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1 Female - Gardevoir

This was my favorite pokemon to begin with and this further proves that

Bestiality much? - BlueTelegraph

So sexy I cold kiss it


2 Female - Lopunny

Sexiest bunny ever

One of the hottest, if not the hottest pokemon.

Hell yes

It's decent

3 Female - Meloetta

This is already too good like I have nothing to say what is this - Bowserjr_alsogoesbywildgoose_

I like her headset

She is so hot

Meloetta is genderless - ElSherlock

4 Male - Greninja

I can see that,

I don't feel really good right now - ElSherlock

I want him to wrap me in his tongue and slowly roll me into his stomach like a tortilla.

Greninja can greGET me pregnant

5 Female - Gourgeist

She es hot

She looks like a hot girl insid a big pumkin. And long hair. - cyrus756


6 Female - Roserade

It cool and I like the mask motif (similar to persona 5) and the sprite is... why?

So sexy I want to have sex with her

Ou she so sexy

No explanation needed, but Props for having the sexiest sprite (look at bw2 roserade sprite)

7 Male - Mewtwo

Mega x is hunkier


Get Higher your too sexy - JastDaSkylander

He's so sexy it hurts!

8 Male - Blaziken

It should be at #1

Blaziken is sooo sexy

Blaziken is as blazing as fire

And nice hair on your dick. And the frui on your chest locks like a shrt. - cyrus756

9 Female - Braxien

Braxien is hot and sexy!

The hell? - ElSherlock


Extra thicc vixen fox. Lopunny is ok and Gardivoir is wild overrated but this fox is all I need

10 Female - Primarina

Best Gen 7 starter this makes it better I suggest you get a female to make it less awkward

My favo starter from sun and moon

I wanna round of that

So damn Hot

The Contenders

11 Female - Audino

You know it's gotta be so soft to the touch.

One of the few to still learn Secret Power. I'd let her in my secret base

12 Female - Floette

Tightest slit their is

13 Female - Florges

That ass is outta this world. I d take florges over any others

I like her petite stature

That ass man

14 Female - Jynx

Gives me wet nightmares

She is a diva!

Chocolate boi

Those boobs though

15 Male - Lucario

Nice thighs on this boi

Just imaging lucario yes

I get a boner whenever I see him...

These comments... - ElSherlock

16 Male - Machoke


Please machoke me

He'll show you who's the boss of this gymn

Just the thought of touching that body after a steamy battle...

17 Female - Kirlia


Especially with big tiddies. Just saying.

Basically loli-Gardevoir

Lovely little girl

18 Female - Lickitung

What if it lick my diiickkk

lol what - PokemonGOSucks

19 Female - Delphox

So Hot!

It's just plain hot pun intended

Just a sexy fire witch

Delphox is the sexiest of em all

20 Female - Lilligant


Nice flower on your had swetty and nice dress. - cyrus756


Favourite mon ever
it's so pretty ★~( - ﹏ - ✿)

21 Female - Salazzle

It Salazzle what more can I say

Dammm can you compete to that?

Thick thighs.
That's all I need.

Salazzle is literally designed to have a reverse harem! You don't get sexier than that

22 Stunfisk

Fold him like a newspaper then insert him into your-

Stunfish is sexy.

Will stare into your soul as he makes you feel things you never knew you could feel.

It make me pp big

23 Female - Tsareena

The Sweater is so hot.And those legs drive me crazy.

Hips and thighs make my peepee hard

She's so dick, I love it

No really she should e the dickest pokemon ever or at least most dick out of the grass types

24 Male - Scrafty
25 Female - Zoroark

Dark fox have nice chest

Like Ditto, but she looks great without illusions in the first place


Should be #1 on this list.

26 Male - Machamp
27 Male - Mega Charizard X

This is the smexest thing ever seen

28 Female - Glaceon

Glaceon is supreme! How can they be this low?

She's the best

I wish I could marry her ❤

Soft fur means soft push bruh

29 Male - Houndoom

I am a beastialist - Hanasaki

It's sooo hot that I want to get below it & behind it for ***

30 Female - Lucario

God damn, just give lucario some boobs then it gets a good ass to boobs ratio.

How is this down here

Uhm, I guess, you can make evrything sexxy!

Female lucario already has a good ass, that’s good enough for me

31 Female - Magikarp

Would suck like a vacuum.

This ugly fish - ElSherlock


He'll yea, every mans dream

32 Female - Froslass

How is she this low?

hack yea!

33 Female - Absol

Would I Smash? "Absol" utely. Get it?

I wouldn't say it’s sexy... it’s more on the regal side. - IceFoxPlayz

34 Female - Ralts
35 Female - Mawile

10/10 Would bang

Vore me mommy

I think female Mega Mawile is cuter. But that's just my opinion

Hawt would bang

36 Psyduck Psyduck, known in Japan as Koduck, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I want to look into his eyes as we make love.

I was psyduck to lick me in the ass

Hell yeah brother!

Psyduck looking' W I D E

37 Female - Sylveon

Yess I love all eveelutions!

Best pokemon color scheme and loli

I am a girl but if I was a boy I would be a fury to be with this pokemon

38 Female - Leafeon
39 Female - Meinshao

I hate this page more than anything on this god damned earth

The hell is that image along with this list?! - ElSherlock

This Pokémon makes my penis extend at least 6 inches long. Hot damn I want to get it on with her.

40 Female - Milotic

She's gorgeous. That hair with those eyes yeah I know she's a serpent but still dude


Gotta love how it popped up twice


41 Wobbuffet

Sexy beast MMM


i agree

Yes Just yes

42 Male - Incineroar

Such a hot muscley stud! He literally shoots fire from his crotch - lol666999

My love incinaroar! Love buff kittys

43 Milotic Milotic, known in Japan as Milokaross, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Tasty serpant

Sexy fish

44 Female - Servine

Super sssexy


45 Male - Muk

Sexy boi

46 Male - Blastoise
47 Female - Gothitelle

Damnn this Emo pokemon my favorite

It’s perfect

Let’s ignore the fact that they’re canonically meat pillars and just enjoy this beautiful thing for what it is

48 Female - Buneary
49 Male - Ralts
50 Male - Meowth
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