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21 Song for Gavin

The only song that describes all of my emotions, but at the same time. What a wonderful piece of work. It could be the soundtrack of anyone's life.

Hauntingly beautiful. The most perfect mix of melancholy, sounds to describe those feelings that you cannot express in words.

Simplicity at is most intense, achingly beautiful.

22 Giorni Dispari

Perfect marriage between the piano and the violin. Thank you Ludovico :-)

Why is this missing in this list for so far. 100% rock 'n roll.

23 The Earth Prelude

Instant favourite. So, so beautiful for words.

24 Nightbook

I love this one! It's great to listen to and just sway your head to when doing work.

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25 Night

The most moving and beautiful of his works.

From the new album 'Elements'. I find it extremely powerful and emotional

26 Andare

It's my favorite song by him. Every time I listen to this song, I'm just able to relax and enjoy as it takes me for an eternal cruise through the valley of peace.

I'm listening to this song right now. It's really beautiful It's making fly to some pretty places like Switzerland and see those mountains and feel the wind

27 Berlin Song

I love the beginning to this one. It's very peaceful and moving at the same time.

This is a good piano song, its very amazing.

28 I Due Fiumi

As I sit trying to explain why I love this song, there are literally no words to describe how it makes me feel. Hope, sadness, excitement, heartbreak. It is so beautiful, and I wonder how it couldn't possibly be in the top 10! It has a unique charm to it that - while Einaudi's songs are all absolute masterpieces - I feel is exclusively present in this song. Please, give this one a chance, you won't regret it!

29 Four Dimension

You could feel and hear the different dimensions of music on this song. It gives me the goosebumps. It's a masterpiece just like some of his other works.

30 Leo V 1 Comment
31 Bella Notte

While not I'm not a fan of the few opening bars, I really love this song. it definitely deserves to be on here.

32 Dietro Casa

In my honest opinion, this piece of music should be at number one. Absolutely love this song - it speaks to my soul; making me feel emotions I have no words for.

33 Quel Che Resta
34 Underwood
35 Fairytale

Not the best but definitely deserves to be here

36 Run

So amazing. It reminds me of a man running from something, hiding then in the end getting caught and being dragged back to where he began

Just a beautiful piece, with an amazing pace. Definitely should be in the top ten.

37 Tracce V 1 Comment
38 Two Trees

I fully believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however I cannot believe that out of 33 of Einaudi's songs, this hasn't been mentioned yet. Absolutely beautiful piece, with all of life's joy, beauty and sadness within only six minutes. Just phenomenal...

39 Burning

This one is definitely Einaudi's best piece. It isn't that well known, but it's part of his album "In A Time Lapse". For me, 'Burning' is an unrivalled masterpiece and one of my favourites ever. Whenever I feel a bit depressed or whenever the doubt of whether I should keep on living weighs heavy on my mind, this piece is the only thing that can direct my mind to the magic of being alive, and to the miracle of being a part of such a boundless, beautiful universe.

40 Stella del Mattino
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