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1 Female - Gardevoir

SHE is just so magnificent and hoot I think I'm in love

The sexiest pokemon from this list, I'm falling in love

Hot as fire, and great moves

10/10 Would bang

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2 Female - Meloetta

She is hot long hair nice dress nice move set just sexy - cyrus756

She's just so cute... Hell yea I'd smash

Sure it's sexi... but I'm just reminding you that Meloetta is a ledgendary and it is actually GENDERLESS... but its still very sexi.

God yes! She's like.. the loli of sexy pokemon ♡♡♡

3 Male - Greninja

Them thighs, that tongue, that body, mm!

It's only because he's a starter.

That tongue would have MANY uses

So sexy legs

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4 Female - Lopunny

Lopunny is hot - Mcgillacuddy

Who needs a girl dressed like a bunny when you got her?

Lopunny looks like a prostitute. Not kidding.

She really looks like a prostitute..

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5 Female - Gourgeist

She looks like a hot girl insid a big pumkin. And long hair. - cyrus756


6 Male - Blaziken
7 Female - Florges
8 Male - Mewtwo

Get Higher your too sexy - JastDaSkylander

He's so sexy it hurts!

I know he's genderless but he's so sexy though.


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9 Female - Roserade

Roserade is one of those Pokemon who are so sexy but not acknowledged

10 Female - Lilligant

Nice flower on your had swetty and nice dress. - cyrus756

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11 Female - Floette
12 Female - Audino
13 Female - Jynx
14 Female - Kirlia


15 Female - Delphox

It's just plain hot pun intended

Delphox is the sexiest of em all

Hot Fire Fox!

She’s just too wonderful

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16 Male - Machoke

The body says it all

17 Female - Lickitung

lol what - PokemonGOSucks

18 Male - Mega Charizard X
19 Male - Scrafty
20 Male - Houndoom

I am a beastialist - Hanasaki

It's sooo hot that I want to get below it & behind it for ***

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1. Female - Gardevoir
2. Female - Meloetta
3. Female - Roserade
1. Female - Gardevoir
2. Female - Lopunny
3. Female - Audino
1. Male - Greninja
2. Female - Gardevoir
3. Female - Meloetta

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