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301 Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield V 1 Comment
302 Irvine - Kelly Clarkson
303 Moon and the Memories - D'erlanger
304 Zakuro - D'erlanger
305 Can I Have a Kiss - Kelly Clarkson
306 Maybe - Kelly Clarkson
307 Make-up Smeared Eyes - Automatic Loveletter
308 Hush - Automatic Loveletter
309 The March of the Black Queen - Queen
310 White Queen (As it Began) - Queen
311 '39 - Queen

In the year of 39... don't year my call, though you're many years away, don't you hear me calling you, write you letters in the sand before the day I'll take your hand with a brand children new!?

One of Brian May's masterpieces but why is it below than unknown songs?

Great lyrics for a nice simple melody

312 My Fairy King - Queen
313 A Bad Dream - Keane

A hugely underrated song with some of the most beautiful lyrics - sixsixone

314 Take a Bow - Madonna

I feel like the lyrics in the 'Take a bow' by Rihanna are better...

brilliant love song with sweet lyrics

315 Bad Girl - Madonna
316 This Used to Be My Playground - Madonna
317 Mad World - Tears for Fears

I prefer Gary Jules' cover, but the original lyric has Roland Orzabal's signature, so...

318 The Power of Love - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
319 Heads/tails - Hotspur
320 Layla - Derek & the Dominos
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