Top 10 Reasons Why TikTok Sucks

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1 It’s not a safe place for little kids to spend time online

Nowadays, little children and young teenagers are inspired and promoted to wear inappropriate clothing to be "trendy" in 2021 by their famous idols. Just the other day, I saw a young child, less than 5, who was dressed in what a 21 would wear. Sure, that "fit" may seem adorable and trendy, but you never know who is around your child, and what their intentions are. Obviously, I don't mean to shame the child, nor the parents, I'm just saying that they should be more aware of the dangers. Additionally, the "trends", whether it being makeup, clothing, or skincare, is completely useless. I was shocked to see what middle schoolers look like now; a face full of makeup, extremely revealing clothing, and obnoxious behavior. I also once came across this video where these 12 year-olds where in a forest, doing God knows what, and the comment section was supportive with comments like "Purr!" I don't mean to shame, but don't you think it's a bit weird? And kids have access to these inappropriate ...more

Many kids have ended up dying or even killing others for clout or because of a trend. There are also many predators on the app.

There are the stuff that are not for kids as well as violence.

I bet there are a bunch of sick pedos on TikTok who like watching videos of kids.

2 There’s nothing original on there

Literally most of it is copied from other websites or users.

The entire app is just people copying trends.

3 It’s cringy

Yes especially those awful dances. I have an account on tiktok but I rarely used it. I have an accounts on Youtube, Spotify, Quora and Duolingo.

4 Users can put up racist videos
5 Loads of little kids use it

Because lots of little kids use it, they could easily be exposed to toxic behavior, further downgrading their behaviors.

It should be 13+ Kids Watch tiktok And most of them don't Care about helping their parents.

There's a reason COPPA exists, and although they had ruined YouTube, there IS a reason.

6 The commercials are annoying

I hate seeing their ads on my phone.

7 Users idolize serial killers
8 There are lots of trolls
9 Some videos aren’t funny

There has been many rare times where I have genuinely laughed at a tik tok.

Some videos? More like none of the videos

Yes. Most of them are cringy and annoying.

More like most videos aren't funny.

10 Users make fun of autistic people
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11 People post videos of them swearing
12 People are addicted to it

One kid in my school whose name starts with D is completely obsessed with TikTok and that is literally all that he cares about.

It's like a mental parasite that sucks your attention span away.

13 Some challenges are downright offensive

I agree, I don't want to live on this planet anymore with people making fun of autistic people and making fun of George Floyd. What kind of person would start such a thing?

I don't hate Tik Tok, I think it can be fun, but when things get offensive, that crosses the line. The autism challenge was extremely offensive, and others are just stupid, like the coronavirus challenge.

Take the "autism challenge" for example. It's extremely disrespectful to us autistic people.

Autism Challenge. Enough said. It's just composed of stupid challenges.

14 It's full of pedophiles
15 It's full of kids wearing revealing clothes
16 It's killing music

Most popular songs these days have been made famous by Tik Tok, not only that but the application is also helping non-talents (or just uninteresting artists) become popular while there are musicians working their asses off who still haven't had the popularity they would deserve way more than these talentless hacks. I'm thinking about Lil Mosey and DripReport to name a few. Because of that trend, most artists are trying so hard to make a song that will go viral on Tik Tok, which is another step backwards in quality.

Most tiktok songs suck especially those Kardashiancore songs such as Twimminem.

17 It started a trend called "devious lick" which is about students vandalizing and stealing property
18 It has become toxic

Whoever added this to my list, it is one of the best reasons on the list. SOO TOXIC!

It's been toxic since it was created.

19 Watching it lowers your IQ

Just thinking about TikTok makes some of my brain cells die.

20 It's spyware

If you wouldn't download GoGuardian, then why would you download TikTok? Both of them spy on you.

21 It normalizes animal abuse

Just look it up there are videos of baby bunnies being forcefully put into fake eggs, fish and turtles in horrendously small tanks, and I think there was an instance of someone who would torture their cats.

22 It is filled with toxic people
23 It normalizes bullying
24 It has fake activists
25 It normalizes pedophiles
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