Top Ten Song Titles that Answer Pulp's Question: "Do You Remember the First Time?"

Obviously what ever it was he's forgotten, he needs help remembering. Help the poor fellow out would you? Add your own if you can remember :)

The Top Ten

1 With a Little Help from My Friends - The Beatles

There's a word for this. Actually, there's a couple.

"It was a dark and stormy night..." (beagle's perspective:).

2 Last Night - Little Walter
3 You're the First, My Last, My Everything - Barry White
4 Always - Bon Jovi
5 Ain't Nobody's Business - Sonny Boy Williamson II
6 William, It Was Really Nothing - The Smiths
7 Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
8 Hey Ya! - Outkast
9 Hangover - Roosevelt Sykes

Hang over what?

10 Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen

The Contenders

11 Come Together - The Beatles

A metronome, a stopwatch, an' we in business.

12 What You Waiting For? - Gwen Stefani
13 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - The Band
14 Under the Boardwalk - The Drifters
15 Memphis, Tennessee - Johnny Rivers
16 Bridge of Sighs - Robin Trower
17 Wabash Cannonball - Boxcar Willie

The high-pitched screechin'... sparks a-flyin'... Caboose damn-near busted up on the curves. An' we wasn't even out the rail yard.

18 City of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie
19 Alice's Restaurant Massacree - Arlo Guthrie

As I remember, it all ended badly and ended up in court...;). - Britgirl

20 Midnight Special - Creedence Clearwater Revival
21 Highway 28 - Paul Butterfield's Better Days
22 Under a Raging Moon - Roger Daltrey
23 Screamin' - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

I clearly remember the first time I sampled such a delight. Was a bit nervous but very excited. That immense feeling of anticipation before the big event was overwhelming. One finger was all it took to touch the particular place and I was in Screamin' heaven. But the sample wasn't enough; I had to have the fully-extended version before I was satisfied.
Yup. The song is amazing.
Thank you for adding :). - Britgirl

24 Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim
25 I Don't Know - The Sheepdogs
26 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do - Abba
27 With You - Linkin Park
28 Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth
29 It Makes No Difference - The Band
30 It Hasn't Happened Yet - John Hiatt

Well, son... Gotta come up outta mommy's basement. Otherways, you gon' end up witta crab claw an' two pair glasses.

31 Trying to Forget - Jim Reeves
32 Floyd's Hotel - The J. Geils Band
33 Kansas City - Muddy Waters
34 Hurt - Johnny Cash
35 In Your Room - Depeche Mode
36 Whammer Jammer - The J. Geils Band
37 Lick and a Promise - Aerosmith
38 Nine Below Zero - Sonny Boy Williamson II
39 Up on Cripple Creek - The Band
40 One Room Country Shack - Buddy Guy
41 Can't You Hear Me Knocking? - The Rolling Stones
42 I Hear You Knocking - Dave Edmunds
43 Up on the Roof - The Drifters
44 Fire - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
45 Feelin' Alright - Joe Cocker

Could his moniker be any more apropos?

46 Get It While You Can - Janis Joplin
47 'til the Walls Come Tumblin' Down - J. Geils Band

Or least 'til Great ain't Hildy's portrait gets crookedy.

48 Playing with Fire - Paula Seling & Ovi
49 Sex with Me - Rihanna
50 My Way - Frank Sinatra
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