Top Ten SMG4 Videos

The Top Ten SMG4 Videos

1 Freddy's Spaghettiria

Well now it's not just a trilogy; there are 4 episodes of this now. But I did find them all quite funny, and they were surprisingly accurate to each of their games (excluding the obvious retardedness not present in the actual FNAF games), except maybe for the last one which was not really accurate to UCN but rather accurate to each individual game that each scene parodies. I liked how, except for the last one which wasn't very connected to the others other than briefly referencing the past events Mario had at Freddy's, they were connected almost in a sort of arc (though nothing like the Waluigi arc), especially with the whole thing with Purple Guy in the second and third ones, again paralleling the actual games themselves. (On a side note in the fourth one I would never have expected to see Meggy there in FNAF 4 replacing Mario with Baldi, lol. That was quite random yet fitting for that scene too).

Not just the first one, but the whole trilogy.

This episode was hilarious and lots of refrences to funny things - ryanthecoolz101

I hate Fnaf, but I love this video

2 Mario for Hire


3 War of the Fat Italians 2014

Fight Weegee! Bath Tub Sliding! Shoot Waluigi at Spaghetti plates! Make tubby custard! "It's like the Emoji movie, because they're both CRAP! " LOL!

5 Birthday Freakout


6 Enter X
7 95.5% crazy

Fleetwood mac are the best live band ever

8 A Murder Without Peach

The first retarded move effects!

9 War of the Fat Italians 2018

It's a great culmination to the first story arc of SMG4 and we also see some older characters appear in cameos. It's still packed with humour, but it has some weight to it. We also see some character development, ( ex: Mario, SMG4, Wario, Waluigi ) but whether it's for better or worse, we will see in future skits.


10 The Swap

The Contenders

12 Crystal Funhouse
13 Da Glitch
15 Who Let The Chomp Out?

The first SMG4 video I ever watched. Still one of the best.

Video that started the ultimate gmod videos

What he said

16 War of The Fat Italians 2016

The Pingas Train

King of the PINGAS

Give the chef a GOOD compliment after you eat tubby custard. Mario: This sandwich doesn't have Turkey in it. You son of a b*tch! Ah! This is what happens when I don't get my Turkey sandwich! SMG4: The mashed potatoes are too sweet it smells like a horses ass there's a pup in my food and MY NIPPLES ARE HARD!...Three stars.

17 Stupid Mario Kart

Evil Link as the boss - so cool! Especially because Evil Link is retarded (in the video - I'm not a troll or Evil Link hater, or anything like that)!

18 War of the fat Italians 2013
20 Mario and the T-Pose Virus

It became a meme.

21 An Advendure Drive
22 The Wacky Wario Bros: Golfing For Gold
23 Ssenmodnar Deluxe Edition

I can never breathe whenever I watch this video

24 Marioception

I Like SMG4's Dr0am

25 Rich Glitch
26 Meet the Steve

Meet the Steve was my favorite episode. - Ace_of_spades

Hi guys!

I like how the episode was made with the interview scences and steves catchphrase song. - ryanthecoolz101

27 War of the Fat Italians 2017

S to the M to the G to the 4! That's the name of you heard before. - DrowsiestRocket

28 Smexy Soccer

It's soccer. What more can you ask? - RebelGamer

29 Mariotale


30 Ssenmodnor 10

The Mario face - Btd

31 Mario The Olympian
32 The Mario Channel: Mario's Challenge

My favorite video by far

IT'S RAINING S***! I bet you a billion dollars you will laugh! -redchuck7

33 If Mario was in... Kirby Star Allies
34 Smg4 weight losers
35 The Hangover

Two Words: Drugged Spaghetti

36 Derptv: Super Happy Fun Fun Gameshow

Should be a real show. - RebelGamer

37 Mario Learns to Type
38 Stupid Mario Maker

Well, this is actually only my 2nd favorite SMG4 video, but I voted for it because my favorite video, ''Stupid Mario Kart'' is not on this list - I tried to add it, but it didn't get taken - probably some kind of problem on this website. Stupid Mario Maker, or as I like to call it, Super Wario Maker, is very funny, though! Wario puts Mario in a ''hell'' Wario World, with Super Mario Maker on his Nintendo Switch - Mario gets the crap beat out of him, because of Wario's insane level designs - a lot of hilariousness! Need I say more? Before I finish though, let me tell you a little bit about Stupid Mario Kart: This video is the best in my opinion, because it has this hilarious boss battle with a retarded Link (from the Legend of Zelda) who is all-out insane! ''Retarded 64'' is probably SMG4's best YouTube channel, more than even his regular ''SMG4 Productions'' videos because it has produced some of SMG4's best works, including Stupid Mario Kart, Stupid Mario Maker, Stupid Mario ...more

Wario messing up the kingdom. Nintendo switch. Nearly impossible courses. Too good to miss. Watch this if you haven't already!

39 We are Number One but It's a Waluigi Parody

yes! - SackofCheese

40 If Mario was in... Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time

I couldent stop laughing. The best part is when mario plays take on me on the ocarina.

This is the best one ever. I nearly cried watching it. My favorite part was when ario is running and Link is chasing him ad yells, YOU SON OF A B****

41 Mario Tube 2
42 Mario Battle Royale

Simply glorious

43 Mario Goes to The Fridge to Get a Glass of Milk

For me this is definitely in my top 10 - Tyoshi

44 Castle Royale
45 Cooking with Mario and Bowser 3

My favorite cause it uses so much funny internet stuff. The best part in the video when Mario lights up the ship at the end :3 - spodermanfan1000

46 War of the Fat Italians 2015

Best War of the Fat Italians - Btd

47 Christmas Crazies
48 99% beroken
49 Like a Bowser
50 Million S00bs
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