Top 10 Best Colleges and Universities in Cebu, Philippines

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1 University of San Jose-Recoletos

Yes. A resounding yes. But as I read from top to bottom, each school seemed to claim the number 1 spot. I don't see the relevance. I have a childhood friend, only a high school graduate, successful with his own business, with a lot of assets and a God-fearing religious fellow.

One time, we met each other at the church car park. I asked him, "Why didn't you park your car in front so you'll be the first to get out?" He humbly replied, "It's okay. I don't need to hurry. I want to give that chance to others."

Simple yet so inspiring! Many have learned God's humble ways. But only a few have emulated and applied those ways in real life.

2 University of San Carlos

At USC, much like in top-notch universities such as UP, Ateneo, and La Salle, we inculcate among our students academic excellence and academic freedom with a social conscience and responsibility.

We develop our students' competence on a strong foundation of liberal education, the sciences, and mathematics in conjunction with the arts, culture, and social sciences. This approach ensures our graduates are well-rounded professionals, educated and cultured, with a global mindset.

Most importantly, in the Carolinian community, we highly respect and practice the freedom of expression within the limits of law, decency, and public order. We encourage our students to engage in free and open discussions and debates.

This fosters an environment conducive to creative, critical, in-depth, and independent thinking. It promotes inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, universality, inclusiveness, foresightedness, and competitiveness, all in the context of Christian values and tenets.

3 University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

The University of the Visayas is known as the university with a heart. If you are a Visayanian, you will never regret enrolling in this university. If I'm not mistaken, around 80% of the students are working students or working scholars. They take up jobs in fast food chains, work as salespeople, security personnel, office workers, drivers, or in other blue-collar jobs.

These students are very independent, diligent, and smart. Why? Because they can stand on their own without relying on their parents' financial support. Despite lacking sufficient funds, they still aspire to earn a bachelor's degree through UV. The moral support from their parents is equivalent to 200% of their total efforts as independent students. Thank God for UV, because it provides a safeguard for their future.

4 University of the Philippines Cebu

I strongly agree with the two previous comments!

UP Cebu is indeed the best university in Central Visayas. As its mission states, "UP Cebu will serve the Filipino people, especially those in Central Visayas, by promoting excellent undergraduate and graduate courses and short-term trainings, which will be anchored on liberal education, human rights, equality, and people empowerment, aimed at addressing the quality of life of its students and other stakeholders."

After this satellite campus of UPV was granted autonomy from the former in 2010, UP Cebu now aims to be an acknowledged constituent university of the UP System in the next few years. With this, a much better UP will be seen by the Filipino masses.

I am currently an undergraduate student at UP Cebu. Though I admit that the facilities aren't "good enough," still, quality education is rendered to the deserving Filipino youth who were able to pass the UPCAT and thus are entitled Mga Iskolar ng Bayan!

Padayon UP Cebu! STP!

5 University of Southern Philippines Foundation

Yes, because I studied there. During my time, the facilities and management were improving. For those who will conduct the survey, do not just look into the popularity of the school. Consider the management, students, facilities, staff, professors, and the school itself.

As far as I have enrolled here, the strategies towards teaching are geared for global arena exposure. The quality of styles does not only focus on discussion itself but also ensures the satisfaction of a holistic formation of their clientele.

The campus is perfect for quality education, with excellent facilities and approachable professors. It is a well-known school of social work in the country, with graduates occupying managerial positions.

6 University of Santo Tomas - Carcar Campus
7 University of Cebu

The University of Cebu is a remarkable and dynamic institution for learning, fueled by realistic goals, a virtuous vision, and a mission that aims to produce not only competitive individuals in various fields of the industry but also world-class outputs of great significance to society.

We inculcate within our students knowledge, innovation, and excellence. This is why we, UCnians, don't just dub ourselves as "Webmasters" for no apparent reason. We believe that we can become such in the near future.

The combined power of the University's standards and its highly skilled and respectable faculties aims to provide quality education. This perpetuates the deep-seated fuel of skills and potentials in each student, making them leaders for development and, undeniably, assets in the community.

Let's go, UC!

8 Cebu Institute of Technology

It is a university of the new era. Granted university status with present standards and not like any other school that started as a university with ancient standards, students are less exposed to malls due to its location and are molded with values to develop a work ethic of doing ordinary things extraordinarily. Despite its humble beginnings, CIT never stopped producing topnotchers in different courses. CIT tops again!

When I meet Filipino engineers in the UK and ask them where they are from, I am often surprised to learn that most of them are from Cebu or neighboring provinces. They usually say they are graduates of Cebu Institute of Technology. Hearing this, I become proud to say I'm a graduate from there too.

9 Cebu Normal University

Cebu Normal University has Level 4 accreditation for the College of Nursing and Teacher Education and is the first higher education institution to achieve such honors. It is Region 7's Center of Nursing Excellence and the Center for Teacher Development. CNU has produced 12 topnotchers in 2012 and 3 topnotchers in 2013 in the Nursing Licensure Examinations, with a 100% passing percentage. It is also one of the three Best Performing Schools in the Nursing Licensure Exams. Additionally, it has produced 3 topnotchers in the 2012 Licensure Examinations for Teachers!

Considered to be the premier school for Education and Nursing in the Visayas, it is the most affordable higher education institution in Cebu, but offers high-quality education, staying true to its motto: Quality with Integrity.

10 Southwestern University

My Alma Mater. I had wonderful learning experiences at Southwestern University back in my college years. I admired the facilities provided by the school. They have the best of what a school should have, and an environment very conducive to learning.

I remember the school had so many foreign students, which means it's internationally accredited. Great faculty members and the school produced a lot of top-notchers. I am proud I graduated from Southwestern University, Cebu. Thumbs up!

Southwestern University is truly a home of virtue, knowledge, and excellence. Its nature-friendly environment makes it a famous location for board examinations. It is equipped with complete working facilities. The teachers provide quality education and are also very friendly and approachable.

Now, tell me, where do you want to study? Come and join the growing population of graduates of Southwestern University.

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11 Cebu Technological University

Students at CTU undergo waves of examinations prior to admission, especially in engineering courses. The school focuses on the technicalities of the courses. After lectures, there are demonstrations and applications. Although the school faces challenges in providing a conducive learning environment, the performance of the graduates, especially in board-exam courses, is exceptional.

If you want to invest in a great education, then this university is what you're looking for. People often get a specific impression of you based on where you go to school, and students here are admired because they learn things not entirely based on theories but through applications.

Every penny is worth it, not to mention that the tuition is affordable.

12 Asian College of Technology

The best IT school in Cebu. They have more than 8,000 students, and most belong to the CCS (College of Computer Studies) department. They have the biggest computer laboratory in the country, with 240 working computers connected to the mainframe server, where we can store our works. They also have Mac labs consisting of 25 iMac computers.

They also offer the best facilities for HM students. Their facilities comply with international standards and are recognized abroad. The 2nd, 11th, 12th, and 13th floors are where all the facilities for HM are located. They have transformed the upper floors into a 5-star hotel setting, complete with a reception desk, bar, and rooms where HM students can practice.

They are the best school in Cebu for BSHM and BSIT.

13 Velez College

While we may not have the facilities that others have, Velez College compensates with the way we teach students the basics of their chosen profession. Here, we believe that quality is always better than quantity.

We don't need many students graduating with our name. We need quality and excellent graduates, no matter how few. If you make it here, you will make it everywhere, for you are equipped with the basics of every procedure. Thus, you won't have panic attacks when certain laboratory machinery breaks down.

Nevertheless, at present, the college is beginning to compete in terms of facilities. We are providing updates to important aspects of the Velezian education, from laboratory and research to simple student interactions within our grounds.

14 Cebu Doctors University

At CDU, students are exposed to a multicultural experience by interacting with peers from different countries. This experience greatly helps in molding their minds and souls as they face various challenges in their student life.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) has released the Top 20 Nursing Schools in the Philippines for CY 2009, which have met the standards set by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Top 20 Nursing Schools with 1,000 and more takers:

1. Silliman University - 96.57%
2. Saint Louis University - 95.42%
3. Trinity University of Asia - 95.06%
4. University of Sto. Tomas - 95.06%
5. Cebu Doctors' University - 91.89%
6. Saint Paul University - 89.79%
7. Central Philippine University - 86.72%
8. De La Salle University-Health Sciences Campus - 85.26%
9. Saint Mary's University - 84.10%
10. San Pedro College - 83.10%
11. Manila Doctors College - 82.56%
12. Centro Escolar University-Manila - 81.50%
13. Angeles University Foundation - 76.37%
14. Mariano Marcos State University - 75.55%
15. University of San Agustin - 73.25%
16. University of Cebu - 70.99%
17. Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing - 70.54%
18. Ateneo de Davao University - 70.20%
19. San Juan De Dios Education Foundation - 69.91%
20. University of St. La Salle - 67.55%

November 2009 NLE Top Performing Schools:

Cebu Doctors' University is ranked 19th with a passing percentage of 74%, having 370 takers, including repeaters.

Performance of Cebu Schools (Physician Licensure Exam February 2010)

Passers / Total Takers / Passing Rate:

- Cebu Doctors' University - 10 / 12 / 83%
- Cebu Institute of Medicine - 3 / 4 / 75%
- Gullas College of Medicine - 23 / 63 / 37%
- Southwestern University - 32 / 67 / 48%

15 St. Theresa's College

Imbued with the values of Jesus and His disciples, Blessed Mother Mary, St. Teresa of Avila, and Mother Marie Louise De Meester, and in partnership with families and the community, Saint Theresa's College commits to providing a transformative education. Here, excellence in virtue, science, and the arts develops persons for creative leadership in view of nation-building towards a transformed and integral world community.

St. Theresa's College promotes not only academic excellence but also aims to provide an orientation and opportunity for sharing goods and fostering unity among people.

Moreover, it aims to draw forth socially oriented Christian attitudes, values, and skills from students who, in their own time, shall become agents of social change in the communities where they live.

16 Indiana Aerospace University
17 Cebu Eastern College
18 Salazar Colleges of Science and Institute of Technology

Despite being poor in IT facilities, Salazar Colleges of Science and Institute of Technology (SCSIT) offers its best in terms of IT education. Most of the best computer programmers in the Philippines have come from this institution. No doubt, I'm one of them.

I am very proud of being a Salazarian! While we may not be like other universities that are popular because of their names, we can be proud of the scholarships that our school has provided. They give us the opportunity to pursue our dreams, even in the reality of being poor.

19 AMA Computer University
20 Sacred Heart School - Ateneo de Cebu
21 De La Salle Andres Soriano Memorial College

Affordable La Sallian quality education. The one and only La Salle school in Region 7.

Excellence is not just our standard. It's our way of life.

22 Datamex Institute of Computer Technology

Despite being a neophyte in the field of learning, it has managed to extend scholarships to deserving students.

23 Colegio de la Immaculada Concepcion

I can say that this school will definitely teach you not only to excel in academics but also to be independent and morally good.

I am from the Mandaue branch. I can truly say that this school helps you to be independent and advanced in lessons because of their IW's.

24 Talisay City State College - Cebu
25 Don Bosco Technology Center

Good training for values and academics.

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