Top Ten Reasons Why Google Plus Sucks

The Top Ten
1 It's Taking Over Youtube

For my choice I would stick with the old YouTube.

This is the main reason everyone hates it

2 It's Annoying
3 It's Useless

Right now I only use it for YouTube and Google plus is like Facebook but with gmail/YouTube notifications

4 It Doesn't Make Sense
5 It's Badly Organized
6 It Gives You Emails About Comments You Really Don't Care About

I always get notifications telling me someone commented on the same post I commented on, ugh it's really irritating. Is there any way to disable those notifications?

This one I really agree to 100x. every time I look in my mail, all I see is comments I don't care about. It gets annoying real fast

I keep finding a bunch of junk in my Email each day.

7 It's a Copy of Facebook
8 Nobody Uses It

For me I use Google to make Sites and make the apps in my Google drive.

9 Notifications Of Things You Don't Care About
10 Terrible Updates
The Contenders
11 It Tells You Every Time Someone Likes a Comment of Yours
12 People Post Artwork and Don't Credit the Original Artist
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