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List of YouTube channels who critique music the realest way they can.
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1 Todd In the Shadows

My least favorite review from him was his Anaconda review. And not because of the butts in the video. I have no problem with butts. And not because of Nicki's horrible voice (Even Todd notices her voice is terrible). I dislike it because he thought why people rejected Stupid Hoe because it was meant to be unlikable while people didn't reject Anaconda which was also meant to be unlikable (Which was because butts sold millions that year).

Um, news flash for you Todd. People didn't want to listen to Stupid Hoe because the beat was too irritating, Nicki's voice was overly atrocious, and the music video... holy heck don't even get me started on the music video.

What I like about Todd is that he doesn't just review songs based off of certain aspects like the production, lyrics, etc. He just explains why he likes a song and why he doesn't like a song which is way more simple. If he likes a song he just explains what's so good about it and when he hates a song he explains what's so bad about it.

He's just not as good as the Nostalgia Critic. When I heard he was reviewing Pop music I thought he was going to take it down just like NC did. But those are just my thoughts and I do know that not every critic can be humorous.

Nobody has talked about pop music and pop music and pop culture in a way to make me fall to the floor laughing. He knows what he's talking about and can make it as enjoyable as it is informative.

2 The Needle Drop

One of the most honest and best music reviewers ever. I don't always agree with his musical opinions, but I can look past it when his content is just so solid overall

"The internet's busiest music nerd"

He is the most unbiased, smartest, and most versatile music critic out there. He listens to and reviews literally everything. From rock, pop, metal, rap, and jazz to everything in between. He is very knowledgeable about the underground of music's most obscure genres, such as death metal, black metal, grindcore, drone, avant-garde, jazz, you name it. He listens to and reviews everything, which makes his "best of the year" videos that much more interesting, because he isn't limited to 1-2 genres like most critics. He judges albums beyond the average critic, for production, artwork, guitar tones, the overall flow of the record and diversity. Check him out, he is awesome

Deeply respect his knowledge, work ethic, thorough reviews and humour. Only about a 50% overlap in musical taste, but the Needle Drop has expanded my musical repetoire and taste hugely and I'm very grateful.

A great critic. Although some of what he said is quite contradictory, and although his criteria is slightly questionable at times, he remains an open-minded, explorative, surprisingly objective(most of the time) critic.

3 The Double Agent

One of the funniest and most clever critics out there. He's definitely on par with Todd In The Shadows.

Very mature, cool, awesome, thorough and my favorite reviewer when it comes to songs!

Really funny guy. Grade he's returned

The guy who got me into music reviews.

4 Spectrum Pulse

Probably my favorite Youtube music reviewer :) he's intelligent, very knowledgeable on music, explores many genres and doesn't just stick to one specific genre (he's actually probably the only music critic on Youtube that reviews country music daily) and he has excellent taste in music. He may sound harsh to some who's not used to watching his reviews all the time but he's very fair & balanced in his reviews & that's what some music critics especially in the mainstream like Pitchfork lack these days is unbiased balance & fairness. He's also very hard-working & puts a lot of effect into his reviews & his weekly series Billboard Breakdown is amazing to watch with such a wonderful & well thought-out analysis on the hot 100 & sometimes other world charts & his brief reviews on the newest tracks on the hot 100 every week. Mark Grondin (Spectrum Pulse's real name) is probably the best music critic on Youtube right now

Spectrum Pulse is highly intelligent. He explores all venues of music instead of just sticking to one genre. The amount of work he puts in every single review is astounding, it's like he can know everything about an album and its artist inside and out. Most amazing critic on YouTube.

He's my favorite critic. Great album reviews and year end lists. He's also pretty nerdy in a cool way. I mean who can hate someone with a voltorb plushie?

This guy puts a lot of effort in his video and has really great opinions. He's nerdy but in a good way. He deserves to go higher

5 Rap Critic

Most hilarious person on YouTube. Also analysis the lyrics better than anyone.

Underrated guy. He's very funny and has some of my favorite hip hop reviews on the site next to CDTV

6 Dead End Hip Hop

Four people with their own opinions really gives you a balance, unlike The Needle Drop or any other channel with just one reviewer, it doesn't feel that the opinions are being preached to you as "correct", it's just four dudes that love hip-hop and understand the art having a discussion like any hip hop fans would have in their living room, only difference is they capture it on camera.

Unique group dynamic combined with honest opinions makes for interesting, energetic and entertaining reviews. They have put me on to new artists whom I otherwise would've never known about or thought to listen to.

No agendas or bias, real truthful and brutally honest opinions that are backed up by valid opinions and facts. Great diversity in the 4 different critics tastes leading to a varied and thought provoking discussion

Favorite rap reviewers... It's always interesting to see what they have to say about the latest rap records!

7 Diamond Axe Studios Music

Another great content creator. You can tell he puts his heart into his channel. He deserves way more than what he has rn, even if I don't always agree with his musical opinions

Sean truly says what he thinks and his opinions are really his own, and he's not afraid to go against the grain if that's what he believes. The thing that stands out for me though is the quality of the videos. You can tell he puts a lot of effort and care into the visuals on his content. He's also funny and not in your face.

Sean is the Next Big Thing is the Music Critic community. His videos are authentic, well thought out, well defended, and of course, very bold. I also admire that he doesn't shove humor down your throat. He's funny at perfect times. This man needs more subscribers because he is very interesting.

Exceptional writing, excellent editing, good personality, decent one line presence, meh videos at the absolute worst, bad takes, terrible acquaintances at times... wait what as I talking about? Oh right, the best music critic Youtuber on a website he doesn't like great

8 Kumerai Fang

Intelligent, funny, good at editing, and one of the very few female critics out at the moment. Kumerai Fang is awesome.

Wondering why this isn't higher. I generally love her.

9 A Critic Named Kevin
10 Bed Reviews

Get this dude to #1 asap.

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11 A Dose of Buckley

I honestly think he's better than Todd In the Shadows. Check him out if you haven't.

Way better than Todd In the Shadows in my opinion.

While he will say he isn't a music critic, he is most known for his musical autopsies and his angry humor makes his channel unique

His angry humor throughout his videos makes for some fantastic music reviews

12 ARTV Reviews

He's just so genuine about music, you can tell that he really cares about it and the artists. I've been introduced to so much music I never would've seen and deep cuts that I'd never heard of. He inspired me to give The 1975 another shot, and now I'm going to my first real concert that they're doing in Auckland NZ, and I'm really excited! Favorite music critic, probably favorite you-tuber in general.

Love him. He has great album reviews and is super quirky, it's hilarious.

He is usually a very good and smart music critic.

Not a good critic.

13 Cicabeot1

She's been doing music reviews for longer than most and keeps getting better and better. She deserves more credit and fame.

She's great at reviews and is also extremely funny. Another great music reviewer

Hell yeah, explains well

The Hills is good.

14 Ducky

Another one whose opinions can be against the beliefs of the rest of the community, but he'll tell you exactly why he thinks what he does.

15 Cdtvproductions

Fantastic YouTuber I've been watching for years. He and CDTVthaG are some of the funniest and best hip hop reviewers on the site

16 The Wonky Angle

Tommy was the first music critic I have ever watched purely because he talks about the realm of Electronic music almost exclusively, he's gotten me into so many genres, styles, artists and sounds that I had no idea existed when I watched his channel all the way back in 2016. Deserves to be so much higher on this list, he's also incredibly funny at times. A recent review he did he legit just left and no words had to be said to get the message across, we all knew what he was meaning without even being on screen or on mic.

17 Myke C Town

Eclectic music taste leads to intelligent & descriptive reviews.

18 TheRadicalDouche
19 Mr. 96

How is this guy so low on the list?

20 Big Quint

Dudes the best

21 Brad Taste in Music
22 The Quotable Sayak
23 CoverkillerNation

While every music critic I found is hipster-ish to the neck, CKN is the on sane person that doesn't fall into the trends of what should be loved or hated, he see the beauty in some of the grimmest of music that other music journalists would easily dismiss. CKN keeps the Rock genre relavant and promotes music that deserves every bit of your attention. He always reminds me why I even listen to music to begin with, while others only speak for themselves.

Extremely literate and never resorts to "that beat or that riff is so badass". It sounds almost like he is a political figure reading off of his paper.

I love that he doesn't allow others to colour his opinion. Everything he says, he personally believes, which is shockingly rare these days.

YouTube's biggest metalhead. He listens to the most obscure metal imaginable, so hist best of the year videos are awesome. Seeing hidden gem bands in his countdowns

24 Social Tune
25 Beezy 430

If you want your instrumental project up for a review, this is the guy to get it reviewed by.

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