Sexiest DOTA Heroes of All Time

This time around I would like to know which among these feisty heroes and villains in the hit scenario map of Warcraft 3 known as Defense of the Ancients (DOTA for short) has the greatest amount of sex appeal in the game.

It can be the prettiest, most powerful, deadliest or whatever so long as that particular individual has a characteristic that defines them to be sexy.


Many thanks to IceFrog, Pendragon, Guinsoo, Eul, Steve Mecson, and other people who worked to create this wonderful game map.
The Top Ten
1 Traxex (Drow Ranger)

I like her because she is sexy, very powerful, her sexy stomach and her sexy slim body...
Her back is also so sexy.. And her chest can be seen which is very sexy

She's cool and she's good at killing some casters. She got really sexy figure and cute eyes. Her chest has no fat.

I like her because she is very powerful hero

She is so delicious I want to sex het

2 Rylai Crestfall (Crystal Maiden)

SHe's not muscular, soft as silk, everything loveable, sweet, wanted to be a student...
Can say, she was the first of my crushes

Rylai is my crush in dota, the ulti of rylai it is slow and so very powerful! First kill deid the well and tower,

I wanted her to be my travel companion.

Just wearing bikinis,back sleeves,underpants and some long sexy socks.She's hot and too hot.Nice job in creating this hot female heroes.And she using a transparent ribbon replacing her bikinis in google image that I saw.No man is not going to jammed and freezed after saw her image especially for the first time.Althought,It would be very gratefull if she's real.

3 Lina Inverse (Slayer) Lina Inverse is the main protagonist and the only character that appears in all incarnations of the comic fantasy themed light novel, manga and anime series Slayers, where she is a young yet very powerful sorceress travelling the world.

Really hot babe. Would love to be her boyfriend. What do you want other than a hot babe that can fly and says- "Your wish is my command! "

Because she's very sexy and looks so hot. And another thing she has a good sex appeal

You can't ignore that she is really HOT!

I like lina's voice

4 Windrunner

In DoTA 2 She looks amazing.

5 Mortred (Phantom Assassin)

She should be at least on 1st place! I meant, look at her body curves... and she's literally naked ya know! Probably one of the girl I wish would kill me.

Yeah P.A! for the win

She was sexy in wc3 dota but... dota 2 mortred is like a tiny lil babe with a cute face, super cute (moe-moe-kyun) voice and some of the most suggestive lines in my mind... to top it all off she hits with the force of a god :3

Nice Your critical Is Very Strong

6 Akasha (Queen Of The Damned)

How can You not Love a woman Who Says: Die Smiling...!
And Bumps Into you With the blink!

Queen of the Damned... You mean Queen Of Pain

7 Mirana (POTM)

How can you rizist mirana even in only the picture she's boobs are bigger

My crush's name

8 Luna Moonfang

Latex suit, big ass, round boobs, beautiful voice, sexy lewd face and accent, jerking off looking at her pictures

9 Kael (Invoker)

By the way he still handsome

What invover is not a woman

10 Slardar (Slithereen Guard)

Slardar is a true beauty.. he goes hard and bashes, then finished off with his W.

Anyone ready for seaside pounding?

The Contenders
11 Lanaya (Templar Assassin)

Delicate features, skimpy clothing, porcelain skin

12 Rikimaru (Stealth Assasin)

I can imagine that not only his horns are big

13 Slithice (Naga Siren)
14 Medusa (Gorgon)
15 Pudge

Pudge has very sexy arms and pitfalls because he is butcher and he eats people's flesh
that is very cool and I like pudge very much I want to become him when I grow up
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16 Sven

Who denies Sven has the hugest sword, does he?

17 Morphling
18 Bambi (Enchantress)

She has so cheerful and innocent voice.

19 Undying

Seriously? The sexiest dota 2 character ever? come on don't go jacking off for luna/mirana/lina/etc. This has to be your choice

20 Pandaren Brewmaster

Big fuzzy man probably packing a monster in those baggy pants.

21 Lifestealer

Truly the greatest/most beautiful woman ever lived

22 Techies

Lovely ulti, 100% death on command, who can resist that 2 man on the cart combo

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