Hayley Williams

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Hayley Nichole Williams is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She is best known as the lead vocalist, occasional keyboardist and primary songwriter of the American rock band Paramore.


I think Hayley is the best singer.. Most of the top 10 singers on here are only in the top 10 because they're legends or have been/are in legendary bands but really they're not super good singers. Their voice is just good but does their voice have as much POWER a Hayley's? Are they even able to sing a whistle note or all the registers Hayley can sing? Hayley should be in the top 10 but I don't care if she isn't at the end of the day it doesn't really matter.

Energetic, vocal powerhouse, real crowd pleaser. She's developed such a unique and powerful voice over the years, the transformation is unbelievable. For such a tiny person, she has a BIG voice. Hayley can belt like hell, too! Look up any Paramore performance and she kills it every time. She always delivers a REAL show.

I think she is amazing and extremely inspiring.. She influences me in so many ways and I think she deserves this award so much!

The best way I can tell how good someone can really sing, is by listening to one of their acoustic sets. Hayley Williams is far too low on this list, which I can tell is simply a popularity contest because there are MANY people listed higher that can't hold a candle to Hayley (#87 as I write this). Before you vote, listen to your favorites without auto-tune.

Hayley is an awesome singer, and she sings still good when she shake her head, this is so incredible, I think it's not many singers can do it!

Well, I think hayley's the best singer ever. She is an inspiration for a lot of people, not only for women, but for men. Her voice live is just stunning. I had the chance to meet her in 2011, she was so nice and I love her.

This is insane. Lower ranking than demi lovato and taylor swift seriously? Have you heard them sing live and compare it to Hayley's?!?! Demi couldn't could never sing with head bangs and taylor, comment yourself. She should be top 5!

Ok how in the world is Hayley behind Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears? Those girls have the most nasally, high-pitched, whiny voices I've ever heard. Hayley is just a boss. Totally agree: top 100 AT LEAST!

It's sad that you can't spell her name... Hayley Williams is truly an amazing artist - she can sing, play a whole bunch of instruments and write great songs

, hayley is the best singer of the century, doesn't exist anyone like that! She's only! The paramore is only! ALSO VOTE VOTE WE'L,

Hayley its the best singer.. I love her.. You voice
And Paramore is the best band ever..
Hayley deserves to win..

I LOVE HERR oh and jensen ackles yay she should be number 1 to hayley don't let those haters bring you down

I think she's a very good singer, I liked her a lot when I was a teenager. Paramore still makes good music in my opinion, and Hayley's voice is unique.

Hayley Williams is only 84 she's better than Taylor swift song is only for her exes but Hayley all. Of there songs is beautiful... This is not true

If you think she deserves to be this far down check yourself listen to stay the night and ask yourself again, does she deserve this?

When you hear his voice you will shiver! This is my idol ever in the world, she is diva in the ROCK!

One of the best singers of all time. She should be praised for her bright voice and wide range. Lovely!

This list is biased towards mainstream music that's why Hayley is so low

Her voice is so powerful and she has amazing stamina. She is an amazing PERFORMER as a whole.

This girl's vocal range and control is absolutely insane, not to mention her songwriting.

Lead singer of paramore
She is fit as

Hayley is a great vocalist. There really isn't much more to say.

When you hear her voice it makes you fill love. She has best voice I ever hear

She's the best! I love her voice
e... Is so cute. She's the first one for me

The fact that Hayley is this low lowers my hope for the music of the future. - twentyfirstpilot