.

BRAC recently ranked number 1, about a month ago, defeating BUET for creating CHANDRABOT, which is the first robot to go to the moon that NASA has accepted. If you don't believe it, search it on Google or visit

This university has great facilities, including a library and labs, and an environment conducive to study, along with very experienced teachers. Thanks.

It's the only place in Bangladesh where you can get a proper education.

7 Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

Excellent teachers, a permanent campus, and a wonderful environment for students. I'm proud to be a part of this university.

The best private university in Bangladesh maintains the best teaching methods and produces quality graduates.

One of the best private universities for engineering.

8 Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology

Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology is one of the best private universities in Bangladesh, primarily because of its high-quality education. Teachers and students always maintain a good relationship with each other.

ADUST boasts an equipped campus, an excellent library, a computer lab, a science lab, and more. ADUST is always there for talented students from middle-class backgrounds who are unable to study at any private university. The educational system here is significantly improved. Therefore, I feel proud of my university.

9 Independent University, Bangladesh

I think it is the best university for Marketing (BBA). Friendly faculties and a good environment for study are present. There is a chance for students to apply what is taught in the class practically, like in service carnivals, ad-making, company surveys, and, last but not least, they have LFE201 "Live in Field Experience."

Facilities like excellent full-time faculties, well-designed courses, and a campus that has all state-of-the-art facilities make Independent University Bangladesh one of the best private universities in Bangladesh.

10 University of Information Technology & Sciences

This is a low-cost university but provides high-quality education. There are many facilities for students. It has many faculties, and every teacher at this university is friendly. Also, the teaching system is the best.

So, I feel proud to be part of the University of Information Technology & Sciences (UITS).

It is the only IT-based private university in Bangladesh and has more permanent faculty, a rich library, and good lab facilities with enough equipment. Their teaching system and quality are totally different from other universities.

The Contenders
11 International University of Business Agriculture and Technology

IUBAT is one of the best universities in Bangladesh because it has a group of hardworking teachers who have completed their higher education at different famous educational institutions like Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, and North South University.

This university has a group of talented students who have the capability to make their mark in their professional careers. And, of course, it has a very good campus of its own with a green, eco-friendly environment.

IUBAT is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. It is well organized with the mission statement of "Human Resource Development," rather than just producing graduates.

Being the first non-government university in our country, it started its journey in 1991 and is now fully equipped with infrastructure and lab facilities for all the existing departments. I hope that in the near future, it will become a supreme research-based campus for the betterment of our nation and the universe.

Good luck!

12 University of Asia Pacific

UAP is so far the best university in Bangladesh in terms of qualified teachers, academic environment, and quality of education.

UAP is the best because this institute builds quality students and offers an actual university experience for potential study.

The teachers are so cooperative and supportive.

13 United International University

Good environment and faculty.

The exam quality is also good.

Their system is very transparent and fair in maintaining all rules and policies I have ever seen.

The education quality is pretty good.

14 Dhaka International University

Best in every way of its management system, excellent faculties, and great opportunities for students to learn new things, practice skills, and extend ideas through a friendly and free learning environment.

The arrangement of different clubs, workshops, study tours, camping journeys, etc., adds to the uniqueness of DIU, which increases with better genuine knowledge. Moreover, the best peaceful library ever with the best stock of books. Freedom in your heart stays genuine with Independent Dhaka International University.

I am one of them. I am proud of my university.

15 Primeasia University

Primeasia University is one of the leading universities. It boasts world-class teachers and administration. Its position is outstanding. The university offers quality education, better infrastructure, a peaceful and clean environment, and is free from political hassle.

A rich library and impressive equipment are among its features. The education cost is more reasonable than at other private universities. Its Law, Textile Science, and Technology subjects are unique. This university is most desirable for graduation.

It is one of the private universities that has made a remarkable place in the country's education arena in a short term, due to its standard education system and reasonable tuition fees.

Its Textile Engineering department is the country's best. The Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Pharmacy departments are also renowned, while other departments offer great prospects.

16 University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

I think this is one of the better private universities in Bangladesh.

I think it is a better and more dynamic university.

17 Stamford University

Stamford is a private university, but students feel it's a public university because of its nice campus. The university faculty members and management are very friendly. Its education system is very good.

Stamford University Bangladesh is so far the best university in Bangladesh in terms of qualified teachers, academic environment, and quality of education.

I don't know what happens in others, but I know Stamford University is the best for quality education.

18 University of Development Alternative
19 Southeast University

Southeast University (SEU) is an absolutely top-class university in Bangladesh. Yes, all its departments and faculty are gorgeous, and the cafeterias are beautiful.

If you ever visit its permanent campus, you will think that it's the best in Bangladesh. One day, it will be a top-level university in the world. I expect that.

Southeast University is the best university in Bangladesh and is also free from politics.

Southeast University is the best university in Bangladesh because all faculty are very serious about their students.

20 Presidency University

It provides and ensures better education for students. I am glad to be a student of Presidency University.

The best university in our area due to its quality education.

It provides high-quality education.

21 Manarat International University

Manarat International University offers the best educational and creative environment, with very generous and qualified teachers and students who exhibit unmatched morals. It provides the most peaceful learning environment that one can find in any university in the country.

At MIU, there is a constant willingness to better oneself, not only academically, but morally as well. It definitely gets my vote as one of the top universities in Bangladesh.

All the departments of this university are really very good, and most of the teachers are also excellent. Their behavior and teaching style attract the students to give attention to their studies.

All the students of MIU, especially women, receive the best opportunities from this university.

22 International Islamic University Chittagong

This university's campus is full of natural beauty. There is no other private university like International Islamic University. It always maintains a combination of quality and morality.

This is the largest private university in Bangladesh.

Wow! A campus with natural beauty. Proud to be a student of IIUC. Hope the Research Department will be available in every department in the near future.

23 World University of Bangladesh

World University of Bangladesh is the most popular university in Bangladesh that can provide low academic costs and give high-quality education.

I don't know why WUB is ranked 22nd here! It provides quality education. I am a student of the CSE department of this university. Honestly, the faculty of the CSE department is awesome. Everyone is smart and teaches us new-generation technology.

This is the only university that has a "Mechatronix" department. Best university for study at a low cost.

I don't know why this university is at number 22! Come on, guys. It deserves more votes.

It's one of the best private universities in Bangladesh and provides quality education.

24 City University

In our country, most private universities have prohibited the dress code of Islam on campus. These universities don't allow students dressed in Islamic attire to enter the class.

From this perspective, our City University is a role model for inspiring students to obey the rules of Islam. City University takes no tuition fee from "Hafiz of Quran." The students can wear Islamic dress as they wish.

It has a fully educational environment, including a playground, four hostels, and a quiet and calm atmosphere.

There is no doubt that City University is one of the best universities in Bangladesh.

25 Northern University of Bangladesh

It's one of the best private universities in Bangladesh. A large number of graduates (more than 20,000) are now working in local and global arenas.

It's the most popular and practical educational institution in Bangladesh. It offers high-quality study for the students.

Northern University is a large and the best private university in Bangladesh.

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