Top Ten Best Songs by Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi is an Italian musician who has incredible talent. He is great with the piano and even better with a pen and paper. He composes his own music, plays both the piano and guitar, and has traveled the world playing his music.

If you are looking for background music, study music, something to fall asleep or meditate to, this is your guy. This list comprises the best of his musical pieces from any and all of his releases.

The Top Ten

1 Le Onde

I'm just in love with Le Onde.. I like it that much that I listen to it every day... - FinnBlom

It unravels the mind in the most gentle way, and always leaves me raw with emotions afterwards. I cry every time because of the sheer beauty of this piece.

You can play it however you want

Released in 1996, this work will transport you to a place of calm and relaxation. Beautiful sound in this one. - Finch

2 I giorni

I am 13. I played this is a music festival recently and received comments like, "You could hear a pin drop," and "It gave me goosebumps." I was given the award for most promising participant under the age of 14. The adjudicator said he had never heard it played so well and also admitted that he didn't really like Einaudi. This piece is truly beautiful.

My favorite. I played it on the piano for my Dad while he was in hospice, and I would like to think it gave him some peace.

Another beautiful track of his. Once you start the track picks you up and keeps your interest for the duration. - Finch

It should swap with le one

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3 Nuvole bianche

Words cannot begin to describe this piece. It moves me to tears every time I listen to it. It touches your soul and makes you pause and reflect.

Every time I play this piece, everyone ends up saying it's beautiful. Out of the many pieces that I play, this one is always everyone's favorite. It is truly one of my favorites and it brings almost everybody to tears.

This definitely needs to be in the top 3.It just takes you to another place.I would recommend you all to close your eyes and then listen this piece, it just adds to the sheer brilliance of the song. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and wanted to play it. And today I play it every time I sit on my keyboard.

The most beautiful piece I've ever heard. Whenever I think of beauty and perfection, this piece comes to mind.

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4 Melodia Africana II

You feel transported to another place listening to this place. - Finch

5 Divenire

Why is Divenire not in the top FIVE? This is boggling and really, quite surprising.

I am a young pianist - I recently played this song at a concert and received the most heartfelt comments... A woman told me she was almost in tears and I don't blame her - this song is one of Einaudi's best.

This should be at the top really inspiring


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6 Ombre

This is my favorite among the other top 6 songs. Very beautiful and deep.

Both sad and melancholy as well as uplifting. - Finch

7 Onde Corte
8 Stanze

This one is harp instead of piano but just as beautiful. - Finch

9 Melodia Africana III

Almost as good as Melodia Africana II but still great on its own merits. - Finch

10 Experience

This is personally my favorite song, and paints a picture of a new journey in my mind every time I listen

This song is my favourite and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. I feel as though it makes me more productive, relaxed and happy. It is like exercising for some people. I honestly can't describe how good this is

The raw emotion of this one took my breath away the first time I heard it. in my opinion definitely in the top 5

This is my all time favorite one. I can't describe the feeling it gives me.Wow a song for an MMA fighter? Amazing!

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The Contenders

11 Eden Roc

From his album Eden Roc. This one is a wonderful example of his versatility and compositional style. - Finch

12 Primavera

It's one of the most beautifully composed pieces of orchestral ballads that I've ever heard.

It's a beautiful piece, the first one I learned by Einaudi. It's very moving, both the piano solo version and the fully orchestrated one.

I don't know what's so special about this song to me, but the feeling I get is just beyond words. Simply one of the best compositions in the history of music.

My favourite, I find the others somewhat samey. It reminds me of "the elves" somehow, joy and sorrow.

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13 Una Mattina

This HAS to be on the top 10 at least! It is as good as "Fly" and "Divenire"

This is great

The best song

the best

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14 Odessa

From his album Eden Roc. This one is power and moving. - Finch

15 Fuori Dal Mondo

From his album Eden Roc. A great example of study music. It is beatiful without being distracting. - Finch

16 Fly

Takes you off ground to breathtaking heights, free and though missing the ground with a profound melacholy mixed with a promise of joy. For me No. 1


17 In Un'altra Vita V 1 Comment
18 Oltremare

An emotional journey.

19 Life

Powerful and emotional...this piece takes me to another realm

I can listen this track 100 times.. And every time it make me feel deep emotions!

Powerful. Emotional. Epic.


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20 Ancora

I'm honestly surprised this isn't top ten because personally this song is my most solidly consistent favorite song if his. This song has it's hooks deep within my psyche. I find myself out of nowhere humming the opening bars. Ludivico's masterful manipulation of crescendo and dimuendo carry me away in emotion every time and provide an addictive catharsis that I return to time and again.

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