Worst Things About Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a terrible social media app were you can post short videos called tik toks it was made after Musical.ly shut down, and it's one of the worst things in our generation.
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1 It's cringy

I have to agree, it's pretty much way more worse than hell. I hope there is no such thing as TIK TOK hell, because oh my god I will just get like I don't know, a revolver or maybe a rocket launcher and just kill my self so I will never see it again.

Full of cringe. At this point, it's the cringe capital of the world. Very few TikToks aren't cringey but even then they aren't even that good. Really wish TikTok would shut down in January 2020 but it turns out it was just a rumor.

Search up I don't like the peppermint, and you'll see what I mean.

This app make me drowning my face in water

2 Most tik toks are not even funny

Some are creative and funny. I said some. Most are just unfunny and unoriginal with overused sounds.

All of them with people in the recording are unwatchable to me.

3 Overused memes

Fun fact: this was ground zero for "ok boomer"

Most are not even funny

4 Hit or miss

It is offensive to me and I want to kill the singer that sounds like a 5 year old

Hit or miss, my dad will never miss huh?

This song drives me crazy

5 People often send videos of them yelling and swearing out of rage

Not funny, just plain sad.

6 Nothing original

Most videos are just people doing the same thing that someone else has done. Again. And Again. And Again.

7 The Autism Challenge
8 Annoying emos
9 It's worse than vine

Both of them were not funny, but some vines were funny.

At least some vines are funny

10 Talent-less furry videos

Why single out furries

Why single out furries?

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11 Lovely Peaches

Glad someone added her. She's an absolutely disgusting degenerate oh wait, everyone who uses Tiktok is a degenerate.

12 Grownups are using it

It's aimed at teens yet so much grownups are wasting their time on it.

Dirty old guys

13 Ruining Songs
14 Bullying/harassment

I've seen so much bullying on this app

15 It ruins so many good songs
16 Racist videos
17 It ripped off other networks
18 The “did you scroll?” trend

It just shows a dog saying “Don’t scroll” or “Did you scroll or not? ” And if you didn’t scroll, they say “Can you be my friend? ” or “Like and what to [some challenge]” Like this is everywhere in the For You page! I find this very annoying and not cute at all!

19 People get famous off of it

Although there are a few people who do work hard on their art, or actually make creative videos, but they don’t get the recognition for it. However Charli D’amélio can eat a cake for 5 seconds and it gets more than a million likes in a few hours.

20 The ads
21 Misleading songs
22 It makes Kesha look bad
23 Cosplayers

Yes. I have a Hatred of Cosplay Tiktokers. I get the whole I like a certain thing a lot gig, and I respect that, but this is just too much.

24 The Hype House
25 Charli D'Amelio
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