Top 10 Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series for Young People

Everyone's obsessed with all the Y. A books and the movie adaptations but which ones are the greatest really for young people out there. Just to clarify I'm talking about Tweens teenagers and young adults.

The Top Ten

1 The Harry Potter Franchise

The amazing story of a boy with nothing left who finds out he's a great wizard. Plus we all want to go to Hogwarts it's better you realise that now. - Blahblahbluh

This book was selling like ice-cold lemonade on a hot day once it first started selling. - Fandom_Lover

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2 The Lord of the Rings/ the Hobbit Series V 1 Comment
3 The Hunger Games Trilogy

The hunger games an instant hit in cinemas and a popular book series. - Blahblahbluh

4 The Game of Thrones Franchise

A little bit gory and sometimes in appropriate but amazing for the young adult crowd. - Blahblahbluh

5 The Divergent Trilogy

New ideas and great plotline. - Blahblahbluh

6 The Percy Jackson Franchise

A lighthearted tale great for everyone. - Blahblahbluh

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7 The Maze Runner Trilogy

I wasn't happy about this one a lot. I was expecting (Spoilers) Thomas to be with Teresa but when they didn't, I got mad and didn't want to finish the book. Still great book! - Fandom_Lover

Amazing story line with an interesting plot. - Blahblahbluh

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8 The Twilight Saga

Extremely successful and loved by many. - Blahblahbluh

9 The Eragon Series

Beautifully written with lots of twists and turns - Blahblahbluh

10 The Chronicles of Narnia

Everyone wants to go to narnia I mean a magical world - Blahblahbluh

The Contenders

11 Star Wars
12 Lunar Chronicles
13 Star Trek V 1 Comment
14 The Darkest Minds
15 The Mortal Instruments
16 The Doctor Who Franchise
17 Dune

Engaging with thorough and diverse characters. I was impressed reading this and intend read the other books as well.

18 Ender's Game Series

It's addicting and has a lot to read from. It's a whole universe to explore.

19 The Twilight Zone
20 Bone
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