Top Ten Best Songs by Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi is an Italian musician who has incredible talent. He is great with the piano and even better with a pen and paper. He composes his own music, plays both the piano and guitar, and has traveled the world playing his music.

If you are looking for background music, study music, something to fall asleep or meditate to, this is your guy. This list comprises the best of his musical pieces from any and all of his releases.

The Top Ten Best Songs by Ludovico Einaudi

1 Le Onde

Probably the best piano composition I have ever heard, a truly amazing piece of work

I'm just in love with Le Onde.. I like it that much that I listen to it every day... - FinnBlom

It unravels the mind in the most gentle way, and always leaves me raw with emotions afterwards. I cry every time because of the sheer beauty of this piece.

You can play it however you want

2 I giorni

I am 13. I played this is a music festival recently and received comments like, "You could hear a pin drop," and "It gave me goosebumps." I was given the award for most promising participant under the age of 14. The adjudicator said he had never heard it played so well and also admitted that he didn't really like Einaudi. This piece is truly beautiful.

My favorite. I played it on the piano for my Dad while he was in hospice, and I would like to think it gave him some peace.

Another beautiful track of his. Once you start the track picks you up and keeps your interest for the duration. - Finch

The is the best every instrumental ever made. I have been listening this for last 4 years and I listen it daily. Gives me a sense of internal relief.

3 Nuvole bianche

I learned it when I was 12 and it has been in my heart ever since I played it for my middle school talent show

My favourite piece ever written I learnt this when I was 12 and I'm 13 now and I still love it

Just grows and grows and a song that makes you feel alive and your immediately uplifted one of my favorites from ludovico

Words cannot begin to describe this piece. It moves me to tears every time I listen to it. It touches your soul and makes you pause and reflect.

4 Melodia Africana II

You feel transported to another place listening to this place. - Finch

5 Ombre

This is my favorite among the other top 6 songs. Very beautiful and deep.

Both sad and melancholy as well as uplifting. - Finch

6 Divenire

It's such a beautiful piece.
I close my eye and drift off to a magical place.

Why is Divenire not in the top FIVE? This is boggling and really, quite surprising.

I am a young pianist - I recently played this song at a concert and received the most heartfelt comments... A woman told me she was almost in tears and I don't blame her - this song is one of Einaudi's best.

This should be at the top really inspiring

7 Onde Corte
8 Stanze

This one is harp instead of piano but just as beautiful. - Finch

9 Experience

It is the most beautiful music I have ever heard and I don't think any other music can surpass it's simplicity and elegance.

A song that allows you to feel the memories you have of love and life. It’s the most incredible song.

As an aspiring writer, for any scene of raw emotion or heartfelt moments, this is the song to listen to. Just listen. And feel. The number of emotions and thoughts this song brings is phenomenal, and the feeling behind it is so transferable.

I just sat down and cried because the song was so beautiful. This piece will always be dear to my heart!

10 Melodia Africana III

Almost as good as Melodia Africana II but still great on its own merits. - Finch

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11 Eden Roc

From his album Eden Roc. This one is a wonderful example of his versatility and compositional style. - Finch

12 Primavera

This was the first song I heard from Ludovico and it still my favourite it takes me away to a different and tranquil world.
I could listen to it all day.

Sweeps you up in an undulating waves of music. Mesmerising and beautiful... I heard this, and just wanted to hear more and more from this composer

Very beautiful song with contrast between the loud and the quiet.

This is the most wonderful music I have heard in my life. I taught my self this piece in 2 or 3 weeks and I think I made the good decision by learning this piece because It's THE BEST.

13 Una Mattina

It's another experience altogether! Just wanna keep on listening to this song...

His best song for one of most brilliant films of all time!

This HAS to be on the top 10 at least! It is as good as "Fly" and "Divenire"

This is great

14 Odessa

From his album Eden Roc. This one is power and moving. - Finch

15 Fuori Dal Mondo

From his album Eden Roc. A great example of study music. It is beatiful without being distracting. - Finch

16 Fly

It's a beautiful life journey in song form

Love this piece, from a great film

Just Two words Brilliant piece.

Takes you off ground to breathtaking heights, free and though missing the ground with a profound melacholy mixed with a promise of joy. For me No. 1

17 Oltremare

This was the first song I ever listened to by him. Brings back so many memories.

An emotional journey.

'experience' is my favorite track but this is a very close second, a perfect masterpiece that should easily be top 5.

18 Ancora

I'm honestly surprised this isn't top ten because personally this song is my most solidly consistent favorite song if his. This song has it's hooks deep within my psyche. I find myself out of nowhere humming the opening bars. Ludivico's masterful manipulation of crescendo and dimuendo carry me away in emotion every time and provide an addictive catharsis that I return to time and again.

Should be higher

Should be top 5

Just superb.

19 In Un'altra Vita

Simply beautiful

20 Run

So amazing. It reminds me of a man running from something, hiding then in the end getting caught and being dragged back to where he began

Just a beautiful piece, with an amazing pace. Definitely should be in the top ten.

Love the momentum and energy that builds up to the masterful crescendo.

The energy in this piece is just Je ne sais quoi.

21 Night

This can make the toughest of mankind cry, it is a beautiful, emotional and heartfelt showcase of Einaudi's talent - alexascott

The most moving and beautiful of his works.

What can I say? It's another fantastic piece.


22 Life

Powerful and emotional...this piece takes me to another realm

I can listen this track 100 times.. And every time it make me feel deep emotions!

An epic piece and its very emotional.

Powerful. Emotional. Epic.

23 Giorni Dispari

Best of best, gives me goosebumps..


Perfect marriage between the piano and the violin. Thank you Ludovico :-)

Why is this missing in this list for so far. 100% rock 'n roll.

24 Nightbook

I love this one! It's great to listen to and just sway your head to when doing work.

It's a great piece from a great artists.

Best ot the best

25 Dietro Casa

In my honest opinion, this piece of music should be at number one. Absolutely love this song - it speaks to my soul; making me feel emotions I have no words for.

Stunning, so much emotion. Speechless

26 The Earth Prelude

It's a fantastic piece of music. Just love listening to it.

Instant favourite. So, so beautiful for words.

The best ever

27 Song for Gavin

The only song that describes all of my emotions, but at the same time. What a wonderful piece of work. It could be the soundtrack of anyone's life.

Hauntingly beautiful. The most perfect mix of melancholy, sounds to describe those feelings that you cannot express in words.

Simplicity at is most intense, achingly beautiful.

28 Andare

What a lovely piece of music it can transport you to a different place.

It's my favorite song by him. Every time I listen to this song, I'm just able to relax and enjoy as it takes me for an eternal cruise through the valley of peace.

I'm listening to this song right now. It's really beautiful It's making fly to some pretty places like Switzerland and see those mountains and feel the wind

29 Bella Notte

While not I'm not a fan of the few opening bars, I really love this song. it definitely deserves to be on here.

30 Berlin Song

I love the beginning to this one. It's very peaceful and moving at the same time.

This is a good piano song, its very amazing.

31 Quel Che Resta
32 Four Dimension

You could feel and hear the different dimensions of music on this song. It gives me the goosebumps. It's a masterpiece just like some of his other works.

33 Eros

It is a song of the Mythical Greek God Eros, - maxeybaxey

34 Ascent

Why does this have no more comments? What an absolutely beautiful piece.

35 I Due Fiumi

As I sit trying to explain why I love this song, there are literally no words to describe how it makes me feel. Hope, sadness, excitement, heartbreak. It is so beautiful, and I wonder how it couldn't possibly be in the top 10! It has a unique charm to it that - while Einaudi's songs are all absolute masterpieces - I feel is exclusively present in this song. Please, give this one a chance, you won't regret it!

36 Fairytale

Not the best but definitely deserves to be here

37 Leo

Simply the best.

38 Stella del Mattino

Its just so beautiful

39 Petricor

I absolutely love Einaudi. I'm not as musically trained as a lot of the commenters on this thread, I happened to stumble upon him while finding lullabies to play for my new puppy... I cannot get enough of his music. I listen to a new song every single day.
I had the surgeon play this song in the OR before I fell asleep during my double mastectomy. It just gives me such peace, and it honestly set the tone for the moment.

I think Petricor is a lovely vibrant song which expresses so much emotion through music.

40 Underwood

Call it Magic...

41 Burning

This one is definitely Einaudi's best piece. It isn't that well known, but it's part of his album "In A Time Lapse". For me, 'Burning' is an unrivalled masterpiece and one of my favourites ever. Whenever I feel a bit depressed or whenever the doubt of whether I should keep on living weighs heavy on my mind, this piece is the only thing that can direct my mind to the magic of being alive, and to the miracle of being a part of such a boundless, beautiful universe.

42 Tracce

Simply the Best.

43 Two Trees

I fully believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however I cannot believe that out of 33 of Einaudi's songs, this hasn't been mentioned yet. Absolutely beautiful piece, with all of life's joy, beauty and sadness within only six minutes. Just phenomenal...

44 Lady Labyrinth

This should be on the list. This one evokes a feeling of being in control, a very positive vibe and an upbeat tempo.

45 Logos
46 Indaco

I really like the mood and the rhythm of this tracl

47 Newton’s Cradle
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