Top Ten Signs That the Lion King is Much More Overrated Than Frozen

Ever since Frozen became the most successful Disney film in the animation canon, while there was one side that praised the film's success like they did with every other Disney film before it, there was still another side that threw tantrums like babies and called it "overrated", saying that they prefer The Lion King better. It's not the first time that a Disney film based on an old story has done successful in the box office and this happened before many times. Of all other films they like better than Frozen, why The Lion King? If anything, The Lion King is more overrated and there are reasons why.

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1 People don't act like crybabies when Elsa's and Anna's parents died in the storm early in Frozen like they do with Mufasa's death in the first 30-something minutes in The Lion King. Instead, they get over it, move on or pretend it never happened.

Why is Mufasa's death number 1 on the 'Saddest Disney Moments' list? He dies like 20 minutes into the movie, and, sure, he's wise and all, but he's not that type of character that you'd fall in love with in the first 20 minutes you know him. Same with Elsa and Anna's parents. They die only 20 minutes into the movie, but it's not that sad because they're not too lovable. Plus, if you come to think of it, Elsa and Anna's fate is kind of sadder than Simba's because they lost BOTH their parents. Simba only lost one, which, of course, is sad, but he still has the more important parent. There are a lot of Disney moments which are sadder than Mufasa's death. Such as, the old lady leaving Todd behind in 'The Fox and the Hound', Todd and Copper parting ways in 'The Fox and the Hound', the traumatizing deaths of the forest animals in 'Bambi', the 'Baby Mine' scene in 'Dumbo', Quasimodo's public humiliation in 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame', and Anna's last breath before she turns into ice in ...more

It's kind of annoying seeing Mufasa's death as the #1 saddest Disney moment in every single list I see.

Why can't TLK fans do the same? Especially since Simba only lost one parent and not both. Besides, Mufasa wasn't even much of a good character, people.

Did you consider that Anna and Elsa's parents were just there. No character whatsoever whereas Mufasa was a developed interesting character. - Randomator

2 Frozen still hasn't beaten The Lion King's current box office score after it's 3D re-release in 2011

Although, if Frozen does get rereleased in the future, then it might still have the chance.

3 Frozen does not demonize a real animal species like The Lion King did to spotted hyenas

Loads of movies have a certain animal as a villain. How about Harry Potter with SNAKES.

Sure, there were wolves that tried to attack the protagonists that can easily be classified as 'villainous', but none of them were henchmen to the main villain and they were just dangerous wild animals looking for food. How the hyenas were in TLK, was just wrong and should not be tolerated; instead of just a few individuals, the whole species was Scar's henchmen, and not even a single one wasn't, and the species wasn't even part of 'The Circle of Life' or whatever it was called. The sad thing is that TLK fans say that the hyenas in the movie are the same as hyenas in real-life (which is not true) just because Shenzi the female hyena is the "leader" of the clan (and the funny thing is that "Shenzi's clan" actually has been led by a male all along, first Scar, a lion, in the original film, now Janja, a male hyena, in the upcoming Lion Guard series) and that animators went to a hyena research facility for a reference (which they obviously got in trouble for when the ...more

Yes, I know the meaning of overrated, but TLK still sucks more than any other film.

TLK does not rule.

4 Frozen isn't as controversial as The Lion King is/was

At least we know which story Frozen was based on (The Snow Queen), whereas there is still a flaming debate going around behind The Lion King's story origin. TLK is mistaken as either the first Disney film that's completely original and not based on an existing story, or based on a documentary on African wildlife, or based on the Bible when it's none of those things... Let's not forget the controversy about whether or not TLK is a ripoff of Kimba The White Lion.

5 Frozen doesn't get an awful spin-off show for a preschooler demographic that teaches the wrong message about animals like how TLK has The Lion Guard, which will teach the unfair message that how hyenas are bad and how all other animals are good

This doesn't have to do with TLK being overrated. If you said that TLK fans liked it, I'd say fair point. (Even though most fans I know despise it.) - ClovertheAverageCat

I swear, TLG is going to be the worst animated series in this new generation.

Kay sure, but maybe we should tell Disney to keep making movies, but NEVER make shows

Not yet it doesn't

6 "Be Prepared" is a much more overrated song than "Let It Go"

Especially when it comes to the fanmade crossovers and junk that fans post on the Internet. All of TLK's songs are overrated but Be Prepared is the most overrated due to so many fans liking it so much that they make spoofs of characters, mostly villains, from other movies and such singing it. Whereas not everyone likes Frozen's songs, you don't see as much hate and fair criticism of The Lion King's songs and I don't know why. It seems that more fans prefer to see Steele from Balto or even Shadow the Hedgehog singing "Be Prepared" as opposed to, say, Donald Duck singing "Let It Go", and I find that cringe-worthy.


Because more people sing let it go!

7 The Lion King is much more loved by the furry fandom

In my opinion, The Lion King hype was much more annoying than the Frozen hype.

There are so many fans of this movie that I just loathe. Especially that sicko who draws Shenzi porn. What's his name again? Ah, I remember now, TheHyenasSBE.

If it's more loved and has more fans, then it isn't over rad compared to the other - Billyv

8 The Lion King is often used more in spoofs and crossovers by fans

Now this has got to be one of my biggest Internet pet peeves, is when TLK fans make crossovers of their favorite movie with all other movies, shows, games, books, comics, cartoons, you name it, as well as spoofs where they cast their favorite TLK characters into roles that they think that match. In fanart, they'll turn every fictional hero into a Simba-esque lion, heroine into a Nala-esque lion, main villain into a Scar-esque lion, a henchman or comic-relief villain into a hyena, and some other characters, usually sidekicks, into meerkats. It bothers me so much since the characters don't fit the animals, and that I do not see real spotted hyenas as henchmen, or vice versa. You certainly don't see any Frozen fans turning every female character into a 'snow queen', or every comic-relief sidekick into a snowman, as much as what TLK fans do to their favorite characters. Honestly, main characters aren't lions, henchmen aren't hyenas and heroic sidekicks aren't meerkats. I just wish that ...more

Have to agree. I hate crossovers. This is what easily attracts hate to fandoms, sticking your nose into other fandoms. - ClovertheAverageCat

Glad someone agrees and that I'm not the only one with a problem with fan-made crossovers. Seriously man, I really wish fans would stop crossing over whatever the heck they want with The Lion King or Kingdom Hearts. Seeing one of those franchises crossed over with a non-Disney franchise never makes sense and will never happen.

9 Whiny 90's nostalgists defend The Lion King to the death and claim it as the best thing ever. You don't see them doing the same with Frozen, or heck, any other Disney film in that matter.

And just don't get started on the 2D animation vs. CGI debate.

Or the 90s kid!

10 Frozen didn't get re-released the same year it was originally released, whereas The Lion King got released in the fall of 1994 after the tremendous success of it's original release in the summer of 1994.

Oh dear, ParkerFang and her circle of friends found this list so they'll bother me about the same darn things over and over again...

Talk about caring more about money than quality. Sheesh.

A Karel fan made this list

Apparently, my bullies found this list. -_-

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11 Hakuna Matata is an overrated song more then Let It Go

That is true. Hakuna Matata kinda gets ear-grating after hearing it too much. With it's overly happy tone. RIGHT AFTER AN IMPORTANT CHARACTER DEATH. - ClovertheAverageCat

Agreed so much...

12 Lion King fans defend their favorite movie way too much. You don't see Frozen fans doing the same with their fave film.

Well, I'm surprised that "Top 10 Things You Would Like to Throw at *insert The Lion King character here*" doesn't exist at this era.

Maybe you should check out Top Ten Things You Would Like To Throw at Elsa, idiot.

Go look at the list "Why Big Hero 6 is better than Frozen, or Top Ten Things You Would Like To Throw At Elsa, you idiot.

13 Olaf or Svenn didn't fart like Pumbaa did.

An animated feature does not need toilet humor in order to be successful. I can understand an anime or adult animated series or something having fart jokes, but a Disney film? Nah.

So? It was one fart. - Randomator

Wow a fart let's hate the movie because of a fart smh - ParkerFang

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