Top Ten Sexiest Pokemon

The Top Ten Sexiest Pokemon

1 Female - Gardevoir

the fans are so stupid! They just wrecked my fave pokemon! why do fans add on boobs and buts and other stupid stuff! I'm going to kill whoever made this stupid drawing

This was my favorite pokemon to begin with and this further proves that

She's the obvious choice for a reason, and her 3d model in newer games reinforces it. The subtle curvature in her chest area, the way her skirt sways and teases her thin legs and pelvis, the gracefulness of her animations, especially attacking and fainting... UNF!

Hell yeah I can see a bunch of people would want to smash this sexy gal to oblivion and why girls would want to bury their head in her snatch and lick away. This is what the Internet thinks.

2 Female - Lopunny

Lopunny is hot - Mcgillacuddy

She be thicc she be able to use her ass, feet, mouth, hands,and unlike Gardevoir she doesn't have a sharp hard piece of Skin between her boobs.

Lopunny looks like a prostitute. Not kidding.

Who needs a girl dressed like a bunny when you got her?

3 Female - Meloetta

This is already too good like I have nothing to say what is this - Bowserjr_alsogoesbywildgoose_

She is hot long hair nice dress nice move set just sexy - cyrus756

She looks and sings nice and is adorable

She's just so cute... Hell yea I'd smash

4 Male - Greninja

He's a bad boy he got the tounge he got the ass he could seduce you all you want

I want him to wrap me in his tongue and slowly roll me into his stomach like a tortilla.

Them thighs, that tongue, that body, mm!

That tongue would have MANY uses

5 Female - Gourgeist

She es hot

Wot? - ElSherlock

She looks like a hot girl insid a big pumkin. And long hair. - cyrus756


6 Female - Roserade

It cool and I like the mask motif (similar to persona 5) and the sprite is... why?

No explanation needed, but Props for having the sexiest sprite (look at bw2 roserade sprite)

Roserade is one of those Pokemon who are so sexy but not acknowledged

Imagine being sexually attracted to a flower - ElSherlock

7 Male - Mewtwo

Get Higher your too sexy - JastDaSkylander

He's so sexy it hurts!

I know he's genderless but he's so sexy though.

Them pecks though... those chiseled cheeks and features... bruh, I'm not gay, but... BRUH

8 Male - Blaziken

Blaziken is as blazing as fire

It should be at #1

And nice hair on your dick. And the frui on your chest locks like a shrt. - cyrus756

Blaziken is sooo sexy

9 Female - Braxien

Extra thicc vixen fox. Lopunny is ok and Gardivoir is wild overrated but this fox is all I need

Shes a queen in my opinion

Braxien is hot and sexy!

Was gardevoir but then I saw shadman's animation

10 Female - Primarina

Best Gen 7 starter this makes it better I suggest you get a female to make it less awkward

Mermaids are sexy. Furries are sexy. Put them together, and what do you get? An erection.

You know that mermaid puss has to be tasty

Just the thing we need: sexy dog mermaid.. If that makes sense...

The Contenders

11 Female - Audino

One of the few to still learn Secret Power. I'd let her in my secret base

You know it's gotta be so soft to the touch.

12 Female - Floette

Tightest slit their is

13 Female - Florges

I like her petite stature

That ass man

That ass is outta this world. I d take florges over any others

14 Female - Jynx

Gives me wet nightmares

Chocolate boi

Those boobs though

She is a diva!

15 Male - Lucario

Bro, I have such a big crush on him. I get a boner if I only think about him.

Dude, he is like a actual God in sexiness. Look at his Paws legs and his godlike furry chest <3? 10 to the power of 10 out of 10.

10/10 would smash

He would make for some fun in bed.

16 Female - Kirlia

Lovely little girl

What's up with that humanized image? - ElSherlock

2 words: Mini. Gardevoir.

Basically loli-Gardevoir

17 Male - Machoke

The body says it all

Just the thought of touching that body after a steamy battle...

Please machoke me

He'll show you who's the boss of this gymn

18 Female - Lickitung

What if it lick my diiickkk

lol what - PokemonGOSucks

19 Female - Delphox

Straight up anthro fox. She and Braixen were practically designed for the furry community.

Just a sexy fire witch

It's just plain hot pun intended

Delphox is the sexiest of em all

20 Female - Salazzle

Everything about this Pokémon is sexy, and it makes everything sexy. 20/10, would totally join her harem and worship her.

Salazzle is literally designed to have a reverse harem! You don't get sexier than that

-Flame designs lead to bust and crotch
-All female
- mind control pheromones
-Literally has a harem

Salazzle is the new queen of Poképhilia in my opinion

Just the hottest Pokemon ever

21 Female - Lilligant

Nice flower on your had swetty and nice dress. - cyrus756



Favourite mon ever
it's so pretty ★~( - ﹏ - ✿)

22 Female - Tsareena

From a cute li'l fruit, to a loli, to a kinky-@$$ dominatrix, complete with long hair and boots

Hips and thighs make my peepee hard

The Sweater is so hot.And those legs drive me crazy.

She's so dick, I love it

No really she should e the dickest pokemon ever or at least most dick out of the grass types

23 Female - Zoroark

BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS. They're underneath that chest fluff, I know it!

Like Ditto, but she looks great without illusions in the first place

So hot id bang

Would do either gender to be honest

24 Female - Glaceon

Glaceon is supreme! How can they be this low?

Her butt is just perfect

She's the best

Soft fur means soft push bruh

25 Male - Scrafty

Cute boy!

26 Male - Machamp

The daddy Pokemon

27 Female - Lucario

God damn, just give lucario some boobs then it gets a good ass to boobs ratio.

Female lucario already has a good ass, that’s good enough for me

I would have said male but female's ok.

How is this not higher; king furry!

28 Male - Mega Charizard X

This is the smexest thing ever seen

29 Male - Houndoom

I am a beastialist - Hanasaki

It's sooo hot that I want to get below it & behind it for ***

30 Female - Absol

Would I Smash? "Absol" utely. Get it?

It simply an absolute beauty!

I wouldn't say it’s sexy... it’s more on the regal side. - IceFoxPlayz

31 Female - Froslass

How is she this low?

Ice, Ice, Boobies.

hack yea!

32 Female - Sylveon

I am a girl but if I was a boy I would be a fury to be with this pokemon

Just super cute and hot

Best pokemon color scheme and loli

Yess I love all eveelutions!

33 Female - Magikarp

Why's that here!? - PokemonGOSucks

My biggest dream

He'll yea, every mans dream

Would suck like a vacuum.

34 Female - Mawile

I think female Mega Mawile is cuter. But that's just my opinion

Small, extra mouth, cute eyes, big heart: Need I say more?

Hawt would bang

10/10 Would bang

35 Female - Ralts
36 Female - Meinshao

This Pokémon makes my penis extend at least 6 inches long. Hot damn I want to get it on with her.

I hate this page more than anything on this god damned earth

The hell is that image along with this list?! - ElSherlock

@Discord1 this art is probably from Deviantart or found on Google search images - ElSherlock

37 Female - Leafeon

She is so pretty

38 Female - Milotic

She's gorgeous. That hair with those eyes yeah I know she's a serpent but still dude

Gotta love how it popped up twice



39 Pheromosa

Sleek, slender, sexy. Looks like a model. You'd never believe she was a cockroach Pokémon.

Why is this pokemon being ignored for gardevoir?

Something about her is so sexy

She looks like a german model

40 Male - Incineroar

Such a hot muscley stud! He literally shoots fire from his crotch - lol666999

Big muscle man!


My love incinaroar! Love buff kittys

41 Female - Espeon

Of all the Eeveelutions, Espeon is by far the sexiest. The fur tufts, the long ears, the dazzling eyes. Her 3d model is stunning, especially from behind.

She's beautiful, loyal, hot, sexy and I'll bang her

Beautiful behind

Imagine SEX WITH ESPEON though

42 Female - Servine

Super sssexy


43 Male - Muk

Sexy boi

44 Male - Blastoise
45 Female - Buneary
46 Female - Ninetales

The original elegant fox Pokémon. Her Alolan form only further accentuates her beauty.

soft maw

47 Male - Ralts
48 Female - Gothitelle

Damnn this Emo pokemon my favorite

It’s perfect

Let’s ignore the fact that they’re canonically meat pillars and just enjoy this beautiful thing for what it is

49 Male - Meowth
50 Female - Purugly
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