Top Ten Best Songs by Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi is an Italian musician who has incredible talent. He is great with the piano and even better with a pen and paper. He composes his own music, plays both the piano and guitar, and has traveled the world playing his music.

If you are looking for background music, study music, something to fall asleep or meditate to, this is your guy. This list comprises the best of his musical pieces from any and all of his releases.

The Top Ten

1 Le Onde Le Onde Cover Art

It unravels the mind in the most gentle way, and always leaves me raw with emotions afterwards. I cry every time because of the sheer beauty of this piece.

Released in 1996, this work will transport you to a place of calm and relaxation. Beautiful sound in this one.

Probably the best piano composition I have ever heard, a truly amazing piece of work

I'm just in love with Le Onde.. I like it that much that I listen to it every day...

2 I giorni I giorni Cover Art

I am 13. I played this is a music festival recently and received comments like, "You could hear a pin drop," and "It gave me goosebumps." I was given the award for most promising participant under the age of 14. The adjudicator said he had never heard it played so well and also admitted that he didn't really like Einaudi. This piece is truly beautiful.

Once at school someone was playing this, my friends were asking me for opinions (as I am a piano player) and I was unable to reply as tears were welling up in my eyes.
greatest performence I have ever heard, and also the song that introduced my to Einaudi

The is the best every instrumental ever made. I have been listening this for last 4 years and I listen it daily. Gives me a sense of internal relief.

I played this masterpiece on a concert once and in the hall I could here a pin drop. It was deadsilent and the applause was overwelming. It is an amzing piece to play, to hear and it gives you the goosebumps of it deep- and prettyness.

3 Melodia Africana II Melodia Africana II Cover Art

You feel transported to another place listening to this place.

4 Nuvole bianche Nuvole bianche Cover Art

This definitely needs to be in the top 3.It just takes you to another place.I would recommend you all to close your eyes and then listen this piece, it just adds to the sheer brilliance of the song. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and wanted to play it. And today I play it every time I sit on my keyboard.

I personally feel that this should be the best of Ludovico Einaudi ever composed...every note on the piano beautifully captures every emotion the song tries to convey...absolutely moving...I was reduced to tears.

Every time I play this piece, everyone ends up saying it's beautiful. Out of the many pieces that I play, this one is always everyone's favorite. It is truly one of my favorites and it brings almost everybody to tears.

This is my piano teacher's favorite, so I love playing it. Like all Einaudi pieces, it builds up to a sort of climax and it's hard to explain the beautiful feeling of playing the climax of Nuvole Bianche.

5 Ombre

This is my favorite among the other top 6 songs. Very beautiful and deep.

Both sad and melancholy as well as uplifting.

6 Divenire Divenire Cover Art

I hear it every day. Not just this song but the whole album having same name 'Divenire'. But one time when I was missing someone I loved badly, I played this and it released the floodgates of tears, like something wanted to burst out since so long, and let me forgive myself.

I am a young pianist - I recently played this song at a concert and received the most heartfelt comments... A woman told me she was almost in tears and I don't blame her - this song is one of Einaudi's best.

Like water down the hill, becoming a river, then a lake, then the sea. It grows, it changes, but it 's still water. It becomes bigger

Why is Divenire not in the top FIVE? This is boggling and really, quite surprising.

7 Onde Corte Onde Corte Cover Art
8 Stanze

This one is harp instead of piano but just as beautiful.

9 Experience Experience Cover Art

As an aspiring writer, for any scene of raw emotion or heartfelt moments, this is the song to listen to. Just listen. And feel. The number of emotions and thoughts this song brings is phenomenal, and the feeling behind it is so transferable.

This song gives me an amazing boost every time I go for a run. It brings out the motivation inside of me. To me, this song makes anything seem impossible. The first time I heard it (or Ludovico) was when Mirsad Bectic used it as his walkout song for a UFC fight and it was a truly magical moment.

This song is my favourite and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. I feel as though it makes me more productive, relaxed and happy. It is like exercising for some people. I honestly can't describe how good this is

It is the most beautiful music I have ever heard and I don't think any other music can surpass it's simplicity and elegance.

10 Melodia Africana III Melodia Africana III Cover Art

Almost as good as Melodia Africana II but still great on its own merits.

The Contenders

11 Eden Roc Eden Roc Cover Art

From his album Eden Roc. This one is a wonderful example of his versatility and compositional style.

12 Primavera Primavera Cover Art

This was the first song I heard from Ludovico and it still my favourite it takes me away to a different and tranquil world.
I could listen to it all day.

To me this posonifies the essences of what music (classical) is. This piece takes you to an amazing place of sheer musical bliss. The feeling of all emotion creeping out makes this for me not only ludovico's best but one of the greatest classical music pieces of all time!

Sweeps you up in an undulating waves of music. Mesmerising and beautiful... I heard this, and just wanted to hear more and more from this composer

This is the most wonderful music I have heard in my life. I taught my self this piece in 2 or 3 weeks and I think I made the good decision by learning this piece because It's THE BEST.

13 Una Mattina Una Mattina Cover Art

It's another experience altogether! Just wanna keep on listening to this song...

This HAS to be on the top 10 at least! It is as good as "Fly" and "Divenire"

His best song for one of most brilliant films of all time!

This is great

14 Odessa Odessa Cover Art

From his album Eden Roc. This one is power and moving.

15 Fuori Dal Mondo Fuori Dal Mondo Cover Art

From his album Eden Roc. A great example of study music. It is beatiful without being distracting.

16 Fly Fly Cover Art

Takes you off ground to breathtaking heights, free and though missing the ground with a profound melacholy mixed with a promise of joy. For me No. 1

It's a beautiful life journey in song form

Love this piece, from a great film

Just Two words Brilliant piece.

17 Oltremare Oltremare Cover Art

This was the first song I ever listened to by him. Brings back so many memories.

An emotional journey.

'experience' is my favorite track but this is a very close second, a perfect masterpiece that should easily be top 5.

18 Ancora Ancora Cover Art

I'm honestly surprised this isn't top ten because personally this song is my most solidly consistent favorite song if his. This song has it's hooks deep within my psyche. I find myself out of nowhere humming the opening bars. Ludivico's masterful manipulation of crescendo and dimuendo carry me away in emotion every time and provide an addictive catharsis that I return to time and again.

Beautiful, inspiring. I learnt it and many people have said it’s beautiful. A real reflecting song

Should be higher

Should be top 5

19 In Un'altra Vita In Un'altra Vita Cover Art

Simply beautiful

20 Run Run Cover Art

So amazing. It reminds me of a man running from something, hiding then in the end getting caught and being dragged back to where he began

Just a beautiful piece, with an amazing pace. Definitely should be in the top ten.

Love the momentum and energy that builds up to the masterful crescendo.

The energy in this piece is just Je ne sais quoi.

21 Night Night Cover Art

From the new album 'Elements'. I find it extremely powerful and emotional

The most moving and beautiful of his works.

What can I say? It's another fantastic piece.


22 Life Life Cover Art

I can listen this track 100 times.. And every time it make me feel deep emotions!

Powerful and emotional...this piece takes me to another realm

An epic piece and its very emotional.

So beautiful

23 Giorni Dispari Giorni Dispari Cover Art

Best of best, gives me goosebumps..

Perfect marriage between the piano and the violin. Thank you Ludovico :-)

Why is this missing in this list for so far. 100% rock 'n roll.

24 Nightbook Nightbook Cover Art

I love this one! It's great to listen to and just sway your head to when doing work.

It's a great piece from a great artists.

Best ot the best

25 Dietro Casa Dietro Casa Cover Art

In my honest opinion, this piece of music should be at number one. Absolutely love this song - it speaks to my soul; making me feel emotions I have no words for.

Stunning, so much emotion. Speechless

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